To be honest, he had his faults, but damn he was a breath of fresh air compared to the last few before him, never mind the orange narcissistic thief we're currently having to deal with now.
@Ray Bernache Agreed. The Obama's of the country are the kinds of Americans we need to raise, train and promote to leadership positions regardless of team sports. The racist and religious extremists are a critical liability to our nation's health that need to be allowed to heal and scar over.
Everybody has faults. Nobody is perfect. He was a damn good President. Better than most.

I'm tired of the damning via faint praise.
@Lee David Rothstein there are two presidents during my lifetime that I have any respect for, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama.
And While I dislike Carter's religion, I have immense respect for the fact that he never tried to force it on anyone, and even after all these years, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter still exemplify decency.

My comment about Barack Obama wasn't a damning via faint praise.
He and Michelle's personal behavior was above reproach, this despite the right's attempt to find any real dirt to bury him/them.
But the fact that drone attacks against questionable targets including civilians increased under his watch, as well under his administration there was a marked increase in persecution of whistle blowers (being just two of the more memorable issues.)
Yes his administration was stymied at nearly every turn by the GOP, but despite that he was able to start the ball rolling with the ACA, and he commuted Chelsea Mannin (wish he'd pardoned her) there were decisions made that are valid faults in my book.