Tonight I dreamed that I and another player were playing a #ttrpg called #Pikachu, where the players all play Pikachus. @What Rough Beast was the GM. The game had individual scenes (much like #trollbabe), and in the first scene, played by the other player, he wanted to enter some guarded place, was stopped by two guards and...made them explode into tiny, bloody bits.

I don't know what I should think, but I like games that have a different approach to known tropes and settings, and that game seemed cool xD

#rpg #pokemon #gplusRPG
10/10. Would run this game. Including only being able to Pika Pika at NPCs.
That reminds me of #DetectivePikachu, have you seen it? It could actually be an interesting idea to build a game around!
I have seen Deadpool 3, yes.
More seriously, it was a beautiful and fun film.
Haha, in an interview Reynolds described the plot as "everyone hears just 'pika pika', while this boy hears deadpool". I find this description quite accurate :D
Interestingly enough, by Marvel Comics Crossover, Deadpool does exist in the same universe as Pinkie Pie the pony.
Love that movie!