Random buying stuff questions:

1) Where to buy 2 Ounce Tungsten Fishing Weights?

2) Where to buy strong thin ribbon?

I'm making "meteor sticks" - a flail-like weapon which I'll whale on old bricks with. So, I prefer unpainted tungsten weights because they're going to get severely abused.

The two sticks will just be 3/4" PVC pipes, 2 feet long. I can get them off-the-shelf at Lowe's. If they're too long, I can cut them down for something handier.

I'll run maybe 3-4 yards (3-4m) of line through the pipes, and tip the line with the two tungsten weights. The idea of meteor sticks is to whip the weights forward with a drum stick motion. The line will slide through the sticks as one weight goes flying forward toward the target and the other weight returns.

The "strong thing ribbon" is a big question for me. Obviously I want something strong enough that I don't have to worry about it snapping. But also I don't think the required strength is so high, maybe.

1/4" satin decorative ribbon would be great. It's very lightweight, and it slides smoothly with little friction. It's also colorful and a bit shiny, so it'll look nice swishing around. But is it strong enough? I don't even know where to find relevant data.

If I look up DIY slings, they use paracord, which I think may be too heavy. But it's possible to reduce weight by using just some of the inner strands.

Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!

Alas, I had a huge bag of roughly 1 ounce tungsten weights, but I gave them away a few years ago. (cathode/anode for laser flashbulbs that I'd collected.)
@[email protected] No problem, from what I can tell tungsten fishing weights aren't all that expensive. But they will be the main cost unless I can figure out some less expensive place to get them from.

The problem with random tungsten weights is ... how do I robustly attach them to the line? If it's not really secure then it's going to go flying off at some point and besides the obvious danger there's the problem that I'll probably never find the weight again depending on where it flew off to.

With a fishing weight, though, there's already a convenient hole through it for the fishing line. With that central hole, a robust attachment is straightforward.
@Isaac Kuo this is an interesting idea. I was thinking of trying to put one together one myself but using a rubber ball or something that wouldn't hurt if it hit someone..
@Patrick Down Yeah, I should just start with some sort of safe weights. A couple empty pill bottles should do ...
Okay, I made a $0.00 prototype meteor hammer, and hopefully I'll be able to scrounge something to make sticks out of.


The line is made of plastic shipping strapping I have lying around. It's a bit wide, so I tried splitting it down the centerline.

Of course, I can add weight inside the pill bottles if I want.