You could soon be able to send texts via the Google Assistant from the lockscreen | Talk Android

The Google Assistant is a very useful tool when it comes to issuing voice commands to check the weather, power on the smart lights, or setting a timer. You can also use Google’s virtual assistant to make a call or to send a text although the phone would need to be unlocked to do so. This may not be the case for too much longer because Google is apparently testing the ability to use Google Assistant to send texts via the Android lockscreen without needing to unlock the phone first.
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You could soon be able to send texts via the Google Assistant from the lockscreen
Because why would anyone ever want locked to mean LOCKED?

If I can send a text from my locked phone's lock screen, then SOMEONE ELSE can pick up my locked phone and send texts that will appear to be from me.
In other words: Google plans to be able to listen to your communication even if your Smartphone is locked. This time a little bit more official.
@Phil Stracchino - Did you block me quite a while back? If so, I am curious as to the reason because I've had very limited interaction with you since joining Pluspora.

As far as the topic goes, yeah, this is ridiculous. A serious security risk if you ask me. I don't even have Google Voice installed and if Google Assistant is installed, it's disabled.
@Phil Stracchino not having much faith in voice authentication?

Even security risks apart (I suppose theoretically they can make it reliable enough) I imagine all these accidental texts people start sending to wrong people without even knowing :)

Before fingerprints and face locks came most people didn't even use phone locks to protect phone content. Most people I knew had their phones without password or PIN, main purpose of phone lock for them was to block the controls so they wouldn't call random people from their pocket.
BTW, I'm speaking as someone who has never owned a smartphone. I only have a wifi Android tablet.
@Alexander, the iPhone's facial locking has in the past proven trivially easy to circumvent. My experience with voice activation has been limited and unsatisfactory enough that I'd never rely on it. My current Samsung phone has a fingerprint scanner but it is very unreliable and almost always requires multiple attempts. (Granted it is an older phone model.) I certainly don't want Goocle listening to every word I say any more than I want Amazon listening to every word I say, which is one reason why I don't own an Alexa device.

@ÐåvïÐ Låzårµ§, I don't THINK so, but I'll look...
Oops. Looks like I did. It may have been a mis-click. Fixed.
@Phil Stracchino - OK. No worries. Thanks. Yeah, I tend to keep away from IoT devices too. I'm not a technophobe, but I do have limits. :^)