After Trump stormed out, complaining and unable/unwilling to address COVID-19 or HIS role in spreading #trumpvirus ...

Trump Exposes Himself as Whiner-in-Chief in Leaked ‘60 Minutes’ Interview

Very "interesting" (sad, psychotic, worrisome, revealing, pathetic, etc.)...
So what will he do tonight in the 2nd attempt at "debate", but with Biden allowed to speak 2 minutes uninterrupted?
Will he stalk over to the Biden podium as he tried to intimidate/derail Hillary? Will his rant leak through like an isolated track?

"We'll see what happens".™️

Arrest the #trumpvirus - #TrumpVirusDeathToll224K
#Election 2020
He might just bring a bottle of liquor on stage and just scream whenever they mute him. Then security will have to escort him out. It's gonna be a shit show regardless. You can't contain a wild animal.
I dunno. When I did a stint in the looney bin as a teenager restraints + a shot in the butt + a padded room seemed to work pretty well on the poor souls who couldn't keep it together. :(
He doesn't drink... (alcohol) But OTOH he is a huge fan of various other drugs! :)

Hoping your scenario - being escorted out - may be applied before inauguration day. Totally agree that "Trump's going to be Trump", and that means a core more like a demon than human. But his advisors say he'll be "low key" and "humorous" tonight. You think? (Want to buy this nice bridge?) "We'll see what happens"! ™️