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#Internet #Social - #Facebook quietly ditched the 'It’s #free and always will be' slogan from its #homepage

  • http://www.businessinsider.fr/us/facebook-changes-free-and-always-will-be-slogan-on-homepage-2019-8/
grin diaspora
It is still true for some values of "always". ;-)
It hasn't been free for a long time. #paywithprivacy
grin diaspora
Well seemed to be pretty free to me, Mr. Nemo Nobody, also Ms. Helga Keinmann, also ...
Interesting. Would be nice if they would start with commercial stuff. Possibly this disattracts some people.
On remarquera le changement identique pour le texte en français !

Tout a une fin.
@Emmanuel Aussie en alleman.
@Michael Vogel What I can think of: pay for an 'adfree experience' or some content behind a paywall.
Whoever would want to pay for FB content, beats me, but it could be an option...