PeerTubeify: On #YouTube and #invidious, displays the same video on #PeerTube, if it exists.

For example, you can try this cool #firefox #addon with the beautiful blender #video Spring: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=WhWc3b3KhnY.
Markus friendica
@Gergely (∀E∃A) I find it a bit disturbing that the addons wants to have access to all website data.
@Markus You are perfectly right. I haven't spotted that. Actually, I haven't expected this from a GPLv3 licensed free-software addon hosted on gitlab... Anyway, thanks for the info. I have opened an issue about this on the project's gitlab page.
@Marcus: On second thought, all my installed extensions require "Access your data for all websites"... I still don't know why that is required, but maybe requiring that is not so strange after all. Do you have any extension not requiring that?
Markus friendica
@Gergely (∀E∃A) You're right, every addon I have needs this. Maybe the permission model doesn't allow finer control.

On the help section the permission is described as:
Access your data for all websites

The extension can read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords.

Extensions requesting this permission might:

Read product and price information from a page to help find you the best price on items you're shopping for
Offer a password manager that reads and writes details of your username and password
Provide an ad blocker by reading the content of each web page you open to find and remove ad code

This seems a bit much and unnecessary for this addon or for other addons that only work on the URL, like Skip Redirect and Neat URL. The REST client RESTED needs this too, and I don't understand why it would need to access data for ALL websites.
Markus friendica
@Gergely (∀E∃A) Edit: pretty much every addon, there are exceptions, like First Party Isolation.
Maybe the permission model doesn’t allow finer control.
Probably that is the reason for seeing this almost everywhere, but what could be the reason for that Mozilla cannot offer a better permission model...