Wanna break free from #Google?

Here are some recommendations:
What did I missed? What is you favourite alternative? and why?
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Awesome! Looking this over.
I use Waterfox a FIrefox fork with enhanced privacy.
I posed this question on a repost of this:
how would I explain these things … say - to someone’s mother?

that’s where the main problem lies … people have lives that either don’t give them the time to work through all the intricacies of these or just don’t have the ability or patience to learn fairly difficult new processes much less having the ability to set them up … I’m borderline in that department - my patience level for starting ANOTHER new thing is paper thin at this point in my life (if not thinner) … for a majority of people these things JUST AREN’T FEASIBLE …
I’m very curious as to what this crowd has to say about this problem - I have played at the outskirts of these things since 92 … I understand the need for these and yet - there was the promise that at some point these would get easier to use … they to some extent but not really … I just don’t have any more patience to start from scratch anymore … what do people like me or those that understand the need but have no real technical ability or know-how do?

life sucks enough out of me - why should my computer do the same? … sorry - just so frustrated with everything and would like to know what if anything can be done …
Also, for video chat you can use Jami: https://jami.net/
... and yes - I'm making the assumption that a 'mother' wouldn't be tech savvy - but I know enough of them who are anything but to know that they exist and are just being used as an easy to understand example (I know plenty of fathers who don't have a clue as well) ... just wanted to head off any complaints about my choice of words ...
@Xenophrenia I'm not sure this is for "someone's mother". Just for people who want to take the extra steps. Right now I'm not sure there are good alternatives for the standard person, but there are for people who are more technical or have the patience.
@Aphotica K. Lector - I was afraid that would be the case ...
It's quite unfortunate. Protonmail looks to be a good successor to Gmail for the average person since it's not very hard to use and I feel that as they get bigger and more clients, they'll continue to grow. DuckDuckGo is the only search engine that's kind of its own thing that I think will continue to grow in popularity.

They're not perfect but miles ahead of Google. Mastodon is easy to sign-up for and I think will become more popular once an instance gets enough traction. We'll continue to see more and more of these privacy/open-source FOSS projects grow and, with time, be simple and intuitive for the average user.

Completely removing Google, Facebook, tracking, etc is very hard right now but it will get easier. I tend to donate to organizations and projects I like. Even if it's just a dollar or two, it helps.
diasporafoundation.org censors

Instead of Google OS (chromebook) you want GalliumOS

Mint has been pushing google engine and freeware
Gday I would recommend all people shift to free speech platforms
* Facebook >> Minds + Mewe
* Twitter >> Gab + Parler
* Youtube >> Bitchute + brighteon
* Twitch >> joshwhotv

* Pateron >> subscribestar
* Instagram >> Pixelfed
* Meetup >> @GetTogether
* Skype >> Wire or Jami or SIP

* Ravelry >> ourunraveled (craft/sowing)
  • Firefox >> Waterfox browser
  • Chrome >> Iridium browser
  • Brave >> Gab Dissenter Browser
* MS Office >> Libreoffice suite
* Windows >> Linux
* Android >> LinageOS

* Google Search >> Duckduckgo
* Google Mail >> Proton mail or Tutanota mail
* Google Maps >> OpenStreetMap

Gab ended up recently using Open source federation based off Diaspora/masterdon/activityhub
Bitchute replaces lefttube
99% of Mastodon hubs will censor as they almost all run by LEFT WING admins
I'm going to bookmark this page! :-)
sigh @Aphotica K. Lector
We’ll continue to see more and more of these privacy/open-source FOSS projects grow and, with time, be simple and intuitive for the average user.
that's the thing - I've been hearing this for 20 years ... though it has improved & I'm on Mastodon (I just keep forgetting to use it because there are just too many) ... family on Facebook makes that difficult to leave - I only follow family and it's the ONLY place I use my real name ... (I've had this nym for 20+ years now - knowing that Google and my ISP know the connection) ... thanks for the help
For your info DuckduckGo DNS are hosted by Amazon Web Services.
@Gergely (∀E∃A) PeerTubeify sounds interessting... but is not available for opera. But.. is there also a searchengine to search videos on all peertube servers ?

Also I can recommend another messanger: Riot.im (https://about.riot.im) still beta but works good. Also audio and video chat integrated.. but don't know if it works allready. And the best part: its decentral and open source
So probably you don't use Google Traduction but prefer DeepL
I do use DeepL as preferred translation tool, however, for quick, small translations I often use the Mate Translation addon in Firefox. I know Mate isn't 100% privacy friendly. For instance they use Google analytics, but if you look at their privacy policy page I think I have seen (way) worse.... Any more privacy friendly alternatives for this addon?
ermo diaspora
Have a look at Switching Social, too.

It's a site dedicated to privacy-friendly alternatives to big-tech services, and it's mostly intended for people who don't want to spend time digging into every detail. (There is also a section for the technically minded.)

You can also follow them on Mastodon to be part of the search for more alternatives.
That's one impressive list of great apps and services! Thanks for sharing it!
For your info DuckduckGo DNS are hosted by Amazon Web Services.

OK, maybe I don't understand how this works, but would not the URLS delivered by DDG be resolved by your ISPs DNS servers (or your very own)?
^As I understand it, that is why Google has taken to providing it's own pseudoURLs you have to go through before you are passed-off to the real site.
tomgrz you don't have to use your isp's DNS, you just need one DNS. In fact Google has its own and I think ddg also has its own. Maybe that's what djan is referring to?
ermo diaspora
@Fakultativ Parasit Peertube itself is federated, like Diaspora or Mastodon. So visiting any instance would let you find all available videos from there. In theory, that is. Filtering, blocking, and probably other factors all affect which videos are known to a specific instance.

If you look at https://instances.joinpeertube.org/instances you will find instances with between 0 and 10,000 locally hosted videos. You will also notice that the number of known videos varies from instance to instance: from 0 to 140,000.

Clicking on any table header sorts by that column. That might help you choose an instance for searching from - or an instance to join, if you would like to share your own videos.
@Djan GICQUEL I know, but it's better than Google for the average user.
DNS servers -> OpenNIC Project
Looking for an open and democratic alternative DNS root? Concerned about censorship?
OpenNIC might be the solution for you!
@[email protected] if I understood correctly, PeerTube lets the instance administrator choose which instances it connects to, so from one instance you can see the local videos and the ones from "connected" instances.
You can probably post a comment on a video from whatever instance though, I think (and from Mastodon, and other ActivityPub softwares if compatible)
Correct, I set up my own instance of peertube the other day and if you don't give it a list of other instances you see absolutely no videos at all. It's up to the webmaster to keep that list updated, though I think there are scripts to automate that. I didn't have the time to look into it.
you don’t have to use your isp’s DNS, you just need one DNS.

Well, yes, it is supposed to be that way. But Google News routes you through their very own URLS, thereby bypassing that mechanism. Also Mozilla has teamed-up with Cloudflare to use Cloudflare's name resolution when you click on a cloudflare-associated URL in Firefox. I'm not really clear on how that works...
Ty for information.. : )I just need someone to comment again so that i can have it as a reference..Unfortunately I'm technology retarded...!!!o
@[email protected] Searx needs a lot of work. I stick to DuckDuckGo.
@Fakultativ Parasit: I have found PeerTube Index for a prototype search engine searching all peertube instances in this GitHub issue.
@Fanch_301 & @Rob Bosch: Indeed, I have forgotten to include Google translate. I also use DeepL for translations most of the time. If I can, I use Apertium because that is free/open-source, but unfortunately it lacks the language pairs I need most often...
Have a look at this list, @5ɱíŧh.
instead of #googlemaps to calculate your itinerary, i use #brouter
Google, I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self-satisfied I don't need you
I've got to break free!
For your wishlist needs you might want to check out wishsimply. Let's say that use it instead of Amazon wishlist, but based on our reviews anybody else haven't put any effort for privacy either.
Ted diaspora
Thnx for letting me know to put you on ignore… (hate those unsollicited ad accounts)
@Rob Bosch, that was also my knee jerk reaction, but I visited the site and this appears to be one of the "good guy" privacy respecting web services. If you think otherwise, please let me know why.
ermo diaspora
@[email protected], @Michele Santullo so some sort of peer whitelisting, then? I think there may be additional connectedness factors, depending on if anyone on a certain instance follows people on other instances. Like, videos only federate if implicitly requested.

@Salinger 3 +1 on supporting @Framasoft for the good work at https://framasoft.org/
@Rob Bosch Sorry to hear that. I tried to add value for the conversation, by explicitly answering to the authors question.

@Ted Thanks for checking us out!

I am all ears if you can advice me how to promote my privacy friendly service without offending people.
Framasoft looks interesting
most of it is in french
and zero mention of FREE SPEECH as one of the "FREEDOMS"
I am all ears if you can advice me how to promote my privacy friendly service without offending people.
@WishSimply, that is a tough problem because there is a fine line between effectively promoting and offensively promoting something... I think, if you put the emphasis on the idea behind the product instead of on the product, then the promotion becomes more effective and less offensive...
Or who fucking cares if people CHOOSE to be individually offended for your words

Words cant hurt people

Give them agency for their own actions
Its up to them to be emotional , mah feelings and "hurt" over TRUTH
@WishSimply I wouldn't worry too hard about some of the people flipping out here. You're being genuine with your software and it did NOT come across as spammy to me. I will definitely check it out!
Just one thing I don't understand how to make it work : GPS. It's the only google app I have left via waze. I tried OSMand+ but it doesn't work for me : I used it twice and my travels were weird. Took me two times longer than usually. Plus the app won't stop to run unless I reboot my fairphone.
I checked out openstreetmap but I didn't understand how to make it work and doesn't even know the village where I work...

I also tried mappy and via michelin but there are 11 trackers on those...

Please help ! Thanks !
(or just drop at home and we can have a beer there too)
I have the same complaint about osmand+, it just won't close even when you tell it to! Closing apps is the weakest point in lineageos vs sailfishos but that app takes it to the next level
Ok thanks Squeeek ! We can do that next week, if you want. You tell me ! Otherwise I can wait a Ǧ1 meeting.
@Michele Santullo, in the "Developer options" menu of the settings at the very bottom there is a "Kill app back button" option. If that is turned on, you can kill the foreground app by long-pressing the back button. Maybe that can be used as a workaround for your closing apps problem.
@Gergely (∀E∃A) Thanks about your suggestion. I can agree on that, but I don't see how to do it, as if I bring up the idea about privacy friendly wishlist and then I take up the name or url ..it would be at once taking up the service/product, no?

@charlie brownau In case your comment was directed to me.. I was not offended. However, I am willing to listen and improve my message. Perhaps even @Rob Bosch will check my service still out. :)

@Aphotica K. Lector Thanks!

@Mr.G. I am also using OSMand+ app in my lineage phone, but it closes fine. However, I will close all the apps so that I will double click the middle bottom button and then the cross in the top right corner of each app. Dunno if that is the normal way.. or the way how you tried it.
@WishSimply, your first sentence "For your wishlist needs you might want to check out wishsimply." was immediately talking about the product you wish to advertise. To be honest, your comment basically fits to any post containing hashtags #privacy and #amazon. So if you were not joining the conversation, we may think that you are running a bot account spamming on all posts having those hashtags...

If you reverse the order: first joint the conversation and then bring up your product and also first tell us the problem and just after that you have a solution, then your advertising become less annoying and more effective I think.

For example in the case of this post, you could have started with bringing up that Google is just the tip of the iceberg and there are lots of other BigData trader companies in the dark side. Amazon is one of them as it is mentioned at the end of the post. And then continue with that wish list is another privacy invading product of Amanzon and others. And then mention that you are developing a privacy respecting alternative to that. At least this is how I would have introduced it if I were you.

I know this is a tough dilemma because advertising is bad in general. Usually, it just makes people to waste money on stuff that they don't need. However, without some kind of advertising good solutions/products cannot spread. Therefore, I think the good/acceptable way of advertising is spreading information in a honest, correct and helping way, aiming to improve something (such as the privacy of individuals).
@Gergely that is exactly why I posted my rant on @Wishsimply for putting the account on ignore.
@Gergely (∀E∃A) Thanks about coming back to that question and giving that insight. Now that you spell it out I see it. Next time I will try to sound a less like a bot :-)

I see that ads are a major distraction on the web pages, channel for spreading malware (https://wishsimply.com/blog/no-ads-ahead-in-wishsimply/), tracking users (loosing privacy) and also encouraging people to purchase unneeded stuff as you said. With WishSimply the idea is to get and give stuff that is needed. Thus reducing the unneeded stuff.

@Rob Bosch I try to improve. Thanks for checking back!
Markus friendica
@Gergely (∀E∃A) I tried searx due to this post. The search results I get are not very good sometimes. Are there some searx specific tips on how to improve the search? It also feels pretty slow and sometimes there are even bad gateway errors, but I guess that's dependent on the instance you choose. I'm currently using https://search.disroot.org/.

Google+ is already history and turned off.

know diaspora
i don't know why it's so hard to find a searx instance that doesn't have either google and dukduckgo engines turned on by default.
qwant and metager are somewhere in between.
i think they have decent results and you can't really afford to go much lower and still expect results.
if you use google , for example, the queries still go to them and those records can be used however they like.
they might be able to suspect (but not legally) tie it back to you (with 100% certainty).
plus you have to trust your searx instance.
i would not want to give my queries to the biggest names or even an up-and-coming runner-up.
my impression is that qwant and metager are similar but smaller.
it's not as bad to give the small guys some business so that they can get in the game.
i use duckduckgo directly out of convenience. i don't expect much and i think it's the least i can do.
@know, the ones I tried fair much worse than DuckDuckGo, so I know they don't even relay to DuckDuckGo. The index they use is poor, compared.
grey diaspora
There is a mapping app called "Maps" on fdroid that is just way brtter than anything else put there for maps related needs.
tomgrz diaspora
I avoid Google search, using DDG, and Startpage, when I need better results...
LiFab diaspora
Would like to mention, as search engine, search.lilo.org (lilo.org) which give back money to NGO of your choice after registering on their site with the water drops that you can capitalise for each search.

Je voudrai mentionner search.lilo.org (lilo.org) qui donne de l’argent aux ONG et associations de votre choix grâce aux gouttes d’eau que vous capitalisez via votre compte.

volriái mençonar search.lilo.org ( #lilo.org ), que da argent als ONG o associacion que causissètz mercé a gota d’aiga que capitalisatz via vòstre compte.
Why not cut the middle-engine and give money directly to those NGOs?
Ted diaspora
@[email protected] I think that all search engines can profit from selling their search data to others, but there are a few who offer the user an incentive to use their platform by allowing the user to direct some of the profit to causes they support.
Well, by default Lilo sends your searches to Google. It does not even anonymize them. In the context of this thread: it's just as bad as Google. It pretends to give money to non-profits: if you care about that: donate on your own. Don't sell your information to Google.
Ted diaspora
If Lilo does not anonymize search data, then I totally agree. Don't use Lilo.
Ted diaspora
@[email protected] Maybe your have misunderstood how lilo works,
Thanks you @LiFab
Not necessarly. I think it was the case in the beginning but they improved their concept.
From that page:
Which data are collected by third party algorithms used by Lilo?

At this time, Lilo doesn’t host its own search algorithm. Lilo uses algorithms created by third parties (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing). Those algorithms might have access to your IP adress and your browser version. They can also place ad cookies. If you were to use one of those search engines, it would also be the case. Moreover, the protection against ad tracking provided by Lilo (do not track or the disabling of ad tracking) helps prevent potential tracking by companies that commercialize those search algorithms.
They don't track me. But Google does.
grin diaspora
That's a lot of comments!

Just wanted to note that #framasoft seems to be pulling a lot of services: toot-toot

Also to mention #matrix (sometimes called #riot by the uninformed) which is - unlike #diaspora - a consistent view federated "chat" network (technically it's a distributed JSON database, but don't tell anyone I've told you).

(And a sidenote: screaming censorship for decentralised and distributed networks is pretty funny. Still "freedom of speech" doesn't mean "right to be listened to", mind you. That's not censorship, that's keeping it civilised.)
You can also try this platform http://anartist.space/. Mainly focused to artists