Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I'm a facebook defector. However, I am interested in exploring the resistance that many of my progressive FB 'friends' have to leaving FB, even with the awareness of egregious conduct. This goes for myself as well; it took me too long to join this platform. The mind clouds when thinking about leaving FB. The extent of this social conditioning is fascinating, and yet--this is not Coke or Pepsi we're talking about but the future of democracy--terrifying.
Hank G friendica
@Simon Gant Welcome to the Fediverse. I joined about 1.5 years ago with the plan to leave Facebook permamently. Now I'm on both :). My reason is lack of IRL people here although I'm trying to fix that each day. I've yet to have one IRL person that I didn't already meet on the fediverse actually show up here at all.
Redj2 diaspora
I think you have to figure out why you want a social network. The draw for people on FB has to be different than the draw here.
@Hank G. That's an interesting observation. When I deleted my FB account I sent an invite to Diaspora to all my friends. Exactly zero joined :-(. Oh, well. In some respects I think the size of FB is actually a problem. Sure, you can find folks we know IRL but that doesn't always mean they make go online conversationalists. Cheers, -Randy
I am using both FB and this. I don't like FB, but I like my friends. None of them have turned up here in spite of multiple invitations. A couple of them are using MeWe as well as FB. They don't seem to appreciate the technical reasons for using the Diaspora software. There is one overarching truth about human nature: People hate change.
Bienvenue, welcome ! :)
V K diaspora
Good job on making this transition!

I'd known about open source, decentralized alternatives for a long time, but the lack of a circle on these platforms had prevented me from making the jump. Recently, tw*tter's double standards when it came to dealing with hate speech is what made me think about my choices and join mastodon and diaspora.

I'm hoping to make these platforms seem less "nerdy" to my friends so that they see the value in moving to places where they are more in control.
Gentle pressure over time is the strategy I am using. So far FB has not directly punished anyone that I actually have as a friend, but they have censured a lot of people that I know indirectly. Sooner or later they will do something stupid and I will be there with Diaspora.
Welcome! I'm a federalist by nature, so I love Diaspora's setup of independent entities working together, without being ruled over by an overarching, central, controlling entity. Diaspora, Mastodon, etc., operate very much like the way the U.S. was originally set up to be. I dig it!
V K diaspora
I love the democracy, and the power it puts in my hand rather than having to submit to the whims of those centralized overlords.
Are nested comments possible? I would like to thank and make further comment on the welcoming responses.
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You can copy/paste text for a quote and use HTML to make it italic. It looks like most HTML works in a comment. However about names, It seems like you need at least 3 consecutive characters to tag someone. For example, "@V K" does not produce a tag. I can't tag him.
Here in America, we call the "@" character an "at sign". :)
If you hover the mouse pointer over his diaspora* name, you will see that his username is @froyo.... and so it's easy then to reference @V K.
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One of the main reasons I am here is that I find that FB is infringing on my personal liberty by censoring speech that they simply disagree with. They are also putting up a lot of advertisements that are obviously scams. It's a pattern of behavior that I cannot support. Unfortunately, I am stuck with them for now. I use FB to communicate with customers. I will get free of them when I can. Joining this network and becoming active in it is a step in that direction.

I believe in personal liberty and objective justice. To me, personal liberty means that the government cannot pass laws that say I MUST do something, and they cannot pass laws that prevent me from doing things that do not harm anyone. Objective justice means that the standard of justice is not dependent on anyone's opinion. It's based upon fact and the idea that it's unjust to rob people or hurt them physically.
@Khurram Wadee -- Thanks. That works.

That's one of the problems with this software, and most open source. It always seems to have a little steeper learning curve than a successful commercial package. That's not a problem for people like me, who are used to it. My computer illiterate friends find it frustrating.
one must desserve Diaspora :D
Maybe I will set up a node on the Raspberry PI cluster. :)
V K diaspora
@Khurram, that doesn't work on mobile web, sadly. I'm mostly on mobile, so tagging isn't something that I can do.
I'm #newhere and checking out F-book alternatives myself. I have confidence that 0 of my own friends will follow my here either :p
hello Mates !! Is necessary to be active in optional platforms !! FB is already part of the surveillance state so hopefully we can help start new things. CHeers !!
Welcome Simon! I think you'll find this quite refreshing! I ditched FB months ago, and have never looked back!!
@[email protected] FB is a rage machine that sells its consent manufacturing product to the highest bidder.
@[email protected] Totally agree with you !! just want to add that anyone that doesn't fall for the trap gets banned.
Welcome, Simon Gant. I see you started the Diaspora crowd on our favourite topic. I actually managed to move my large family here, but only because I joined forces with my daughter (then 12) and brother. It is hard to do it alone.
@JakobuAmazingly difficult. I have a new appreciation for the power of social conditioning.
"The extent of this social conditioning is fascinating." lmfao