What We 'Know' About Facebook

On Friday, Gizmodo uncovered shocking new evidence that Facebook is using its platform to suppress stories about CEO Mark Zuckerberg... or maybe his janky, busted-ass website is just bugging out again for no reason. It’s hard to say, really. That’s sort of the problem.
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a story about Zuckerberg we posted to our Facebook page was hidden from many readers. The post was fully visible through web browsers in incognito mode, but an unclear percentage of users were told, “Sorry, this content is not available,” when they tried to view it while signed in.

...lots of people (including several Gizmodo staffers and at least one of their parents) could not see the story. By Friday afternoon, the issue seemed to resolve itself just as mysteriously.
On the Monday following that, I can't see the post when signed in; can when not signed in. The number of Likes and Reshares is suspiciously low.
Facebook has something approaching an answer. What looks like targeted censorship, you see, is just a series of fuckups.
Yes, it fucks up like that quite a bit...