"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell really doesn’t like to be called Moscow Mitch. If only new reasons for the nickname didn’t keep showing up. Time magazine delves into a Kremlin-linked Russian company’s major investment in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky—an investment that was only possible thanks to sanctions against the company’s owner being lifted, with McConnell’s support."

"Rusal, the company owned by Putin-linked oligarch Oleg Deripaska—who played a significant role in the Mueller investigation thanks to his ties to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort—wanted to invest in a Kentucky aluminum mill. But, so sad, that couldn’t happen under the sanctions in place. In order to get sanctions lifted, Deripaska gave up part of his stake in the company, and is barred, at least on paper, from influencing its operations. But … who knows?"

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Moscow Mitch, Putin's bitch.
Maybe if he doesn't like the nickname, he should stop doing things that associate him with Russia??
Maybe he should run away and hide. Nobody will look, so problem solved.
Oh I'm sure some angry people might go looking...so he should continue running and hiding for the rest of his life, perhaps?
I don't think Moscow Mitch cares about anything except packing the courts.