I can't say this is very encouraging. Looks like the Gestapo will be rolling immigrant round-ups any day now... this is not a good sign.

Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

"The Trump administration is deploying law enforcement tactical units from the southern border as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country, an escalation in the president’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement."

"The specially trained officers are being sent to cities including Chicago and New York to boost the enforcement power of local ICE officers, according to two officials who are familiar with the secret operation. Additional agents are expected to be sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J."

"The move reflects President Trump’s persistence in cracking down on sanctuary cities, localities that have refused to cooperate in handing over immigrants targeted for deportation to federal authorities. It comes soon after the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security announced a series of measures that will affect both American citizens and immigrants living in those places."

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The New York Times: Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities (By Caitlin Dickerson and Zolan Kanno-Youngs)

Holy shit.
... and where do they find the endlessly wasted money to finance ICE, the bastard child of 9/11?
"The agents will not be busting down doors or engaging in shootouts, said one official with direct knowledge of the operation, who like the other official would not be identified because he was not authorized to discuss it."

Yea they will. We just won't hear about it because they'll do a thorough job of intimidating all the neighbors into silence.