# Phill from GCHQ - page 85 #

Drawing - 966 × 1350 px - 754 kb PNG - Page 85 of Phill from GCHQ - Gwendolyn probably should've thrown the figurine away, but now Vincent and she is being followed by a drone, and a mystical man appears at their campsite at Harold & Heather's Touring Park. The text in the low left frame is from Richard Wagners opera, Die Walküre (The Valkyrie). It is the last words of the opera where Wotan commands the fire of Loge to engulf the restingplace of his daughter, the valkyrie Brünhilde. The piece is famously known as Feuerzauber - Fire Magic!

The words mean: Those who fear my spearhead will never pass through the fire.

Happy reading.

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J R diaspora
the catering truck shows up, Phill goes over to it (motivated by hunger), the driver tells Phill "?? I dunno, they sent me to these coordinates??" (for some reason the rest of the spooks were delayed) and the driver hands out happy-meals to the group, who speed-walk over to Mary and skedaddle...
J R diaspora
just a random thought :-)
ḦAHAHAHA, I hate books where the protagonists have headaches or are hungry. I can't help getting infected with headache and hunger. But the story is taking a different twist and the little man is actually something else than the CIA.