Behavior (if substantiated) that is absolutely consistent with what we know of him.
I consider Seth Abramson himself to be a reasonably reliable (though not perfect---who is?) source.

Unfortunately I'm in twitter jail ATM so I can't go there and get the original URL for this tweet, which would probably have some evidence either way in subsequent/serial tweets or in the comments.
I don't really comprehend what "twitter jail" is, but here are a couple direct twitter links:

NPR program Fresh Air link:


Seth Abramson's tweet, with link to the above:

@Isaac Kuo Excellent, thanks.
@Isaac Kuo it's a colloquial way of saying my account is suspended. In this case, because they suddenly want me to confirm my phone number on a 10ish-year-old account. Perhaps not coincidentally, lots of other politically like-minded folks were also shut down around the same time for the same specious accusations of "bot" activity. They succeeded in making some number of us go away, and for the others, they now have updated intel. Win-win for them.
Thanks for the explanation!