Amid USPS delays, election experts and campaigns weigh in: Don’t mail your ballot

... “If you haven’t requested a mail ballot yet, it’s too late,” said David Becker, executive director at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation & Research. “I don’t care about the legal deadline; it’s just too late in terms of getting it processed, getting it mailed to you and you being able to fill it out and return it. You’re just putting too much pressure on yourself. At this point, if you haven’t requested a mail ballot yet, plan to vote in person and vote early, if possible."

Voters who requested but have yet to receive a mail ballot should vote in person, Becker said. They may be required to fill out a provisional ballot, but it will count as long as they do not also submit a mailed ballot. Voters who have received their mail ballot but have not turned it in yet should do so in person or at a ballot drop box. ...

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I've seen headlines that people are voting in record numbers. But also that more Democrats are voting early than Republicans, since the Republican in chief is discouraging mail-in ballots. Also, I've heard that since the hanging chads incident, Florida has improved their systems, and is one of the states where ballots are counted as they come in rather than waiting until election day to count. So Florida may be able to announce on election night.