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The Whore of Babylon

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I have decided to update the list of those i consider to be accomplices to Ilya's murder. Perhaps i will update the list again later. Each time i will add those who comment and repost this propagandist account. Hopefully this will encourage less frequent promotion of this propaganda account from those involved.

You’re the ones who ordered Ilya’s murder. After the fact. For the success of your irresponsible democrazy propaganda, he was murdered.
@@Om* - it's a well-paid propaganda account. Who distributes hilarious pictures on a regular basis to ease the psychological blockage of perception of the propaganda that, in between, he throws in. In doing so, this account throws in a neoliberal and democratic propaganda. After i posted this picture:
He has become active in hiding his handlers and his intentions.

I will also remind that this account tried to hide and cover up evidences of Ilya’s murder: https://ussr.win/link/6200391
@Ilya Zhitomirskiy was born 30 years ago in USSR.
Inna Zhitomirskaya, mother of Ilya:
I strongly believe that if Ilya did not start this [Diaspora]project and stayed in school, he would be well and alive today.
For your irresponsible neocolonial democrazy propaganda, Ilya was killed. He was killed so that you could successfully and irresponsibly spread neocolonial propaganda and censor critical comments of slavs from your raw resource colonies.

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I’m also considering sending out similar comments to the accounts of those who promote Atomjack. So far this issue is under consideration. But if you want to get the same comments on your own posts - repost the atomjack - and maybe you’ll start getting such comments soon, too.