6 Months After Infection, 76% of COVID-19 Patients Are Still Suffering Symptoms

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And this, my friends, is one of my top bullet points as to why I do NOT want to become infected with this shit.

I fear that as time goes by and the vaccine rolls out more broadly, folks will again become lax in their behaviors; partying in large crowds, no mask wearing, forgetting to wash hands, etc.

This could be a very bad scenario. How many "lock downs" and how much self-isolating can we expect to be required to deal with? Sadly, I'm pretty sure we'll still be in similar, possibly worse, straits around this time next year (2022).

In a related article...

Up to 60% of US health workers are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines

This is very disturbing. I'd like to hear their reasoning for this. Unfortunately, this is NOT going to inspire the regular folks in the streets positively regarding getting themselves vaccinated promptly.
I won’t be changing my behavior one bit after getting the vaccine. I might become more reclusive as people get stupider. It’s not settled how well the vaccine stops you from being infectious. Until that’s known I’m not going to risk becoming an asymptomatic carrier.
@James Hollenbeck... Smart! Thank you. I sure wish there were more of you out there.