Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (October 2019)

Checking in for October for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging.
This is about making small changes during the year to make larger
  • Administrative focus: Erm, this month wasn't great for that. Work
    has been pretty hot-and-heavy for me so anything else has been
    taking a back seat during this time. My lists are stale at best and
    I need to take some time to go through them and clean them up. This
    is one area that I'm feeling pretty out of whack.
  • Writing more: Started OK but haven't given this any time. I'm going
    to have to improve my focus on this more.
  • Design more: See above. Not much focus here, Not sure what I want to
    do to change that. Feeling rather over-extended at the moment.
  • Programming more: The only programming I've been doing at the moment
    is work-related programming. Not sure if this will get more focus in
    the coming weeks, but definitely feeling like I need to give this
    more attention.
  • Getting out of debt: Making small progress here, but mostly because
    I haven't been spending as much money. Need to get our budget back
    online. Oddly enough this was a focus area for one of the programs
    that I'm working through, but I've not given it any focus at all.
  • Physical Health: No change. Feeling like this needs some more focus
    in the coming month.
  • Mindfulness: Sporadic at best, though I have been practicing with my
  • Deeper work: Funnily enough this has gotten more attention because
    I've been allowing myself more focus while working. This has taken
    the form of shutting down social media, which has worked to a point
    (sadly I've also gotten to where I'll start binging on social media
    to compensate or feel like I'm catching up for lost time. Need to
    work on letting things be more ephemeral.
Hoping to give more focus to my writing and design in November, and to
give myself more chances to write in this blog about my progress. But
for now I'm not feeling that great about what I haven't worked on. That
said I am practicing with being more mindful about being kind to myself
when I feel like beating myself up over these things, and understanding
the groundlessness that even the best laid plans aren't necessarily how
things will work out.


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