All eyes now on the "grey areas", along with the 'counter-programming' - Twitter lies, legal games & flames - by #trumpvirus, Fox and "friends". Act 1 about to conclude. After a brief Intermission, back to Act 2: More high crimes, misdemeanors, distraction, & lies.
Only if he loses, of course. If he "wins" (or successfully steals) the election, he'll be there bragging about how perfect it all was.

#TrumpVirusDeathToll240K and skyrocketing, in part tracking the #trumpvirus hate rallies.
To be clear, the 243 is Biden, who may win with one more state. Or not. 270 to win. "We'll see what happens"™️
That's not what I'm seeing.

He won Michigan. If NV comes through, the nightmare is over.
Well, the map I posted was from a few hours earlier... same Trump count, but I guess WI... then MI. This is the intermediate snapshot. Waiting on Georgia in the next few hours, then ... "We'll see".™️

Meanwhile, marijuana and magic mushrooms had a good night, state-wise. (props)
Ah, the 6 was Nevada... Somehow I missed that call... last I saw it was a nail-biter. Well, more fun to come, no doubt.
Not really counting on GA, though it has become really close. I'd love to have some leeway- if NC and GA could come through. I'm really surprised PA went for Trump.
24:20 EST /Thurs afternoon - Says AP: Biden gaining, Trump suing & bellowing...

Biden pushes closer to win as Trump presses legal threats

I wonder if the song "Georgia on My Mind" is going through the roof today.
@Chuck Dee Posted publicly but not sure you'd see...

Georgia on My Mind

As a cosmic refrain was heard... (always loved this song, Blues Magoos):

Never Goin' Back to Georgia
I would be very surprised (and in a good way!) if GA flipped blue on this one considering that they just re-elected Purdue to the Senate.
:)) "We'll see what happens".™️ God will I be happy to never hear a "leader" use that as his motto and constant sound bite. As someone elsewhere commented, "Georgia, do the right thing - or we'll never eat a peach again!"
+1 @Chuck Dee

In the "we'll see what happens" department, Biden has just taken the lead in Pennsylvania, the remaining ballots from Philadelphia expected to be mostly for Biden, and the mayor of Philadelphia just said it's time for Trump to put on his "big boy pants" and own up to reality, accept defeat, and congratulate Biden. Again, "We'll see".