Where do I start other than I'm #newhere? It's not until a couple of days ago that I heard of Diaspora after coming across a site called stopusingfacebook. Guess I finally got tired of having my personal data being used for whatever those site see fit. I'm obviously very new to the privacy scene and still have a very long way to go. But I guess it's better late than never.

Other than that, I'm very interested in culture and languages. I'm currently very interested in learning #German and hopefully be as fluent with it as I am with English (my second language). There's not a lot of opportunity to learn it where I live since there's not a lot of Germans here and most people give me weird looks when they learn I'm trying to learn it. Not because they think it's odd but more because they think "Why learn it and where will you even use that here!?" Haha! But whatever, I enjoy it and I would definitely consider taking formal lessons when things fall into place.

I also play an unhealthy amount of video games, mostly on my PS4. While I enjoy playing some Civilization and Age of Empires on my old laptop, the bulk of my time is spent playing games like #GodOfWar, #Uncharted, #HorizonZeroDawn, #FinalFantasy, #TheWitcher3, and some #AssassinsCreed. I don't play MMOs due to the lack of time but I did enjoy the short time I spent in #FinalFantasyXIV. What an awesome gaming community that was!

If I'm not playing video games, I'd most likely be watching movies or TV shows. Most would find it weird but I lean towards the #DC superheroes than Marvel, despite the latter's movies being more popular and financially-successful. But still, the DC Trinity would instantly make me pay attention to whatever they show up on, so there we go. I won't bother putting a list of the other movies and TV shows I like here as that will take forever!

Anyway, this has gotten so much longer than I intended. Just wanted to make sure that I actually do something here while I still explore what the platform can do. Do say hi if you feel like it. It would be nice to get to know more people and be a little more social than I currently am. XD