3 minutes of stark, grim reality, at the top of tonight's CBS network news. Comments are lighting up Twitter, basically saying this is, sadly, indeed a clear snapshot worthy of a time capsule. Hopefully buried along with the #trumpvirus very soon.

"America" is self-destructing. With a lot of help from friends of the Devil... and ignorance, denial, disinformation & "accelerants".
#TrumpVirusDeathToll250K - and skyrocketing, aided & abetted | #MakeAmericaSaneAgain | #Election2020

Trump campaign to request recount of two Wisconsin counties

Thin-slice: Trump has scaled down his meritless lawsuits to save money as campaign funs are further depleted - after he already diverted funds to himself and is now swindling/conning the public - again - in setting up "election" defense funds which benefit... him.)

[Full Version: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-campaign-to-request-recount-of-two-wisconsin-counties/ ]