Researchers warn of another Covid spike if people mix after vaccine | World news | The Guardian

Behavioural psychologist says many people mistakenly think they are safe as soon as they receive jab
I'm pretty sure that most people on Diaspora* aren't stupid, and won't just get their vaccination and go out and party. But I'm posting this in case you know some people who are likely to do just that.

1) The vaccination isn't fully effective until something like two weeks after you have it, and that might depend on which vaccine it is.

2) Someone coughs near a shelf in a supermarket. You pick up a carton of milk and transfer virus onto your hands. On the way out of the supermarket, you touch a door handle. Someone else touches the door handle and now they've got the virus. Even though the virus is mostly transmitted by aerosol, there is still a possibility of transmission by other means.

3) Just because you're vaccinated, doesn't mean you can't pass it on. If you breathe it in, your immune system might kill it off, but not necessarily before you've coughed it onto someone else.

You still need to wash your hands a lot. You still need to refrain from touching your face. You still need to keep about 6 feet between you and most other people. At least, until we're all much safer.

Don't mean to preach. It's just that, even a year down the line, there are still people who apparently don't know what's going on.

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Absolutely. Thanks for sharing this.
:-)))), good luck with the vaccine.