‘The Anti-Facebook’: #Wikipedia co-founder launches ad-free #social #media platform

Fed up with #Facebook and #Twitter? If so, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales hopes you'll join WT:Social, a new social media platform that promises not to run advertisements or sell user data.

WT:Social features a Facebook-like feed on which users can share news or other content. But unlike Facebook, whose algorithms prioritize content that's sponsored or receiving a lot of engagement, WT:Social simply shows new content first.

About 160,000 people have signed up for WT:Social since it launched in October. The platform is free to join, but new users are put on a wait-list, which can be instantly bypassed if you donate money. WT:Social hopes to survive only on donations.
So why isn't he championing #Diaspora* / the #Federation? Hmmm...

**joe diaspora
So why isn’t he championing #Diaspora* / the #Federation?
Because it is free. He is trying to get people to donate, but "WT" is still proprietary and not open source.
I would still love to see people leave fb for something else though. But I have doubts about whether his business model will prove popular enough.
You can already choose a "most recent" setting on fb, so there better be more to it than that.
You can already choose a “most recent” setting on fb, so there better be more to it than that.
Not exactly. FB still filters what you do and don't see, so it shows you the most recent of what it chooses. If you use the naughty add-on FBP ('fluff busting purity'), then you can get a better most recent feed.

What does WT stand for, by the way? W for Wiki, I assume.
WT:Social is a reboot of WikiTribune, a crowdfunded news-sharing service that Wales launched in 2017, but has since struggled and laid off editorial staffers.
Yeah and he's expecting it to be 'community edited' as that will somehow keep out trolls etc... despite the fact that Wikipedia has been unable to prevent that either.