"An advocacy group is targeting Facebook employees with ads on LinkedIn, objecting to the company’s support of an event honoring Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. The group, Demand Justice, has a clear message for employees: 'Tell Facebook: stop funding the fight to normalize Brett Kavanaugh'.:

"Facebook is the only tech company listed as a 'Gold Circle' sponsor for a Federalist Society event to be held in Washington, DC. On November 14th, Kavanaugh will give a speech at the Antonin Scalia memorial dinner as part of the group’s annual convention."

"Other tech companies, such as Google, have sponsored Federalist Society events in the past, but Facebook has a complicated history with Kavanaugh."

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The protests for this event were brilliantly executed. They parked a truck with a jumbo screen on it playing Blasey-Ford's testimony & they had protesters dressed as staff handing out event "programs" with Kavenaugh impeachment info & info about his possible perjury.