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But first this: Jacob Wood, the creator who helped lay out Metahumans Rising has launched their newest Kickstarter. Survival of the Able explores the idea of a zombie uprising, thanks to the black plague, with characters that are challenged in ways we don't often see in fiction. It's a great concept and uses Fudge for a resolution engine. Take a look (and help support a great Kickstarter): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/accessiblegames/survival-of-the-able

Now back to your regularly scheduled Metahumans Neews.. .

This week we'll dig into the first of the four factions inside World Builders 1: The Deadheads. Originally published as an example of how to add color to typical street gangs we saw the Deadheads as an opportunity to explore seedier elements of the Metahumans Rising world.

In the intersection between hard drugs and goth subculture sits the Deadheads. On the outside they are a low level street gang, catering to a clients who may otherwise ind it hard to obtain their addition of choice. Police see them as little more than organized pushers, and hardly on the level of an international cartel. This is of course intentional.

The Deadheads indoctrinate members with the promise of hidden truths, and for those strong enough, eternal life. Members learn centuries old rituals and rites, at first these are cloaked in goth trappings, allegories and games. Those who can see between the narratives, are brought deeper into the fold. Shown the truth behind the tails and shown how to harness the power trapped in their own blood.

For some this revaluation is too much. Their spirits unable to comply with their bodies desires, they are split, becoming undead husks. Those that survive learn to command these husks, even call back their souls binding them to mystics and necromancers.

Why this cult of immortals has chosen now to reach out from their ancient homes, or why they need to expand their numbers remains a mystery. Nevertheless, one should take care when exploring the underside of the city. There are things that lurk below the streets, aware of horrors beyond the imagination of most, who are willing to take you with them. The only price, one soul.

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Fresh Meat

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