FIRST results:

D - Virginia Governor
R - Overwhelming Trump vote in Indiana

Everything else: "We'll see what happens".
Only God knows....

#MakeAmericaSaneAgain #Election2020
19:30 PM - West Virginia goes to Trump
Senator + State Electors
Trust nothing. Anything predicted based on exit polls is worthless this time out. We won't know reality for some time to come... at least 3 days... and then the lawsuits begin/
Agreed. Not awaiting a made-for-TV election nite "game" with a winner, clear & quick. Even before court cases, possible militia wars, whatever...

Not expecting anything quick or definitive (though James Carville predicts a surprise earliness). Thing is "pathways" - following FL, which has a hard-close (to put it mildly) and rapid reporting, at least historically. The count may add up in some states without a dangling sword of Damocles - uncounted or tampered or stolen ballots from mail-in AND drop-off sites. Trump's criminal/dictatorial moves, etc. But as even God tweeted: "We'll see". How clearly or how soon will vary!