U.S. Adds 184,000 Coronavirus Cases In One Day, With No End In Sight

The country set another record for daily infections. America is the world leader in COVID-19 fatalities. President-elect Joe Biden expressed alarm and urged the Trump administration to take action.

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  • Do NOT "like" this news one iota. (Only the sharing) This is the direct consequence of a policy which goes roughly, "you didn't love me enough, now everyone can die", supplemented by intentional super-spreading, messaging that COVID is "a hoax", calls to revolt against masks, etc. Cause/effect. Add mass gatherings of elections + 2 weeks, and that's today. Next will be (US) Thanksgiving in 2 weeks, and the next super-spread, followed by Christmas/Chanukah, next spreading (and from airports to towns & cities everywhere). Trumpageddon. Preventable (once). Sad state of affairs here due to a deranged "leader" & followers. Not great elsewhere, but here: "so much winning" - by #trumpvirus ! /SMH #StaySafe #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
@Michael Fenichel The roosting chickens are numerous and have been maturing for decades, if not centuries.

The political failures build on a very long legacy of ignoring risks, technical debt, hygiene, public health, and common weal.

There's another side which says that eventually an answering would be had. I .. somewhat subscribe to that theory. Though the response in this case gives a strong inkling of what lies in store.

The psychology, sociology, epistemics, rhetoric, politics, and tribalism are all terrifying.