Wearing masks could save more than 100,000 US lives through February, new study suggests | CNN

The study -- from the Covid-19 forecasting team at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation -- notes that, as of September 21, only about 49% of US residents reported that they "always" wear a mask in public.
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We used four data sources on human mobility to construct a composite mobility indicator. Those sources were #Facebook, #Google, SafeGraph and Descartes Labs (Supplementary Information). Each source takes a slightly different approach to capturing mobility, so before constructing a composite mobility indicator, we standardized these different data sources (Supplementary Information).
Thanks, there were dweebs at work here. You don't need to know more :)) :)
The team used state-by-state data from the past on case rates and all sorts of other variables—such as cell phone mobility data, seasonal pneumonia fluctuations, levels of mask use—to then project how tweaking those variables might shift the results.

“It’s not a forecast per se, because the outcomes are conditional on very specific model assumptions about how effective masks are and how much uptake there is in wearing masks,” Reich said.

As unsurprising as their conclusion is, it can still be useful to say it.

“We don’t need a model to tell us that we should all be wearing masks, we don’t need a model to tell us that if we continue the way we’re going, we’re going to see tens of thousands more deaths within the next couple of months,” said Etzioni. “But sometimes when a person provides a model and you see these curves and you see these numbers, it helps appropriately freak you out.”

She added that it might also help bolster public health policy decisions: “A model like this can be very important for our governors who are actually trying to do something to enforce mask mandates. They’re not popular, so politically it can make it tough on a governor who’s trying to do the right thing. Models like this can provide a kind of evidence to support that policy.”
Source: https://www.statnews.com/2020/10/23/universal-mask-use-could-save-130000-lives-by-the-end-of-february-new-modeling-study-says/

It's funny that people like the study so much, but they have never read it before.
Okay, it's like always, propaganda doesn't need proof.