From Meet the Press today, as we all hold our breath (or our guns, or our masks, or our prayer beads)


#Election2020 For/against #trumpvirus
FIRST results:

D - Virginia Governor
R - Overwhelming Trump vote in Indiana

Everything else: "We'll see what happens".
Only God knows....

85-55 electoral votes now (Biden)
NJ went Biden, along with Senate (Booker)

Mississipi Trump
WA (Senate) - R
MA - Marchi (D) re-elected
ALABAMA - flipping back R

Hard 8PM poll closings starting now.

MC CONNELL KY-R - holds his seat! Well, yin/yang If he's a minority maybe he'll grow an appreciation for Karma if not humility. Not like he needs the money....

And the band plays on... Eyes on Pennsylvania and Florida, both pivotal and FL imminent. Fun...

Looks like trump got Florida. But it's looking really good in Ohio for Biden, and he's even up in Texas, Kansas, North Carolina and Missouri. Oooh boy
(munching popcorn) .... same as long-term quarantine... even Trump knows "it will end". Hopefully soon, both the election decision & the fight against #trumpvirus
It's still close in FL according to AP...
  • Donald Trump (GOP)
  • Joe Biden (Dem)
  • Other Candidates
90% counted.
Will add to list... I've got 4 screens up now. (2 TVs, 2 puters)
I vary them if they get too repetitive. AP, good source too, all the talking heads are citing. "We'll see" - or hear. Or breathe. Or some combination. Good luck there! It's looking scary to me, FL-wise. On several levels. (Rubio: "We like that!") uff
Just in....First house race, PBS Marjorie Greene - R - won Georgia, a Q-Anon fan...
AP is THE source. They are the ones calling the elections for most of the media tonight.
Yeah... McConnell got re-elected, too. Now he get so continue on with his superlative Congressional job.


40/37 - Dem/GOP is the Senate Makeup (known) as of the moment, with one pickup by Dems (a big pickup, typing-wise: Hickenlooper! - sorry, spellcheck)

McConnell could be a huge pain still, even with a bigger House D-majority and D-President (if G-d is truly more merciful than the tweets). He could command a clown coalition like Jim Jordan etc. in the House, just obstructing, "Delay"ing...

OTOH, with a decent Senate majority (D) Mitch might really get to taste his own medicine. Like he cares... Wifey is still mega-rich and is tired of playing Trumpster.