Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #age, #antiableism, #books, #common, #diaspora, #newestworldorder, #nonviolentcommunication, #oldschool, #philosophy, #taijiquan-qigong, #ubi, and #universalbasicincome. But above all solving the work functions for universal basic income. At heart I believe a citizen's solution to be a better fix than a point and click lump sum within this burning room we need not name (you're born into it and it is the invention of humans on earth). It like choosing not to let Apple steer the ship of hardware design to store and play music,, but to really contribute to fundamental tools shared across human life to replace the collective effects of our society of consumption and spectacle. I believe in the ratio between universal and basic, that careful attention should be paid to the income we pay to people regardless of their background (universal) and that which we pay those who are transitioning from a system of competition and limited need to one where feeling "the pain of the universe" is one blessing of life. I am happy to be born into it, especially now with all the potential for crisis. Nothing brings a conscious species together like a crisis, oder? First time on "social media" in years, sorry for the novel.
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I like your username :3
:) yeah! :D :D
@Digit @宇宙の海賊 ミルサル thank you! For me it's an ambition, but one where I believe in #onechanceout, so in a paradoxical sense, if we're on the sinking ship that's building a sustainable above-water city, I forgive myself for mixing in with sans city, after all, we're the builders!
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§Yesss...I read about Venus in a physics textbook :) They're on board ;)

To the moneyless point, I like your tinking. How are your feelings about responsible crypto?
@[email protected] - Is there such a thing as "responsible crypto"? I'm not a cryptocurrency fan in general for a number of reasons. It's not as decentralized as they claim it to be. It's not environmentally friendly. Exchanging cryptocurrency for cash is a questionable process at best. Besides, that's still money. I like the idea of a resource based economy. https://www.thevenusproject.com/resource-based-economy/
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Better late than never, welcome! :)
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feels like been here longer. :)