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Another RPG questionnaire? I'll bite!

Setting That's Not My Thing: Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms
System I Can't See Running: Palladium, Savage Worlds
RPG I think is underrated: 7th Sea
RPG I think is overrated: Pathfinder
RPG I could always play: Fall of Delta Green, Amber (and derivatives), Rolemaster
RPG that made me fall in love with RPGs: Rolemaster
RPG that changed my life: Dresden Files
Guilty Pleasure: Not really guilty about any, but I guess you could say Aliens RPG.
RPGs I should have played by now but haven't: Blades in the Dark
Games I'm Currently Running or Playing: Lords of Olympus, Lords of Gossamer and Shadow/Exalted, Aberrant, Silent Legions.

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Game of Thrones Finale Spoilers

From the chat on a GoT discussion
Really do need a spoiler tag
Part of me thinks (Drogon) swooped down, saw Dany with the sword in her chest, and just assumed the throne did it cause he doesn’t understand how swords work.

He destroyed the throne to protect Jon from the sword chair.

One day someone will turn to him and say, “swords don’t kill people, people do.” and he’ll put two and two together and come back looking for revenge.

That's just laugh out loud perfect!

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Captain America: After the Endgame

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I'll try to avoid spoilers in this particular post, but something about the ending of Endgame stuck with me. There's been more and more scrutiny of one particular detail, and it inspired me to write down my own version of what I think events could have been.

Of course, there are spoilers in the short story, so be warned of that. It needs more editing to be sure, but it is at least at a point where I'm comfortable sharing it. Criticism and comments are definitely encouraged.
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When Lucas remastered Star Wars...

...instead of taking out Han shooting first and other insignificant changes, he should have been doing stuff like this... We only really know how badassed Darth is by reputation. It's been in auxiliary media that we've seen hints, then in Rogue One. This is how I like to think of Darth in the movies- active, rather than just letting his troopers do all the work.

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This is the film that I'm waiting on

From the moment that they introduced the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy, I've been wanting to see a live-action Nova. It fits very well with them expanding into the cosmos and now makes perfect sense given his background in the comics.

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READ: Mueller's Letter Expressing Concern About Barr's Summary Of His Report

On March 27, the special counsel told Attorney General William Barr that his public description "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this Office's work and conclusions."

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Interesting development in this - there must have been very material differences in how it was presented and how it was intended to be presented to prompt this...

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How Clone Wars and Rebels influenced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Interview with writer Chris Avellone:

I really hope that they get it right. I think there will be problems no matter who has the license. LucasArts themselves botched it.

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Over the last week or so, I’ve seen a lot of upcoming Star Wars related stuff in various news feeds and such, and was struck by how little I now cared.
I'll always feel good things for Star Wars, so missteps (nor the fandom) can take that away from me. I see the movies on their own merits and stay away from fans at this point.

Jason Pitre on Twitter: "Hey folks! I just released a set of RPG Design Worksheets that I have prepared for myself and new designers. Take a look and spread the word! https://t.co/oskJoA05Zm"

RPG Design Worksheets

Genesis of Legend Publishing: RPG Design Worksheets (Jagash)

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A2Z Blogging Challenge


I saw someone else's entry into the A2Z Blogging Challenge and decided to try to jumpstart my new blog by trying this challenge. I'm a bit behind, so there may be multiple entries on the same day. It can be followed directly on ActivityPub @[email protected]


A is for About

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6. Long or short ttrpg texts?

I'm more likely to complete short. So I try for that, but then find I don't have enough room to encapsulate all of my ideas. So it gets longer. I'm trying to learn to be concise and be able to kill ideas that take me away from that using #Itch #GameJams, #200WordRPG, #GameChef and other events to help me fit an idea in varying word counts. I've had some success, but have a way to go.
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7. How to increase accessibility?

I never really thought about accessibility until I saw Jacob Wood's Accessible Guide to RPG Layout. I still don't think about it as much as I probably should, but since that was one of my firsts texts after I started laying out my own games, I keep a lot of it in mind- especially in regards to font choice and colors.
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Jacob is a great guy. Survival of the Able struck me as such a great concept. He has been working with me, and the rest of House Dok to put together Metahumans Rising.

Fun quiz on class and stats

You Are A:
True Neutral Elf Monk/Sorcerer (3rd/3rd Level)

Ability Scores:
Strength- 12
Dexterity- 15
Constitution- 14
Intelligence- 18
Wisdom- 13
Charisma- 13

From http://easydamus.com/character.html

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5. Character or worldbuilding?


I have reams full of characters. It's one of the first things that I try when I get a new system. It's one of the first areas of concentration in my designs. That said, the characters cannot stand alone and a world that is suited to the characters, and the characters are suited to, is key in bringing any narrative alive. So as I create the characters, they breathe life into my concepts for the worlds.

I tend to build characters more than worlds, but the worlds I spend more time upon. All that said, I really can't choose between the two.
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I really need to de-Google

I had a problem with Gmail... I sent an e-mail to myself years ago (2007) with some code that I'd created attached to back it up. I tried to download it today, and couldn't download it because they said that their AV had detected a virus.

Ignoring the problems implicit in that scenario...

Thankfully, I have another backup, but for grins, I posted to the Google community. With an hour, I received this response from someone on the community question:

They seriously can't police their own communities well enough to keep scammers from trolling people needing help?

#Google #GoogleMinus #GoodbyeGoogle
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Protonmail so far looks like the best alternative. I've been testing an account there for a few months,

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4. Favorite type of game scenario?

I love intrigue, as shown by my love of #Amber, #LordsOfGossamerAndShadow, #LordsOfOlympus, #DeltaGreen, and many more suspense and conspiracy theory type games. However, I have trouble writing the scenarios for those, and the webs that must be maintained quickly become tangled with holes in the logic. I still work on those, and try to read scenarios that have those types of situations and learn from them.

I also like open-ended type scenarios that have a real impact on the game world. I take being a fan of the characters quite seriously, and love to see not just the current situation, but their progress from it.

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Day 3: Key to your making process?

My key seems to be designing based on a story or theme. Without that impetus, it's hard to get the gears going, which is the reason that it's hard for me to do for-hire work. I'll read something, and it will start the gears spinning with a different take on a subject or taking a different tack to get to the perfect framing of the question that's at the foundation of the design.

I find that without that base, I tend to flounder and lose sight of the story that I started out to tell. I also have a lot of trouble "killing my darlings". Sometimes, my underlying fundaments are incorrect or flawed, and I have a hard time getting past that obstacle.
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Day 2: Describe your work

My day-to-day work as a software architect sort of frames my writing and my game design work; I've found that I'm better at reframing the question or looking at the problem from a different angle to create something new rather than starting from scratch. With my limited time, I find that's also most efficient for me to get from start to finish.

Because of this, adventures and hacks are what I excel in, though I can do original work (and am working on an original for my favorite medium- play by e-mail). I find that's the exception, not the rule, but when I do so, I tend to want it to be perfect rather than iterate, which can keep ideas in development hell for a long time.
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Wisdom From Remo Williams (via Steven Barnes)

“Fear is nothing more than a feeling.” Chuin says, in a rare moment of sympathy. “You feel hot. You feel hungry. You feel angry. You feel afraid. Fear can never kill you.”

It is a feeling. Like other feelings. But unlike the others, we judge ourselves horribly, call ourselves cowards, or think that fear means we can’t, or shouldn’t, or mustn’t. No.

It is just fear.

Excerpt from: #Quotes #RemoWilliams #StevenBarnes
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We're having a party...

People are joining the Lights Out Google+ Community to post until it's gone. Join in and celebrate the dying of the light if you're inclined.

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G+ ... what remains

I posted this when I was using my GSuite account to a community that I'm in.

What use does Google think that one-sided conversations are in a community? Why in the world would they delete the posts of consumer accounts from conversations and then expect them to be of use?

#Google+ #GooglePlus
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RPG Creators Relief Fund, INC

The latest Bundle of Holding (I love those!) is benefitting a charity that I'd not heard of before, and seems pretty worthwhile: Though computer game developers need to be unionized and get some sort of protections, they at least have some. People in the TTRPG industry have very little. That saddens me, so I just figured I'd give this a boost.

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Goodnight, Google+

YouTube: Mr. Stark I Don't feel so good (Arnol Méndez)

On my consumer Google+ account I feel like Peter Parker. On my GSuite account, I feel like Tony Stark, seeing the lights go out as contacts and posts disappear.

#Google+ #GooglePlus
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AprilTTRPGMaker initial post

Following on from a post by @Lester Ward


An intro post for the #AprilTTRPGMaker event

Day 1: Introduce yourself

My name is Chuck Dee. I’m a software architect, currently in the financial industry. I've had an industry in the TTRPG industry since I walked into a store not knowing what it was based on the extensive diorama in the window. I later worked there until they closed up shop. I've always written, but only recently have had my first paid credits. I know the folly of thinking that writing can take the place of my day job, but still, I try.

Lately, I've been dabbling with Gumshoe, PbtA, and Fate Core, and working on my own system to support my love of PbEMs.
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Final Hours of G+

I've found people and places that I'd not known of while G+ was kicking. Nevertheless, I'll be sad when the final bell tolls.

https://wheretofind.me/@chuckdee #GPlusRefugee #GPlusEnd

Assuming positive intent when met with ignorance at conventions

It’s been nearly two weeks since the end of Breakout Con 2019, and I think I’ve recovered enough to reflect on my experience at what I believe is one of the best indie gaming conventions in North America. In my experience, Breakout Con is reliably one of the most inclusive and safe spaces to run and play games in the Greater Toronto Area. Now, this doesn’t mean that interesting incidents can’t happen.

I am a firm believer that convention panels are places for productive dialogue between the panelists and audience members. Yes, it’s great for people with expertise to talk at the audience. But in my experience, the best panels I’ve been on have been those when audience becomes fully engaged and the conversation flows both ways. During the Designing Asian Themes in Games panel I moderated with Agatha Cheng (my Asians Represent co-host), Banana Chan, Sharang Biswas, and James Mendes Hodes, our open conversation was derailed by a question we weren’t necessarily expecting.

What do you mean by white games?

This was met with a near-unanimous “excuse me!?” followed by a brief moment of confusion as we attempted to process this person’s question. As the moderator, I was treating this panel as I would any podcast I host. I was here to not only moderate the conversation, but also the tone of the conversation. My fellow panelists (myself included) were at a crossroads. Do we react negatively? Do we shut this person down for a “silly question”? Do we call them out for their ignorance?

Things were getting tense.

To put the reaction of the panel into context, our discussion featured the following questions:
  • How do you deal with performative wokeness?
  • How do you demonstrate that you’re doing good without being problematic?
  • What is diversity? What does it look like?
  • What are our opinions on call out culture? Where is the line? Who should do it? Is it always the solution?
As a moderator, I took it upon myself to practice what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of being a good GM and Player – assume positive intent. At my tables, and in my life in general, I try to assume that someone generally means well despite what they say. By giving people the benefit of the doubt and assume positive intentions, a bigger picture emerges and we are met with an opportunity to have a true interaction. Now, let me be clear – ignorance isn’t a crime and should not be met with aggression. While the question this member of the audience asked was certainly not the kind we were expecting, it’s still one that deserved an answer because ignorance should be met with compassion. When we assume negative intent, we foster a culture of suspicion and ostracization. This is not the goal. I have the ability and emotional bandwidth to take care of this situation, so I offered to chat with the person after the presentation so that we could allow other audience members to ask questions. As the moderator, I felt that it was my responsibility to do so.

So after the panel ended, the audience member and I went outside to avoid disrupting the panel that followed ours to continue the conversation and answer their question. I so strongly believed that their question came from a place of ignorance, rather than hate. I was determined to turn this moment into a learning opportunity so that they could come out of the panel in a positive way. So we talked about what the panelists meant by Asian games – those that feature Asian cultures, motifs, and experiences. As we talked, it became clear that they honestly did not know anything about the types of games we were discussing, how many were problematic, and why their question struck a nerve with the panel. Assuming positive intent put that all into context. As we concluded our conversation, I politely invited them to our Asians Represent meetup that was happening that evening and encouraged them to purchase or learn about games designed by my peers.

As very visible members of the design community, assuming positive intent when interacting with people does wonders to building trust in the community, fostering mentorships, and help all of us grow and earn new opportunities. My fellow panelists at Breakout Con are amazing people and the perfect public-facing representatives of the Asian design community. Interactions like this are so very important to fostering a more welcoming and tolerant community. What could’ve been a negative interaction turned into a positive outcome – we welcomed someone new into our amazing community.

So take a moment if you can, breathe, and try to dive deeper into the conversation.

I really like this approach. I've always tried to err on the side of compassion and have been called out as naive, a traitor, or worse. On the other side of the equation, I know that I am ignorant of several issues, but am reluctant to seek clarity because of the fact that so little is documented, there's so much confusion in different approaches to sensitive issues,band there is so much aggression rather than a desire to educate when questions are asked. I'm always gratified when someone is willing to honestly talk and feel enlightened, but those opportunities are rare, so to read this makes me realize that my approach isn't wrong, and there are others out there who seek to not just fight the good fight, but also further the dialogue that can lead us past the need for the fight.

#ttrpg #representationmatters #diversitymatters

I really can't believe that people actually thought that there was something other than technical issues with this particular story.

NASA Scraps First All-Female Spacewalk For Want Of A Medium-Sized Spacesuit

Two female astronauts were set to become the first women to spacewalk together around the International Space Station this week. But they both wear medium spacesuits, and only one was space-ready.

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I am concerned that they didn't have a spaceworthy suit for every member of the crew. I know those suits are hideously expensive, but you need a spare so that if there's an emergency, everyone has a suit to get into. Nobody should die because the only suit that would fit them was in maintenance.
@Andrew Ragland - From what I understand, they never have EVA suits for everyone. If there's a problem, they head to the escape capsules, not EVA suits.

They have the parts for a few suits at all times. They are modular, so changed out as needed for function. As size changes in zero-g (especially continued zero-g) they make allowances for expected changes. She was trained on M/L on the ground, but they thought with the changes in physiology, she'd be L in orbit. They had a M and a L prepped for EVA. She went out in a L prior to this, and though she completed her duties, wasn't comfortable doing so and communicated that. The Mission commander made the assessment to reduce risk to just use someone else that was comfortable in the L for EVA. From a risk standpoint and to keep the astronauts safe, this was the right call.
I doubt they planned to not have a spaceworthy suit available. Though in case of a "The station is holed" emergency, the appropriate response is much more likely to slap a patch over the hole if it's a small hole, or evacuate the holed section fast and seal it off, or in the worst case get everyone into the docked Soyuz or Crew Dragon, rather than for everyone to all start suiting up. Getting into a current-technology space suit takes time. It's not a quick thirty-second change in the airlock. It's not a case of putting the suit on so much as one of assembling it around you.

I'm given to understand SpaceX's prototype suit, as seen on Starman and Ripley, is a lot better in this regard, but it's not human-approved for vacuum yet.

That moment when you're working on a Sunday night, almost done... and the company antivirus flags your compiled code as a trojan...

#development development (x)
Just switched to Symantec. I knew that I was in for problems the moment that they announced that. Oh well, I have a blocker for standup tomorrow...
Your scrum coach will be absolutely thrilled.

Interesting view on the use of the word 'Community' (geared towards gaming)

I've always been hesitant to call myself a member of any community, if only because invariably, there are members of that community that share views that are different than my own, and calling myself a member paints me with that same brush. There are many views- both good and bad- wrapped up in any conglomeration of people. And when you get to online identities, you have to deal with the fact that you might not be looking at someone's true face.

I play Video and Computer Games but am not a member of that community. I play RPGs and Board Games but am not a member of that community. I'm into Mechanical Keyboards but am not a member of that community. And so on, and so on. Dealing with people on an individual level has always been my go to. Not to make assumptions for the good nor the bad.

This blog post summarizes a lot of thoughts that I'd had more eloquently than I could ever have written them.

#Gaming #TTRPGs #VideoGames #MechanicalKeyboards #Community

On the Uses and Abuses of 'Community'
For a long time, even before the "Zaklash", I was thinking about writing a post about the so-called "OSR Community" and my suspicions about that way of thinking about online groupings. But somebody has pre-empted me and so it seems like a good time to marshal my half-formed thoughts on the matter.

"Community" is a much-abused term in the English language. There are two nefarious ways in which it is used, both of them related.

The first is when somebody uses the word to speak about large groups of people in an abstract, monolithic way which does not remotely reflect the variety of viewpoints within them: thus you will hear people talking about "the Polish community", "communities in North Yorkshire", "the black community", the "trans community", "working-class communities", and so on and what those "communities" are purported to think. (The black community thinks [X], communities in North Yorkshire are opposed to [Y], working-class communities are worried about [Z], and so on: well, okay, which black people, which people in North Yorkshire, which working-class people, and are they all of the same mind?)

The second is when it is used by somebody who is setting him- or herself up as being an authoritative voice for speaking on behalf of a group that he or she belongs to - usually on the basis of nothing other than a trumped-up ego. Thus you will encounter people in the public sphere who like to say that they speak on behalf of the Polish community, the trans community, working-class communities, or whatever, without any sort of legitimate justification for doing so.

You saw both of the abuses of that poor benighted word during the "Zaklash" thing, I am sure. I don't think there's much to be gained from naming names, but if you were following the blogs, reddit and G+ during that time you will I am sure have noticed that the air was thick with hot air about what "our community thinks" (as though an amorphous grouping of tens of thousands of people can "think" any one thing) and also will have observed a large number of people coming out of the woodwork to set themselves up as community spokespeople ("Here I am to tell everybody what we all think").

This is all completely awful and stupid. Let's think about "community" seriously.

Where I live, there is a community. I know my neighbours in the eight or so houses that are within shouting distance. We're not great mates or anything, but we say "hello" to each other, take each other's bins out each Tuesday morning to be collected, and watch out for each other. Ian, an old gent who lives opposite, occasionally pops over to warn us that he's heard about a burglary in the next street over or whatever. Now and again we'll chat about politics - he used to be a local councilor. Another neighbour is a guitarist and sometimes we'll swap CDs (yes, some people still do this!). There's a frail old widow who we all keep an eye on and help with gardening and the like. It's nice: there is what I would call an appropriate, common-sense level of interaction - we know each other, we interact where it would be helpful, but none of use gives a fuck if we happen to share different views and nobody pries. What's even better is that we're all pretty different. There are old people, young families, and middle-aged unmarried couples, all with our varying perspectives on life, and that makes it actually interesting to chat to them. Life is more richly textured having them around.

What are the characteristics of this community? First, we're grouped together by accident. Nobody chose his or her neighbours. We're neighbours because we happen to live near each other. Second, we "commune" in the sense that we help one another when it is needed and are available to each other for those purposes. Third, we do not universally "think" anything or much care what each other thinks, certainly not when it comes to politics. And fourth, we didn't come together for a purpose - we are I suppose what Michael Oakeshott would have called a "civil association", meaning that we share a sense of loyalty to each other and to certain (unwritten) rules of conduct - like not spying on each other and not insulting each other and making sure to say "hello" - but have no specific goal or objective other than rubbing along.

One good thing about real communities like this is that we all actually know who each other is and can interact physically. What this means is that if somebody from outside (a local politician or policeman or whatever) did actually want to find out what we "think", we could get together and ask each other and come up with a consensus view. We're not reliant on bogus spokespersons claiming to know what we think and putting words in our mouths.

Another good thing about real communities like this is that you don't get anonymous outsiders coming and going and claiming to be part of "the community" one second before disappearing, or claiming to be part of "the community" and then trashing its social norms. The community is what it is. You can only join it or leave it with difficulty and with an act of serious commitment.

The other good thing about real communities like this is that you can engage in corrective behaviour to a certain extent. Got a noisy neighbour? You can have a chat with the neighbour on the other side, go and see the offender, and ask him to get back in line. If he does, no hard feelings. If he doesn't, he gets shunned until he does. You don't want to idealise this, of course. If a gang of crack dealers moved into a house nearby and started running all-night parties, an external force like the police would have to get involved. Similarly, one spouse might be physically abusing the other behind closed doors, unbeknownst to the rest of us. But to a significant extent the community is self-managing in a humane and forgiving way; somebody does something to push the tolerance of the rest of the group, and they get politely, gently brought back into compliance with the social norms.

Online "communities" lack most of these features and shouldn't be mistaken for the real thing. In particular, they shouldn't be seen as a substitute for being part of a real-world physical community - the kind of thing that makes your life richer through exposure to people from different age groups, backgrounds and walks of life, and which gives you a sense of having something useful to contribute (even if it's just taking the old widow's dog for a walk).

Even more importantly, they shouldn't be seen as having the consensual characteristics of the relatively small, physical, closed community that exists in a street or village square or whatever. No one person or even group of people can speak for an online community because nobody knows who is in that "community" or what they all think, and there is no way to accurately find out. I can ask my neighbours what they think and represent the diversity of their views to an outsider if required to do so. I cannot do the same for readers of this blog and I most certainly cannot do so for the so-called "community" surrounding the OSR. And if I ever do appear to be trying to do this, you are well within my rights to tell me to go fuck myself, because nobody appointed me to do it.
In community, diversity is a strength. Members of a community are not all like minded. It would be boring if they were! ;)

itch.io Game Jams

So, itch.io has started up its own discussion with the G+ diaspora that's started boards everywhere. And I've used it before, but really only for computer games, though I've dipped my foot into the ttrpg waters there before. I never had the time for a programming game jam, but am thinking of signing up for one.

Anyone have any experience with them? I never realized that there were so many and that they were so frequent!

#TTRPGs #GameDesign
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From the bits I've picked up, the culture at itch seems to be "pay what you can, even if it's free", as opposed to "pay what you want, otherwise it's free". So for small games, that's a pretty good model.

The game jam set up gives you a marketing tag and fellow creators who will get excited about your work and hype it, so it's maybe like communal marketing? However, I don't know what the long tail looks like.
@Andrew Ragland The model is going to change whether folks in your position want it to or not, so what you should be thinking about is how to adapt and grow. I hope that you will be able to do that and succeed, because while I respect you I would never hold back from something like this simply because it might be a threat to your business.
I wouldn't expect you to. The trick here is to not be a buggy whip maker insisting that the business model be protected as people switch from horse-drawn carriages to steam and electric cars (petrol came later), but instead be a saddlemaker who switches to making mail bags for railroad delivery of the post (to use a real-world Victorian example).

@jeffcliff this may sound like a shitpost but it actually happened. this event sparked the creation of the EFF

I remember this, and was thinking at the time, "No one will believe that this actually happened." And guess what, no one believes that this actually happened!

The cast of Avengers: Infinity War recreate the Brady Bunch theme...Marvel style.

YouTube: Avengers: Infinity War Cast Sings "The Marvel Bunch" (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Saving of public Google+ content at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine by the Archive Team has begun

TL;DR: Most public Google+ content should live on at the Internet Archive thanks to a fanatical bunch of volunteers, and you can help.

Rather more at the link 😃

#GooglePlus #GPlusExodus #GPlusRefugees #PlexodusReddit #InternetArchive #WaybackMachine #ArchiveTeam #GoogleMinus

10 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 4/10

Elder Scrolls Arena


The 10 Day Video Game Challenge. Every day, post an image from a video game that has impacted you without a single explanation. #10dayVideoGameChallenge #videogames

Day 4/10

And thus began my love of Elder Scrolls

Image didn't insert right the first time.

Unvaccinated Boy, 6, Spent 57 Days In The Hospital With Tetanus

It was Oregon's first pediatric case in more than 30 years. "It was difficult to take care of him, to watch him suffer," says Judith Guzman-Cottrill, an infectious-disease specialist.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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#AntiVaxers #Medicine
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