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#Sony confirms major #PlayStation5 reveal event will take place on June 4
We'll finally see actual games running on the PS5
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Sony confirms major PlayStation 5 reveal event will take place on June 4

Incredible Game Engine Demo Blurs the Line Between CGI and Reality | PetaPixel

Earlier today, Epic Games released a “first look” at the Unreal Engine 5 video game engine, and the results are mind-blowing. Using a gameplay demo running on a Playstation 5, they showcase an environment that is so close to photorealistic that it’s often hard to tell the difference.
I used to program platform games on old home computers. Things have come on a tad since then.

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Incredible Game Engine Demo Blurs the Line Between CGI and Reality
Guess what I'm going to be playing today.

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#GTA 5 - Mission #79 - The Big Score (Obvious) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]
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#GTA 5 - Mission #75 - The Big Score (Subtle Approach) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]
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I made a #tetris . It doesn't have some stuff tetris games tend to have, but it has some new ideas of my own. For instance clearing a line separates all pieces touching that line into their own block, causing them to fall. After clearing more than 4 lines you get to choose the type of the next 4 pieces. A big version of normal blocks spawn every 50 placed pieces. Activating a POW and landing a piece makes all pieces independent/loose so they fall. Been working on this for 2 weeks. http://tetris.merkoba.com #videogames #games #programming

Crossy Road Arcade and Space Invaders Frenzy

Back from our family Dallas trip! Here are a couple pics from Kid Mania's arcade section. I have fuzzy memories of @John Hattan once posting pictures of these same arcade games - Crossy Road Arcade and Space Invaders Frenzy

Crossy Road Arcade is just like Crossy Road, but a lot bigger and with two player simultaneous option. You can't go in any direction, though, I think. There's just one huge button per player, which goes forward (or diagonally if necessary to get around fixed obstacles). Me and my son Jareth played this. It was fun.

Space Invaders Frenzy is an arcade gun type shooter rather than the classic vertical shooter format. We didn't play it, but you can look up YouTube videos of gameplay to get the idea. Really cool looking.

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Okay, I'll play... it'll be interesting to see who recognizes some of these.

The 10 Day Video Game Challenge. Every day, post an image from a video game that has impacted you without a single explanation. #10dayVideoGameChallenge #videogames

Day 1/10
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