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We have come to the end of the fourth chapter of Strange Aeons, The Whisper Out of Time, and are ready to head off into the next part of the adventure path, What Grows Within. We managed to find what we needed, and rescue some slaves, whilst avoiding various subplots which involved grinding for XP. We got given the XP anyway, for being sensible enough to avoid them.

Personally, if I ever run another Pathfinder adventure path, I think I'd deliberately remove all the XP grinding sections so we can get them finished in a reasonable time.


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What The Elf Said
We continue our Pathfinder game of Strange Aeons, with a short session due to work and other limitations. Fighting gnolls who are intelligently planning the fight, but Pathfinder isn't very forgiving when it's a small number of high level PCs versus a large number of low level enemies, how ever well those enemies plan.


Possible Spoiler: And apparently this part of the adventure was meant to be a bit more... railroaded, with us simply being 'overwhelmed'. Several party members can fly, go invisible, teleport or just walk through walls, so if we were meant to be captured that was going to require a lot of magic.

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Fireballs and Gunpowder
We continue our Strange Aeons game, finally getting to the slaver city of Okeno where we go to find the gnoll slaver Biting Lash and seek information from her. Though the first part goes smoothly, the second could have done with a better welcoming committee.

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Betrayed in Okeno
Continuing our exploration of the Mysterium, we try to rescue some of the library guards who are holed up here. We also have a surprising disagreement when one PC decides to just attack someone who is probably evil but not actually threatening us, and is surprised when the rest of the group don't help her. Apparently half the party aren't entirely murder hobos.

I usually play Chaotic Neutral (not acting randomly, just pro-freedom and neither strongly good nor evil), this time I'm playing Neutral Good, and I'm actively trying to play Costian as not just killing and looting everything.


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Miacknian Mun
What is possibly the penultimate session of our Pathfinder adventure path Serpent's Skull. It's taken 6½ years to get to this point, which probably makes it one of the longest campaigns I've been in.

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Serpent’s Skull – Part 74
Review: The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set from Paizo Inc.

A look at the latest entry point for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, featuring clarified rules, improved card layout, eighteen characters, and a whole adventure path.

This is a very cool cooperative card game that manages to capture some of the feel of a full Pathfinder RPG adventure.


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Card Game Review: The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set from 2019
Possibly our penultimate session of the Serpent's Skull Pathfinder adventure path. We are very much into a combat heavy part of the game, up to about round 50 or so of a 'single' combat encounter as we run through the serpent temple without pause.

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Serpent’s Skull – Part 73
Continuing our Pathfinder game of Serpent's Skull on Roll20, we are in the final temple of the serpent god, and trying to prevent its resurrection. This is another very combat heavy session, which ends with us deciding that we may need to summon an electric eel.

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Serpent’s Skull – Part 72
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