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I wrote a #blog thing. Caution, this one is #biblical.

#Passover, #Patriarchy & #Paganism (and Politics and Pandemics)

On Passover we retell the story of the Israelites fleeing slavery in Egypt to freedom, led by the prophet Moses. Regardless of the historical accuracy of the story, the move from slavery to freedom, literal or metaphorical, is a powerful narrative.

If you know your bible, you’ll remember that there were, in fact, a trio at the helm as the Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years after – two brothers and a sister. Moses’ brother Aaron was the high priest, and his sister Miriam was named a prophet. It’s Miriam I want to focus on.

So what makes Miriam a prophet? There is nothing directly in the written text that ties her to divinity. After the Israelites successfully flee Pharaoh’s army, she leads the women in song and dance. A leader perhaps, but hardly a divine connection.

I draw on the book Seven Mothers by Yochi Brandes (שבע אמהות מאת יוכי ברנדס), which tells the stories of seven biblical heroines as you’ve never heard them before... In Seven Mothers, she uses her detective skills to show us how the patriarchal writing and editing of the Old Testament hides the stories of these women and belittles their roles. ...

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