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Think anyone else can belt it out like this? :)) Edgar's featured, along with Joe Walsh and others, in performance on a soon-to-be-released album by Ringo Starr. Meanwhile, here is Edgar Winter, "killing it" on Tobacco Road.

Tobacco Road - Edgar Winter (Live)

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OK, before my bandwidth disappears for a bit... one last featured song from my Swamp-Driving Music playlist. Been through it a few too many times now, but standing out is the amazing Clapton/Winwood concert (live at MSG).

I'd been thinking of the individual skills/sounds of Clapton (Cream, etc.) and Winwood (Traffic, etc.). But one of the most unique, amazing albums of the classic rock era (like The Wall, Tommy, and Sgt. Pepper) was IMM, Blind Faith. And the two principals just happen to be these guys, playing their parts of their song, live here. Pretty amazing, really (IMHO). Maybe timely too.

Had to Cry Today - "Blind Faith" (Clapton & Winwood Live)

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Pow! Reminder of the Power of Love / to love.
It's such a pity so many parts of the world are (still) consumed with hate. :(
"Floatation is groovy" - Jimi Hendrix

I'm thinking this is the best there ever was of Hendrix, coming off of Woodstock, with his own dream band - at the Fillmore.
New Year's Eve 1970

The whole concert is amazing. If YouTube algorithm gods want to move you through the set - "Message of Love" is next - do it! :))

Power to Love - Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsies - New Year's Eve Concert - Fillmore East

Live Hendrix, many New Year's Eves ago, many wars ago, many hate crimes ago. "Find your self first", he sings, and then the love.

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Joni Mitchell - Tributes at 75

This is Joni Mitchell's Ibanez arch top guitar, George Benson Signature Model - used in 1979 live album Shadows and Light and also on the Refuge World Tour (1983).

Reminded of her recent 75th birthday tributes, as tonight U.S. Public Television is (re)broadcasting a tribute to towering figure of 60's/70's music, her angelic voice coupled with poetic and compositional brilliance. So nice to see her still with us and appearing in a better state than has been seen/reported recently.

The exhibit had drawn some scrutiny about the relatively limited space afforded to the women pioneers of rock. There is some representation here, and certainly Joni Mitchell is one who deserves acclaim. Joan Jet's guitar is here too, Lady Gaga's piano, a few other icons (but not Joplin, or many others who deserve historical recognition). Still, for one traveling exhibit, borrowing from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's collection, and personal collections and estates of the rock legends, well... the exhibit is massive, and rocks!

Photo is mine. ( #playitloud exhibit at the #metmuseum #NYC #Summer2019)

Here is a Variety tribute/review : Joni Mitchell - 75th Birthday Tribute

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Dazed and Confused - Jimmy Page and his "Dragon" Guitar

Winner (guessed whose this was): @tomgrz :))

This is the Telecaster (1959; hand-painted by Jimmy Page, 1967)
Catalog Notes: Ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, two single-coil pickups.

"Jimmy Page received this guitar from Jeff Beck and used it for his 1967 work with the Yardbirds, playing it with a violin bow on experimental live versions of 'Dazed and Confused'. After the Yardbirds disbanded, he used it to record all of Led Zeppelin (1968)"

Here's a classic concert clip where you can see & hear it in use:

Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused (Live - London 1969)

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Rock History Trivia Quiz, Part 1

Anyone want to test your knowledge of 60's-80's rock history, particularly this 'trivia': the instruments used by the biggest names in rock.

Here's an easy one.
# 2 WHOSE GEAR IS THIS? (Guitars, Bow, Shirt)

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