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While we are all staying in our houses, maybe it is time to either catch up...or begin... seeing the inspiration that ended up bringing us all here:


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Some recent #ttrpg #art for a #dnd NPC sourcebook. And me! Hi, Mastodon.

Migrating from an .art account, so I’m kinda starting from scratch. 👋
Undead turning the living from Chgowiz


...it really just needs to be read...

Don't know why I didn't think about it before.

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Oh dear. I just realized there was some table rendering issues in Chapter 4 of the #OSRIC wiki and no one (yet) reported it.


Looks like I know what I will be doing a bit of on the rest of my vacation.

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I will be taking my holiday time to prep my #RPG #dnd (powered by #OSRIC) campaign for sure, but also about to take a dive into the #indieweb rabbit hole!


Wish me luck! May post questions here and maybe on #activitypub
For about the past year or so, I've been posting on-and-off about Hex Flower Game Engines (they are like a random table but with a memory).

So, I decided to bring a lot of what I've learnt together in one place in a .pdf document.

If that is of interest to you, please see:


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For about the past year or so, I've been posting on-and-off about Hex Flower Game Engines (they are like a random table but with a memory).

So, I decided to bring a lot of what I've learnt together in one place in a .pdf document.

If that is of interest to you, please see:


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I have been doing a bunch of thinking about what @Beloch Shrike 's post at "A Place for Games" forum:


I got a chance to really think again on the fediverse platforms out there.

I think I am really wondering about #plume or #zot (the big gun!) as a space needed.


It would need a good collective of people.

Also, I will say whatever software the forum is based on is kinda G+ ish.

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That's a pretty good Lulu coupon.
In the Heart of the Unknown – A Procedural Hex Crawling Engine

‘In the Heart of the Unknown’ contains procedural Encounter, Terrain and Weather Engines for Wilderness Hex Crawling.


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In the Heart of the Unknown – A Procedural Hex Crawling Engine

‘In the Heart of the Unknown’ contains procedural Encounter, Terrain and Weather Engines for Wilderness Hex Crawling.


#rpg #osr #dnd #d&d #hexcrawl #hex
In the Heart of the Unknown – A Procedural Hex Crawling Engine

‘In the Heart of the Unknown’ contains procedural Encounter, Terrain and Weather Engines for Wilderness Hex Crawling.


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Here's a series of articles (six in total) about how rules shape player behavior and gaming experience, why D&D isn't a good game for stories and why so many groups show the same problematic behavioral patterns

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For a while I’ve been interested in the idea of drawing things using 10 lines (or fewer), while still hopefully capturing the essence of the thing …

I rolled some dice, consulted MMI and ‘Axe Beak’ came up. In truth an arch-devil came up first, but I had already decided to skip dinos and devils.

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For a while I’ve been interested in the idea of drawing things using 10 lines (or fewer), while still hopefully capturing the essence of the thing …

I rolled some dice, consulted MMI and ‘Axe Beak’ came up. In truth an arch-devil came up first, but I had already decided to skip dinos and devils.

#rpg #osr #dnd #axebeak #in10lines
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#dnd #rpg #ttprg #gaming #tsr #gygax #arneson #kuntz
Ya know #RPG people, if you enjoy playing #DND you should check out some of my books. Most of them are free!


If you do read any of them, I'd be incredibly grateful if you left a review. They help people find and enjoy my work, which in turn helps me pay rent, which in turn helps me make more books because it's hard to write when you don't have a place to live. =)

(Is this how you #marketing? I do not know. I just want to eat.)
OMG this is now my favorite April Fools prank ever. Eff me if I'm not going to go make a Bard now. I know plenty of DMs who would allow this, lol. #DnD #FreddieMercury #Queen #Bard #AprilFools

Who wants to come up with a magic item description for this? #DnD #Pathfinder #ttrpg
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Visst skulle det vara praktiskt att ha hela universum i din hand? Det är möjligt med denna tyska 1500-talsring som går att fälla ut till en astronomisk sfär! När du är klar med dina planetstudier fäller du bara ihop den igen.

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My FREE/pwyw pocketmod #osr #dnd #rpg zine is up for download! I hope you like it! Please share with others if you think they might dig it!


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The Journal of Kenari Sanura


If the loud noise that rung out over the ship hadn’t already woken me from my nap, the group of teenagers stumbling over each other to get to my door first certainly would have. Just when I was getting to the part where Tain gave me one of those planets he won, too.

“Kenari… come quick!” one of the older girls who ended up on top of the pile announced in a rush.

“By Bast’s left whisker… what’s going on now, Jadana?” I muttered as I wiped the sleep from my eyes and stumbled after them down the hallway towards the stairs to the upper deck.

“It’s the Dwarves!” said one of the excited boys behind me. Adanu… I think that’s his name. “One of them started throwing these things off the side of the ship, and before you know it…”

“They started exploding!” finished another one of the boys.

Raelin, maybe? I’m too tired to remember names this morning. Silly me, thinking I’d finally get to sleep in after finally getting everything straightened out with the Dream Stone. Last time I let Hatuk convince me to join a game of Dragon Ante when his firewater is involved.

“And why did you guys come get me for this?” I moaned as I shielded my eyes from the bright morning sun shining down without pity upon the main deck.

“Well that big man with the swords, he yelled at the Dwarves, and when he asked them what they were doing…” Jadana replied.

“They said they were doing it for you!” Janros finished with a grin as he pointed across the deck at the two Dwarves, one of them bent over the rail laughing with the other slapping his back.

“And why would they want to do that?” I groan as I rub my forehead.

Dassam lands (thankfully quietly) next to me on the deck from the rigging above and smiles as he points towards the group of female elves talking on the upper deck and wraps his other arm around my waist. “It seems that the Emerald Scarab is full of stories about you and your friends, love… and when she talks about you, things tend to explode.”

“Like with those monks!” says Jadana excitedly.

“Or against those pirates!” offers Janros.

“I like when she used those Thunderstones against the slavers the best,” says Raelin with a grin.

“Okay…okay,” I chuckle. “I just hope that for all that noise they’ve come up with something good. I’ll go talk to them and see what’s up.”

Dassam looks to the Mulhorandi teenagers with a raised eyebrow. “And now that you’ve retrieved her, I know some people who are supposed to be helping me repair the sails,” he says with mock sternness.

“Aw Dassam…” they moan.

“No complaints…it takes a working ship to have those adventures, you know.”

I grin lopsidedly and walk over to the two Dwarves who have finally stopped laughing and caught their breath.

“Oh, that one is definitely a keeper, Atsu,” Azibo says as he wipes the soot and tears from his eyes with a hankerchief he pulls from his pocket.

“But what do we call it?” says Atsu.

“How about we call it a day, guys?” I reply. “I love new inventions… really, I do… but do you have to test them so early in the morning?”

“Early?” scoffs Azibo as he whips out a pipe from his apron and lights it. “It’s mid-afternoon at least, missy!”

“Afternoon?” I repeat incredulously. “That’s it, Hatuk… no more of that firewater!” I call up into the rigging to a chorus of laughter from above.

“Yes, afternoon,” says Ef Utan as he comes through the door from below decks and holds it open for some of the older Mulhorandi who have their arms full of food. “Now that you’re finally up, why don’t you help your new friends since they were nice enough to make us lunch.”

The delicious scents of figs and meats tickle my nose as my stomach rumbles. “Ah… real food… magic rings are a blessing, but they can’t beat a well-cooked piece of meat!”


A few hours later plates are emptied and bottles start to get passed around the circle of companions, crew and ex-slaves… but skip over the younger group to many moans of disappointment.

“How about a story, at least?” asks young Adanu as he yawns and lays his head in Syana’s lap.

“Yes, I’d love to hear more about Sapphira,” says Kagiri, a female Tiefling from the group of Mulhorandi slaves we saved. “Did she take out many of these slavers before she passed?”

“Monk Surfing!” shouts Raelin and Janros together.

Lenata coughs and sets down her cup of mead as she clears her throat. “What was that?”

“Monk surfing!” cheers Raelin. “That’s when you were all chasing those monks on the rooftops when Vedis fell and Kenari took out that monk by grabbing his…”

“What exactly have you been filling their heads with, Kenari?” Lenata asks as she looks at me doubtfully.

“Wasn’t me, honestly,” I laugh as I lean back in Dassam’s arms. “I kind of want to hear this one, though… it’s one of my favorites too!”

“Afraid it’s my fault,” says Irisi, a bronze-skinned female elf with long dark hair. “My friends and I had been talking to the Emerald Scarab for the past few days, and she shared many a story with me about your adventures.”

“But… how are there so many stories about us?” Vedis asks in wonder as she sips her drink.

The Emerald Scarab leans forward and shows her Seeker pin to the group. “Word tends to get around when members of our group do amazing things,” she replies with a grin.

“Oh you’ve got no idea how right you are about that one,” I chuckle to myself.

“So does that mean we can have a story, now?” begs Reilin.

“As much as I would love to hear more about what Kenari did to irritate the Shu,” Lenata says with a roll of her eyes, “I think what we really need to talk about is the future, instead of the past.” She looks around at her companions and the group of freed slaves. “Now that we’ve stopped the 10th Pit plots with the Dream Stone and freed you from your imprisonment… what are your plans?” She gestures to the Emerald Scarab. “We are currently on our way to the asteroid city of Bral in order to reunite her with the Seekers, if any of you wish to depart there.”

A low murmur fills the air as people shrug their shoulders and begin to talk amongst themselves. Irisi and the two elves on either side of her lean in close to whisper to each other before nodding in agreement.

“If we may ask… what are your plans, Kenari?”

“Me?” I say in surprise, as I wasn’t expecting to be asked so soon. I sit up and look over my shoulder at Dassam, who nods in approval. “Well… I was thinking of returning back to Mulhorand, actually.”

“I thought you hated that place?” Vedis asks as she leans back and rests on her elbows.

I tug on my ear and laugh. “Not so much the place as the people… which is exactly why I want to go back.” I clear my throat and do my best to put on my serious face. “After what I saw the 10th Pit do to so many innocent people… to all of you,” I gesture to our new friends, “and to our lost friend Sapphira, I’ve decided that I want to continue aiding the anti-slavery movement. I mean really… who needs that kind of help more than the people of Mulhorand, right? Besides… I need to see if the Temple of Bast is still there, because I’ve got a doozy of a story to tell.”

Lenata smiles. “I am pleased to hear you’ve taken up such a good cause, Kenari.”

“Now don’t think that this means you can leave me out of it if you guys come up with our next grand adventure now,” I joke with a wag of my finger.

“Someone’s got to go first to check for traps,” Ef Utan replies.

“Well good… as long as I know I’m still needed,” I chuckle.

“I too would like to fight the slavers,” says Kagiri, the female Tiefling. I had seen her in the battle around the pyramid… she fought with determination and not without a sense of joy from what I could tell. Something tells me she didn’t have the best of times with her captors.

“You’re going to need new weapons in that fight now, so you better be taking us along!” pipes up Azibo to the agreement of his brother. “Besides, we just got the first prototype of the Boomer Bomb to work!”

Irisi laughs. “You will need a storyteller to chronicle your adventures, will you not? I have longed to be able to tell the stories of true heroes again.”

Ef Utan snorts. “That’s all she needs,” he mutters.

“We want to come too!” announces the group of younger Mulhorandi.

“I don’t know about that, guys… this isn’t exactly going to be the safest thing for kids, you know..” I begin.

“Compared to being a slave for a bunch of foul demon worshippers who could send you to your death inside the pyramid at any moment, you mean?” replies Marosia, one of the older teenagers who has taken on a bit of a den mother role to the others.

“Well… when you put it that way…”

“Besides, we could help! You will need eyes and ears in town who can run messages, right?” continues Janros.

“Okay… okay… you guys have a point!” I reply as I raise my hands in surrender to their cheers.

“Mmm… temple ladies…” mutters Caelin, a male Tiefling. “I wouldn’t mind coming either,” he says with a wink as Dassam growls low behind me. I reach back and give his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Okay… what about the rest of you? Is there anyone who doesn’t want to come with me?” I ask, my brain running through ideas of what we could do with so many people willing to help.

One of the older humans named Ellatar stands up after talking to the remaining ex-slaves. “While not all of us are interested in battle, we too would like to aid the temple and give thanks to the Goddess for sending you to help us, Kenari.”

“She didn’t send me anywhere,” I scoff. “I just got tired of waiting.”

Lenata smiles as she gets up to return to the helm and pats my shoulder. “Mysterious ways, Kenari… mysterious ways.”

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THE FINAL CHAPTER! Thanks all who've been reading... I hope you enjoyed it!


The Journal of Kenari Sanura
Chapter 67: Dreams End

“Ok… so what about the Dream Stone?” Vedis asks a few days later as we finally start our journey back to Braal. “I think we should take it to the realm of Dreams… I mean, that’s what it’s made from, right?”

“Sounds like a good as an idea as any,” I reply. “Besides, I don’t want to take my chances getting stuck in the flow and having that thing blow up. I’ll go get the special sails!”

I head down below decks as Hatuk and his crew start removing the current sails, and Ef Utan hails the bridge over the pipes and lets Lenata know of her next destination.

Thankfully with our now experienced crew the change doesn’t take very long… and with the proper recitation of a few special words, we find ourselves in the swirling mists of the realm of Dreams.

“Woaaah…. that’s some good stuff!” Melchior mutters from his reclining seat on a pile of ropes on deck.

“I told you we’d show you some great things,” I chuckle.

“Alright then… let’s get this over with,” Ef Utan mutters as he walks to the edge of the deck and hurls the small crystal pyramid into the mists… where it rapidly expands until with a small POP it disappears.

The sound of clapping rings out behind us as we all turn to find the hazy image of Tain, that over-the-top Reigar with a love of inter-dimensional closets, and a mysterious woman with a large floppy hat and a feather in it. I’m about to ask who she is when I hear Vedis gasp and whisper behind me.

“The Queen of Thistles!”

Ah… this is the woman in Vedis’ vision that holds those gladiatorial games in the realm of Dreams!

“That’s my team!” Tain says in glee as he elbows the woman in the side. “You owe me three planets, now!”

That… that bastard! This was all for a BET?!?

Before I can let loose my anger, however, the hazy image of the two fades into nothing yet again.

“Well that’s just bloody fantastic,” I growl as I slap my hands to my sides and walk off. “I’m going to be below decks. If anybody needs me, they can wait till the noises stop coming from my room.”


A few days later Dassam and I finally decide to take a breather from showing just how much we missed each other, and I walk up on deck to find the familiar swirling skies of the Ethereal Plane. “What’s up?” I ask Vedis as I join her on the bow of the ship with Melchior smoking his pipe nearby.

“We’re heading back to the Sapphire Mage in hopes that he can properly dispose of the Witchlight Marauder Key,” she explains. “Considering his access to the demiplane of Time, he should be able to make sure that nobody can get their hands on it.”

“Sounds good to me… nobody should have access to that kind of destructive power, no matter what they say they’re going to do with it.” I clap Melchior on the shoulder and smile. “Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and Murlynd will stop by again!”

His eyes bulge and he rears forward in a series of coughs, nearly causing him to drop his pipe. “Easy Mel… don’t forget to breathe,” I chuckle as I sit down with him to share the pipe. “So tell me… what happened to you back with the zombies, anyway?”

“Craziest thing,” he manages to say finally. “You know how theater stages usually have an underneath for all the prop people and such?” I nod and exhale slowly, the swirls of smoke joining the other patterns in the ethereal. “I got grabbed by one of those zombies and pulled underground to find that the whole blasted realm was just one big stage! It was like a whole bunch of extras waiting for their turn in the spotlight down there. Thank Murlynd I was able to make my way through that mess and get back above again to rejoin you all.”

“You have my sympathies and my apologies that we weren’t able to find you, Melchior,” I reply as I hand him the pipe. “Have I ever told you about the time when I got separated from the group? Floating alone in the flow isn’t fun, I can tell you…”


What I can only assume is a few days later (hard to tell in the Ethereal) we return once again to the tower of the Sapphire Mage, who is more then willing to send the key back to the beginning of time itself. When Melchior asks about Murlynd, however, he shakes his head sadly. “I’m sorry, noble one… but Murlynd doesn’t usually tell me ahead of time when he’s going to walk through my doors; he just shows up when he needs me.”

“Gods… never around when you need them, are they?” I chuckle as I wrap my arm around Melchior’s shoulders and do my best to console him. “If it makes you feel any better, I’m still willing to listen to what you have to do to get one of those shiny star badges…”

“Well, what now?” Vedis asks as we return to the ship.

“I don’t know about you all… but I’ve got a certain Reigar in mind that needs to answer a few questions,” Ef Utan says grimly.

“Refuge it is, then…” Lenata says with a nod as she takes her familiar seat at the helm and we’re travelling once again… but this time staying in the Ethereal Plane in order to make the trip go (hopefully) quicker.


Luckily for the Reigar, we found him at one of the fancier bars around town instead of having to go to his place… and after a few drinks (on his tab of course) I’ve calmed my anger down a bit. “Look, all I’m saying is… if you’re going to make a bet on my life, you could at least cut me in on a percentage next time!”

The Reigar chuckles. “Duly noted… duly noted. I can’t thank you all enough for coming through like that… I needed that planet for my new party house!”

Ef Utan rolls his eyes and Vedis stomps his foot under the table. “So.. who exactly was that other Reigar we saw?”

“Ah… that was Rakshen… more the fool him, thinking he could win a bet against me. Where is your lovely angelic companion by the way.. the one with the white hair?”

“She went to speak with the EIN and let them know that the key was ‘lost’ to everyone involved,” answers Vedis. “I think she’s also asking about the engineer they loaned us… she fit so well with the crew, it would be a shame to lose her.”

“I think she’s looking for you-know-who,” I joke.

“Well we all can’t be as fortunate as you to have our loved ones on board,” Vedis replies with a snort. Dassam squeezes my hand under the table as I try to hide my blush by taking a long gulp of beer.

Once we’ve had our fill of drinks and finally unwound, we head back to the docks to find Violetta talking with Lenata by the gangplank.

“Thank you again for all of your help,” she says as she shakes each of our hands. When she comes to me she pulls the deck of Harrowing cards from her pouch and puts them in my hand with a grin and a wink. “Be careful with these, now.”

“Why don’t you come with us on our travels?” offers Lenata. “Your skills would be incredibly useful, and we’d love to hear your stories.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I’ve got my own family of freaks I need to watch over,” she jokes as she waves a hand over her shoulder and walks away. “Besides… you’ve got your own stories to write!”

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If you've been reading Kenari's story you probably know the answer to most of these, lol... but I'll put it up in case anyone is interested. :) #dnd #mycharacter #myoc #dungeonsanddragons #rpg
The Journal of Kenari Sanura
Chapter 66: Slavery is Revolting!

With a whoop and a holler I land on the side of the pyramid near the top and begin a controlled slide. Ef Utan begins to slide down the pyramid not far from me and launches one of his TK punches into one of the overseers at the bottom. I take that as my cue and begin to yell…

“People of Mulhorand, your freedom is at hand! Rise up and take back your power from your oppressors!”

There’s a second of shocked silence and then the crowd of slaves below goes wild as they use shovels, picks and whatever else they can get their hands on to break their chains and join in the fight. I hit the ground running once we reach the bottom and weave my way through the crowds looking for that elf I talked to before… what was she called… The Mithral Scarab. If I can find her, she can help be organize the resistance and rescue of the people once we’re done with these slavers once and for all.

Ef Utan reaches the bottom and barrels through groups of slavers as golems and their 10th Pit riders are pulled down like the statues of deposed leaders. “What in the hells are Doomguard and Fated doing here?” I hear him yell in confusion before he begins to question their ancestry in Lower Planar Tongue.

I run past the offending bodyguard and dodge out of the way as Violetta focuses a blast of psionic energy into the crowd of slavers and golems before she collapses once again. We need some more help here… I know… we need a stampede! I turn quickly back towards the pyramid, grab Ef Utan, and slide down the edge of the hole to where the remaining large beetles that the slavers were using to dig are huddling from the noise and confusion. “We just need to give them some good incentive to run that way,” I suggest.

“Leave that to me,” Ef Utan says with a grin as he holds up a hand crackling with electricity. The large beetles squeal and chatter as he slaps each one of them on their hind quarters and charge up out of the hole in the sand at full speed in order to escape Ef Utan’s makeshift cattle prod.

I grin wildly and charge up the hill after them with guns ablaze as I shoot at two Doomguards at the top of the stairs, with Melchior following suit and Vedis hurling her mindblades. Lenata finishes the last one off with a barrage of magic missiles as we get to the top to witness the chaos we have created. Overseers are being torn to pieces as dead slaves litter the sand. I whisper a prayer that Bast might guide their souls to the afterlife… for they fought well for their freedom and fought to their last breath against this unforgivable evil.

“Hey, it’s that guy I told you about!” yells Vedis as she points to a well-dressed man walking through the battle totally uneffected by the destruction around him. He stops and lifts his arms in a gesture before a large metal lion appears at his side.

“It’s a Shakti!” gasps Lenata in amazement. I can only assume she meant the lion.

Ef draws his sword and growls before charging towards the stranger. “And he’s got blasted Fated with him too!”

I’m about to run after him with the others when out of the corner of my eye I finally catch sight of the beaded hair of the Mithral Scarab in a struggle against a green-haired woman. She believed in me when none of the others would… I owe her! Making a quick decision I run through the battlefield and leap with claws drawn onto the unsuspecting woman’s back and quickly finish her off as I grab her hair and embed my claws into the back of her neck.

“You have returned! I am glad to see that you are well,” she says with a smile.

“As am I… time became very unpredictable inside that pyramid,” I reply. “If you still have that vial I gave you, gather the survivors and meet us behind the dune I told you about while I look for that sorceress leading these 10th Pit bastards.”

The Mithral Scarab nods and smiles wryly as she pulls an ornate dagger from her belt and tosses it to the ground at my feet. “No need… consider it a gift for all that you have done for us.”

I grin and put the dagger in my sash as I run back to check on my friends. The stranger has disappeared, and the lion, it seems, has returned to its original state of a small metal statue on the ground. I reach down to pick it up, but get stopped by Ef Utan’s hand on my shoulder. “Bad idea,” he warns as he shows me the burn marks on his hand.

Suddenly there is a cheer in the distance. I look to see what the cause could be… and behold a sight for sore eyes as a saber-wielding Hadozee, a well-dressed Shou… and a black-furred Catfolk lead the charge of a group of armed slaves into the battle to clean up what’s left of the 10th Pitt slavers.

Oh Gods… is it? “DASSAM!” I yell as I run towards him and leap into his arms, knocking us both into the sand.

“You’re supposed to take me with you, remember?” he chuckles as he rubs his cheek on my hair and wraps his arms around me.

I swallow the tears that threaten to fall as I smile into his chest and clutch his shirt. “I couldn’t help it… I’m sorry… I didn’t know…”

“Sssh… it’s ok… time to talk to your people, love.” He stands up and helps me from the sand before gesturing to the remaining Mulhorandi slaves gathering around us.

I quickly wipe my eyes before turning to the Mithral Scarab and the rest of the slaves who are beaten…battered… but free.

“It’s time to go home.”


“The Nomad? You all came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought!” Violetta laughs as we get the last of the slaves through the portal and prepare to load them onto our ship. Space ends up being a bit limited… but considering the alternative, I don’t hear anybody complaining.

“So…” Ef Utan begins after everyone gets settled in. “We’ve got a Dvati missing his other half who is going to die a slow painful death if we don’t do something about it. I suggest we put him out of his misery.”

Word and I nod in agreement as Vedis and Lenata gasp in surprise. “I’m not to comfortable with that…” Vedis begins. “How about we take his body and brain to the Temple of Nephtys where I can try to commune with this lands representation of my god? Melchot was a Dreamer, after all…”

“Can’t argue with that I guess,” Ef Utan replies. “Just as long as we do something before he starts to suffer.”

After a few hours we return to the planet in the Shadowsphere with the Mulhorand outpost and Vedis and Lenata take the body of Melchot to the Temple of Nepthys. Prayers are said… offerings are made…and POOF! Melchot’s body and the canister with his brain in it disappear in a cloud of smoke.
Vedis sighs in relief. “There… now we can go.”

On our way back to the ship we pass the Temple of Maat and Ef Utan suggests we go in to make sure that everything is ok between the goddess and ourselves. “Last thing we need is for her cosmic foot to go stomping on us.” The others agree… but personally I can’t wait to get out of here and leave these temples behind.

Everything seems normal inside the temple this time… and when Ef Utan climbs into the scales, this time it balances. “Should we all take turns getting in again?” Vedis asks.

“Knock yourself out if you want to but I’m not doing it,” I scoff. “There aren’t any magical barriers keeping us in here this time, are there?”


“Great, then the gods can keep their opinions about my personal life to themselves!” I roll my eyes and stomp out of the temple back to the ship. “I try to be good… I try and help people… travel across the galaxy to find them…” I mutter to myself.

When we get back to the ship I leap into the scaffolding and make an announcement to the ex-slaves looking at the settlement in wonder. “Those of you who wish to stay here in this city are free to remain. Once we leave with the Dream Stone the sleep should end and life should return to this sphere as it once was. Those of you who wish to stay, however, or go to somewhere else… arrangements can be made.” Cheers go up in the crowd as those who wish to stay start filing down the gangplank. When they are done, 15 slaves remain as well as the Mithral Scarab.

“What about you?” I ask as she walks over and I leap down to the deck. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to go to Braal. Like you, I am a Seeker… and I have much to tell.”

“You and me both, sister,” I smile.

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The Journal of Kenari Sanura
Chapter 63: Finally...The Walking Castle

After the 3rd hour I am shaken by my daydreaming thoughts of furry embraces by the rumble of thunder yet again… but instead of lightning the noise is followed by a crashing shriek of metal on metal as the setting prop sun in the sky stops moving and the rising prop moon crashes into it, causing bits of the sun to crumble and fall to the ground in yellow chunks of wood and metal.

“By Celestian… look at the sky!” Lenata calls out as the sky turns blood red and the moon begins to grow.

I am more concerned, however, with the increasing number of moaning sounds as the ground around us shifts from the sheer number of zombies starting to come out of it.

“This way!” yells Ef Utan as he holds up the collection of tokens pulling towards the east. With a blast of golden light Lenata clears a momentary path through the zombies as her divine light crumbles them to dust around us, and we all run to keep up with Ef Utan as he charges past the thorns and grasping hands of the undead.

With a quick thought I pull “The Eclipse” card from my sash and whisper a prayer to any god that might be listening that it helps. Instead of the usual sparkling lights, however, a single ball of light forms in the clearing ahead and shoots straight into the moon, causing it to begin to crack and crumble. That’s it! “We have to destroy the moon!” I yell to the others before I pull a Potion of Tumbling from my pack and gulp it down in the hopes that it will help me dodge their cold touch of death.

Vedis and Lenata do their best to launch attacks at the moon with missiles of light and fire while the rest of us keep the ever growing zombie swarm away. Suddenly a large chunk of the moon falls and crushes a particularly fast zombie that had its eye on Ef Utan (figuratively, folks). I look up and notice that the moon is not only missing a few pieces… but it’s beginning to spark as fissures spread through what is left.

“Get ready to duck!” I yell out in warning as the moon explodes into fragments and rains down debris. Lenata thankfully manages to dodge out of the way thanks to the auspices of her god I am sure… but Vedis seems to have a rather stubborn zombie holding on to her ankle. I curse profusely in Abyssal as I focus on the Maenad and manage to switch places with her just in time to roll out of the way of a jagged piece of metal that embeds itself into the unlucky zombie (are there lucky zombies?) with a thud.

As the dust of the moon finally settles, I look around with relief to see that everyone seems to be okay… and that the zombies have stilled and returned to their graves. Except… wait a minute…

“Where’s Melchior?”

“Shit! We must have lost him when we ran from the zombies!” Ef Utan replies.

“We have to go back for him!” Lenata pleads. “He could still be alive!”

The ground shakes around us with the echo of a loud WHOMP.

“I have to say it,” says Ef Utan, WHOMP – WHOMP “but I think we’ve got bigger concerns WHOMP right now.”

Trees crash down to the ground east of us as the thumping noise increases and large mechanical legs storm through the brambles bringing the Walking Castle into view for the first time. I pull the self-named card that I had been saving for this occasion from my sash and play it as the sparkling energy falls over us all and disappears. We all then proceed to take cover in the trees, hopefully out of view of the Scro on the turrets above as we let the castle pass and scope it for alternative entrances.

“Did you see who was on that main balcony?” exclaims Vedis. “I swear I saw another Scro wizard and a sparkly guy like Tain the Reigar holding a body by the hair! I’ll bet a week’s tips that was Melchot the Dreamer!”

There’s a whistling in the air interrupting Ef Utan’s reply just seconds before the bombs start to explode around us. I dodge for cover as Vedis gets knocked onto her rear and lashes out with her Energy Push at the castle above. The resulting scream of the gnome falling to his death and the subsequent explosions tell us she must have hit her mark.

“I think that’s our way in!” I declare as I pull my rope and grappling hook from my pack. Lenata hands me her rope as well, and with a few deft knots we’ve got a rope that’s sure to be long enough. Ef Utan mutters a quick spell as he takes the grappling hook, and with a few quick swings for momentum he launches it into the air with a satisfying clang of metal on metal. A quick tug confirms that the rope is secure.

“You’ve still got those vials of gaseous form, right, Ef?” I ask and he nods. “Why don’t you three drink those and get up there safely while I draw their attention on the rope?”

“A bit dangerous, don’t you think?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey, it’s me!” I joke and begin my climb. “See you at the top!”

Bullets zing by me from the multiple Scro snipers in the turrets above, and I keep my toes crossed in hope that I’m not forced to eat my words with a side helping of lead. A cloud of purple mist passes by me and I smile in relief knowing that they’ll make it up there without harm. Eventually I make it up to the slightly splintered balcony, just in time to get a good view of the Scro mage Vedis mentioned waving his arms in incantation and sending a ball of energy our way. I don’t even want to find out what that is! Some of the purple mist follows me as I quickly make my way down a set of stairs from the balcony to take cover and find myself face to face with a locked door.

One of the forms of mist, however, floats down towards the wizard. “That must be Vedis…” I mutter. “I just hope she doesn’t do something stupid… that’s my job!”

I do my best to keep at the task at hand, however, as a potentially dangerous spell is coming our way and we’ve still got a locked door in front of us. Thankfully I work best under pressure, and the door is soon unlocked to reveal a large round room bisected by sets of iron bars to form prison cells. In one of the cells hangs an unconscious red-skinned woman in black leathers from chains on the wall. From the look of the vivisection tools and bloody table nearby, we probably got here just in time.

I quickly make my way in followed by the mist that turns into Lenata & Ef Utan, and close the door behind me in hopes that the spell will activate in contact with it before it contacts us.

“Can you unlock the cell so I can check her wounds?” asks Lenata.

“Stand back just in case,” I warn as I pull out my tools. “Ef?”

“Do what you can to help here… I think I’ve found that brain cylinder over here from the vision!” he calls out as he investigates a large metal cylinder resting on an obsidian altar.

I nod and carefully investigate the lock to her cell. “Woah… check this out!” I say as I step back and point to some of the tiny runes inscribed on the bars. “There’s a dimensional anchor on each of these cells to prevent teleporting abilities from getting you out… but if I fail the lock, something is definitely going to come in and make me pay for it.”

“Can you unlock it?” Lenata asks worriedly.

“Well yeah… I just wanted you to know how hard it was,” I chuckle as I use my picks and with a click the door springs open.

My fur stands on end and I can’t shake the oddest feeling. Wait a second… I know I disarmed that trap correctly, so why does it feel like… “Someone’s coming!”

Energy crackles and forms into a ball of light in one of the other cells as it coalesces into a humanoid form… and with a POP Word of Wisdom, the Psiforged who had gone missing soon after we first arrived in the Harrowing, collapses in the cell.

“Where have you BEEN?” I ask in surprise as I hurry over to unlock his cell and Lenata begins her spells on the unconscious woman.

“She’s been damaged in ways I am not strong enough to repair,” Lenata laments as she lowers the woman to the ground and waves her glowing hands over her body. “While her physical wounds will be healed, her soul has been damaged by these aberrations.”

“Where am I?” asks Word. “The last I recall I was trying to teleport out of the Harrowing when I felt my essence… grabbed… and then found myself here.”

“It looks like the dimensional anchor of this room brought you to the Walking Castle,” I explain as he looks at me with what I can only assume is confusion. “Look at it this way… you’re where you need to be, you’re with us, and you got the short trip.”

“Just in time, too,” says Ef Utan as he stands near the exit down another staircase on the other side of the room. “From the sound of the voices below, I think we’re going to have company.”

“Let’s be sure to give them a proper welcome, then!” I reply as I toss a thunderstone down the stairs. Ef waits for the resulting bang, smiles, and then charges down the stairs with a battle cry, mug and Flametongue in hand.

Vedis suddenly forms out of mist beside me with a pleased look on her face and I almost pop my neck doing a double-take as I swear I heard the words “Kiss me, Big Boy!” from down below.

“Guess what I did!” she exclaims as the Psicrystal leaps from her shoulder to run to her mistress resting on the floor.

“Can’t talk… fighting…” I reply as I leap down the stairs to the oddest sight of a naked and rather voluptuous brunette smiling at Ef Utan and beckoning to him seductively with her slim fingers.

Word uses his teleportation powers to appear down the stairs behind the woman and warns us of the presence of two more men further down the stairs past him. I focus my abilities on the Psiforged and switch places with him to try and get a sneak attack on the woman, but unfortunately for me she’s not just exceedingly beautiful… she’s quick. She turns on her heel and easily dodges my claws before sticking out her bottom lip in a rather sexy pout.

“Now why would you want to attack little old me? Don’t you want to attack them instead? It would make me ever so happy… and you know you want to make me happy.”

She reaches up to caress my cheek and I shiver in anticipation and what else she might do… because Gods help me, I find she’s right… I would do anything to make her happy.

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The Journal of Kenari Sanura
Chapter 59: The show must go on...

After a few hours of travel the brambles begin to lessen and finally open up into another clearing with a structure in the distance. As we get closer it has the look of an old wooden theater.

“A theater? Here? There’s just something odd about that,” I mutter.

“Like anything is normal around here,” Melchior replies as he walks past.

“I’m just saying,” I continue as I follow the others. “You’ve got all of these characters created by this bard to act out her story, and what does she make them do? Act out another story within the story. It just seems kind of cruel to me, is all… like making a cow eat a steak or something.”

Ef Utan snorts and shakes his head. "Lets stay focused, people… there’s not telling what’s going on in there after the last house we checked out. "

We eventually stop outside the front of the theater and scope out the three main doors, but can’t find any back doors to speak of. There are some windows up above, however. I gesture towards one with a thumb over my shoulder. “Shall I?”

“By all means, let us know what you see!”

I grin and strap on my gauntlets for a little extra help as I use the eaves and some of the old boards sticking out as footholds. Once I’ve got myself propped on the ledge above I take one of the few clean sections left of my sash and wipe away the dust and dirt to see what I can see. My eyes widen and my ears twitch in surprise before I jump down to the ground to inform the others.

“Well, other than the typical rundown theater with a stage and dusty seats, there’s a whole pile of Storykin bodies on one corner of the stage while this dark haired guy in a red jacket and a puppet on strings talk to each other.”

“He’s a ventriloquist?” Ef Utan asks in curiosity. I look at him blankly as he sighs. “Is he using his hands to make the puppet talk?”

“No, that’s the freaky thing, " I continue. “The he’s holding the strings of the puppet, but it is definitely talking back to him in a different voice.” I shudder and rub my arms. Demon dolls… what a nasty thought!

“The cook mentioned a Sanguine Playhouse run by a Ballomar,” Ef Utan remembers. “I’m guessing the guy in the red jacket is probably him, so let’s go have a talk!”

I sheath my gauntlets and brush the dust off my hands. Ef suddenly stops as if he remembered something and turns to me with a scroll in his hand. “Before I forget… I figure this might come in handy for you if you ever need a magical enhancement for your weapons.”

“Much appreciated! I’m sure I will put it to good use,” I chuckle as I roll it up and put it in one of the side pockets of my pack.

Once we’re ready to go it only takes a quick check of the doors to discover that they not only aren’t trapped… but they aren’t locked, either. “He must be expecting an audience,” I joke.

“Theater people never could take a critic,” Vedis replies with a smirk. “I can only imagine how he’ll react to us.”

Ef Utan opens the main doors and strides into the lobby with the rest of us following behind. The faded remnants of what must have used to have been beautiful murals decorate the ceilings. Upon closer look and the size of that satyr’s…. well… this must have been a bawdy playhouse once, that’s all I’m saying. I’m trying my best not to look at what’s left of a rather questionable well-endowed centaur when a movement catches my eye upon one of the cornices. Eeew… is that a bug? Did they really bother to make bugs of this story?

Suddenly the bug leaps down from the cornice onto an old wooden table and speaks. “My name is Grig! Nice to meet you! Pardon me… but have you seen my fiddle?”

“No, can’t say that we have, little one,” Lenata answers with a smile.

Wait a minute… do I hear music? What’s that tapping noise? I quickly turn around to look for the offending sounds and discover that Melchiors foot is tapping. Strangely enough, it looks like he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

The sound of music grows stronger when suddenly a very small violin appears bobbing to and fro in the air from the next room. There’s that tapping again… but it’s getting louder! I look back at Melchior and see that he’s not just tapping his feet… he’s starting to dance an awkward jig. In fact… it looks like the others are starting to do it too.

“What in the 9 Hells are you doing to my friends?” I snarl at Grig as my head begins to pound.

“Not an appreciator of fine music, I see,” the cricket frowns as it backs away.

With a hiss I make a grab for the blasted thing and just manage to snag it with a claw under one of the strings. Quickly I turn to the cricket in order to get him to make it stop… only to find that it has made its way to the swaying Lenata and is working on loosening the clasp of the Heart token around her neck.

Thinking fast, I grasp the struggling violin tightly in my hand and swing my pack onto the ground so that I can stuff it inside one of the inter-dimensional pockets. Play all you like in there… no one can hear you anymore. Crud… I just hope I didn’t put anything important in that pocket.

With the fiddle out of hearing, the dancing curse soon fades and Lenata grasps at her neck. “We’ve got to get that back! Come on, Vedis!” The cleric and the Maenad then take off up the stairs to the balcony after the offending cricket.

I’m about to take off after them when a voice stops me in my tracks.

“Ah… our lead actors have finally arrived!”

A shiver of dread rolls down my spine at the words, and I quickly pull three cards from my sash: The Theater, The Cricket, and The Twins. Swirls of energy fall over me, Ef Utan and the puppet on the stage. I can only hope a similar effect is helping Vedis and Lenata with getting their token back from Grig.

Ef Utan’s response to the puppeteer’s declaration is much less subtle in its reply as we struts purposely down the isles and promptly conjurs a TK fist that slams the puppeteer into the pile of storykin corpses. I shake off my dread and quickly follow suit with a well-aimed explosive round into the side of the puppet. Ef Utan can handle the other guy… I hate magical dolls! Seriously… they’re too dang creepy! Chunks of wood splinter off of it as its small wooden arms start waving about in what I swear is something I’ve seen Ef Utan do before.

Waitaminute… is it trying to cast a spell?

Before I can try and stop it, however, a squeal comes from above us as that flying monkey of Vedis’ glides down and grabs the offending cricket out of the air between its teeth. Apparently Vedis had the same plan (or I’m finally rubbing off on her) as she takes a running leap off the balcony and slams into the puppet master, the stage and whatever might have been underneath it as arms, legs and wood planks go flying. Arms and legs flail about as she tries to extricate her leg from the new hole in the stage she made without letting the puppet or its master loose.

No sense in wasting a good opportunity… “CAT PILE!” I yell as I thrust my hands into my gauntlets and bound down the isles in a leap that lands me directly on top of Vedis.

“Pardon me, just passing through,” I chuckle as I reach over her right shoulder and cut off the puppet’s arm. “Let’s see you cast now, you little bastard!”

I feel the thump of a small body as it lands on my back and squeals in delight at its masters playtime. “Let me go you storykin reject!” wails an angry little voice. Good lizard monkey thing… extra Tanglefoot bags for you if we ever get back to the ship!

“Quick, Balomar… take the token!” Grig yells just before Ef Utan’s boot crunches down on the puppets head and he grabs the token out of the air.

“I don’t think so.”

“Okay, that’s it… time to end this!” Vedis exclaims in frustration before a pulse of energy radiates out from her and everyone but us falls asleep.

Suddenly there is a blast of thunder and everything goes dark in the theater. Little pinpricks of light like stars shine down from above as it begins to rain upon the stones that we’re now standing on.

“Vedis…” I whisper nervously as I look around at our new surroundings. “What did you do ?”

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The Journal of Kenari Sanura
Chapter 58: Absolutely, positively... no more pets!

The last remnants of the hags death throes eventually fade, except for the blasted rain that’s soaking me to the bone and making my fur feel like a wet blanket. Combine that with the ill effects I’m still suffering from that fraking mist, and I feel like I want to crawl into a ball and die just to stop the coughing and pounding in my head.

Thankfully Ef Utan seems to be on top of things, as he quickly and efficiently guts the remains of the hag to get the amulet that represented her tongue back and pulls the Black Nib out of her scraggly hair.

“Hang on, Kenari… we’ll get you feeling better in a moment,” Lenata kindly whispers as she bends over me with her glowing hands. After a few moments it feels like the illness seeps out of me into the ground, and suddenly I am feeling much better. I sit up to thank her and end up grabbing my temples in pain. Oww… still have the remnants of a headache, though.

Lenata smiles in sympathy and pulls a small flask from her belt. “Here, drink this hangover remedy we picked up back on Sigil… it should take care of that headache.”

“May your god bless you, Lenata… you’re a life saver more than a dozen times over!” I mutter gratefully as I take the flask and down it in one gulp. Yes…. thank Bast and Celestian, I think that will do it.

Lenata moves over to help Melchior as I regain my feet and go to see what Ef Utan has found while searching the corpse. I peek over his shoulder and can’t help but notice that he’s found another one of those silver scroll cases like the one we found in the Wax Works.

“Ooo… can I see? Bet I can open it! Hey, did you get that pen, too? I found some parchment on the desk… can I see if I can write something magical? Pretty please?”

Ef Utan rolls his eyes as he’s used to my game by now… but thankfully he hands the items over anyway. I tuck the Black Nib behind my ear and focus on finding the notes inscribed on the scroll case so that I may sing it open like the other.

After a few moments I find it and the scroll tube pops open to reveal not a scroll of summoning or planar creation, but a song. Well damn.

“What is it?” Vedis asks eagerly.

“Looks like one of those bard epics about Lord Mayor Zagyg of Grehawk,” I say with undisguised disappointment as I bend over the scroll to keep it out of the rain. “There’s a few interesting bits about a ‘god trap’ of some kind, but other than that it doesn’t seem that special to me.”

“Well dang it,” Vedis mutters.

“It’s not every day you can find a scroll to create your own Demiplane,” Ef Utan admonishes. “Now come on, I’m getting sick and tired of getting rained on.”

Now that Lenata has managed to remove the spell taking away Melchiors sight, we’re thankfully able to gather everyone together and head back through the columns to where we last saw the Unicorn. Neither it or the goblin are here anymore… so I’m guessing that they were scared off by the thunder and lightning and sounds of battle.

The rain, thank Bast, has decided to stay in the clearing with the columns, so Vedis and Melchior take the time to start a much needed fire so that we may camp and dry ourselves out. As she’s picking up branches she notices a half-eaten pear lying in the ground and picks it up.

“Well that’s odd…” she mutters.

“What is?” Lenata asks curiously.

“You remember those pears the unicorn and goblin were fighting over?” Lenata nods. “Well this one says ‘Fear Not’ on it in tiny lettering. Do you suppose it was magical?”

“Entirely possible,” Lenata replies as she lays out her bedroll by the fire. “The clerics of our temple have been known to make restoratives in the forms of food… it helps them go down quicker.”

The night passes uneventfully for the most part… until my turn at watch, of course. I’m sitting atop one of the ruins and cleaning my gun when suddenly I hear the noises of stomping feet and breaking plants as something comes towards us out of the brambles.

I quickly slip a bullet into the chamber and cock the trigger as Brambelson comes charging out of the brambles and screaming in a blind panic. With a step of his large hind legs he’s leaping over our campsite and into the darkness.

“I wonder what’s got him in such a fright?” I mutter as I uncock my gun and holster it. I jump down and wake the others, as it’s almost daylight anyway.

“What was all that noise about?” Melchior mutters as he grabs for his hat to block the light of the wooden sun ratcheting into place in the sky.

“Something has the rabbit scared out of his mind,” I inform them. “It might be a good idea to pack up camp while I check it out.”

“I think she’s just trying to get out of packing her bedroll,” Vedis mutters.

You know… never thought about that. I’ll have to remember that for next time!

I carefully make my way through the brambles until I notice something red in the distance. What is that… a piece of fabric, maybe? I make my way closer and scan the clearing. It doesn’t look like there’s anyone left here, whatever it was that scared Brambelson. I crawl over to the fabric and see that it is indeed a piece of scarlet and black fabric, torn and hanging from one of the brambles. I gingerly separate it from the thorns and pocket it in my sash, along with an interesting beaded mask laying on the ground. It’s got beads and feathers on it like it’s from a festival… but it doesn’t appear to be magical. Ah well… perhaps I can use it in one of my performances!

Not seeing any remnants of danger, I make my way back to the others and inform them of what I found. Soon after we return and Melchior scans the edges of the clearing in hopes of finding some kind of tracks belonging to whomever left that fabric.

“Dang it… there’s tracks all right, but they’re all like several weeks old!” he exclaims in frustration as he hits his thigh with his hat. “Do you suppose time goes differently in the brambles than in other places?”

“Hey guys, there’s something I need to tell you,” Vedis says with chagrin. Ef Utan turns to look at her with a raised eyebrow and gestures for her to get on with it. “Well…you see… when that hag died, I had a vision of sorts.”

“Of sorts? Do tell,” I chuckle.

“I heard the hag mutter in my mind something about the ‘Red Skinned One’ and how she was the only one powerful enough to rewrite the story. That, and I saw an image of her… she has dark red skin, glowing eyes, and these curved horns by her temples.”

“Sounds like a Tiefling bard to me,” Ef Utan mutters. “Well, she’s obviously not here , so lets follow those tracks and see if they lead us anywhere interesting.”

Melchior takes the lead this time, as I’m still trying to pick up on all the things he mumbles about when he tracks, from what it means when moss is one one side or the other to which direction a twig is broken in. We make our way through the brambles for a bit, until he raises his hand up to halt us and bends down to peer at the grass.

“What did you find? Something interesting?” I ask as I look over his shoulder.

“Sssh…” he admonishes as he holds up a finger to his lips. “There’s what looks like a diamond over there in the grass,” he points ahead of him and I can just see a sparkle through the foliage, “but I think it’s moving.”

Sure enough it seems to have heard us, as it’s now moving at an odd gait out of the grass towards us.

“What is that,” Lenata mutters as she peers at it. “Are those legs made out of ectoplasm?”

“It’s a Psicrystal!” Vedis explains in joy as she kneels down and beckons to it. “Come here, little guy… where’s your master?” The psicrystal then skitters through the grass towards Vedis’ and jumps into her outstretched hand.

Vedis closes her eyes and concentrates for a moment. Perhaps she’s speaking to it with her mind? Hard to tell with psions.

“It says its name is Jane, and it wants to find its master,” she replies as the psicrystal crawls out of her hand and up into her hair to look like a piece of jewelry.

“Hmmn… if it is sentient, perhaps I could try something. I promise I won’t hurt you, Jane,” Lenata reassures the psicrystal before closing her eyes and muttering a prayer to her god. “From what you told us of your vision, Vedis, I think Jane’s master is the same Tiefling bard that we need to find. I could see a clear image of her in its mind, and it fits your description exactly.”

“Well that just made things a bit easier,” says Ef Utan. He then turns around and continues the trek through the brambles… but I swear I could hear him mutter something about ‘blasted pets.’

The sound of thunder in the distance puts speed in our step as we make our way through the brambles yet again, hoping it will lead us to our next location… and the next token.

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I keep forgetting to post this monster so HERE just take it.

My #DnD group started to add little homages to Zelda characters, so here's my contribution, Wulf the shifter druid who is certainly not Twilight Princess Link. He used to herd sheep, he worked in the Feywild for a while as a servant of the Gloaming Court, and he bit a dog once.
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