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# Idun #

Til Alice - 1948-2020

53.3 × 13.8 x 58.1 mm - 4.8 MB STL.

I have been working on this piece for quite some time. It has undergone many changes both in size and function and has now finally settled in this shape as a pendant which can also be used as a brooch. I have modelled it in Blender using the sculpt tools which for every new version becomes better and better. As I have some of the finest Danish goldsmiths in my close family I plan to have it made in silver in the dimension seen above. It will be numbered, but with no upper limit of the edition, and I plan to sell it on my webpage. The piece is supplied as a stl-mesh and can be imported into Blender (and other 3d-suites) if anyone wants to use it as it is or for spare parts in modelling.

The motive should be obvious to anyone with a bit of knowledge of ancient Nordic mythology - Idun (or Iðunn) the keeper of the sacred apples that keep the Æsir Gods young.

Tomorrow it is one year since the death of a person dear to me. This piece is for her - for Alice.

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STL file


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