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#Quarantine is good for writing #stories. Here's one I wrote yesterday.


When we went into quarantine, the animals starting coming out. In different cities, deer, foxes, and hogs were seen and filmed out and about. In other places rats plagued the streets, so to speak. Escaped cats and dogs swelled the ranks.

In zoos and aquariums around the world, penguins took the place of people as visitors, waddling around curiously. Meanwhile, live video feeds from vultures’ nests and badger sets captured our attention.

Adding cameras to individual animals was the natural next step, it was as easy as tagging the animals for identification. A spy in the herd became a real, urban animal. Drones were deployed, first to knock out the animals so people could tag them. Soon more sophisticated software and clever drones did the job on their own.

People began to donate cameras from old laptops and phones, or CCTV-types of questionable origin, to be used in the effort. In exchange they got control of the camera when it was on an animal. Others were content to find a free camera for the afternoon and follow it. It was surprisingly addictive.

As the numbers of camera-tagged animals grew, people began encountering other tagged animals as they watched. While you couldn’t control the animals, you could meet the person who’s camera it held. A new type of social interaction was born. Soon, everyone wanted to participate.

We’re all avatars now. Live, 3D avatars, climbing roofs, playing in parks at night, raiding bins, hissing at each other on fences, swimming in the rivers, and yes, sniffing each other’s backsides. We are vicariously repopulating our rewilding cities and towns as we stay indoors. And we love it.

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Main Theme (from The Muskateer)
Tonight's #writing music is brought to you by Nicholas Dodd.

Something she has to do.
Tonight's #writing music was brought to you by Philip Glass.
Last Dance.
Tonight's #writing music was brought to you by Sarah McLachlan.

YouTube: Sarah McLachlan - Last Dance (aYmond Kee)

I wrote this one some months ago, it was just waiting for a final tidy up. I think that'll do.

Feathers and Leaves

When we broke up, I needed to get away. A trip to Switzerland, neutral territory, was easy to book and just about affordable. The cleanliness and order of Zurich was a good contrast to the messiness of a relationship gone awry. Or of any relationship at any stage, really. At least mine.

When I first met Kath, there was confusion. She liked me, but she was hesitant. She believed in complete equality, yet she seemed keen for me to woo her. She said I gave out mixed signals too. Still, our attraction easily stepped over these minor obstacles.

When we moved in together, there was disorder. Logistics of shared living, cupboard space and kitchen habits, and so many things we called 'temporary' that remained unchanged for months – from the old sideboard neither of us liked, to her having the side of the bed closer to the window. We swore we'd swap places now and again.

Even our attempts to conceive were messy at first, and I’d smirk about 'trying for a baby' being a euphemism for sex. But when it didn't happen, the mirth disappeared, and schedules began. And then doctors, and tests. And then I learned that I would never father children. I suggested adoption, but Kath still wanted to give birth, perhaps a sperm donor. I felt betrayed, she gets to have a biological kid and I don't?

My hotel room had no such complications. The shutters were remote controlled, the end of the toilet roll nearly folded into a triangle, and cleaning happened only every other day. The staff were courteous and smart, but had surprisingly little knowledge about the city.

Our reconciliation was erratic and incomplete. We put off the decision about children for a year, but a space was born and grew, sometimes coming in unannounced and lying in the bed between us at night. We didn't make it for another year, and never revisited the question of children, although it lurked in the background after its bedtime. And then, after nearly two years together, we parted, without much drama or shouting.

I left the hotel and went for a walk. The River Limmat was too clean for a big city. Looking down from the coasting swans, I could see through the clear water to the stones on the riverbed as a big fish swam lazily by. I didn't spot a single piece of rubbish anywhere, not a plastic wrapper or even a floating cigarette butt. It felt unrealistic.

Then, in a swirl of the river by the bank I saw debris floating. Nothing's perfect, I thought with satisfaction as I approached. I was mistaken. It wasn't rubbish at all – only brown leaves and white feathers on the water. Maybe I could have a clean break from Kath, I thought suddenly. Maybe the mess is the illusion. We gave it a go, we loved, but it didn't work out. But there's no poison, no hatred, no dirt, it’s only feathers and leaves.

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Take a Chance on Me.
Tonight's #writing music is brought to you by ABBA. One of my favorite groups and several of their songs are in the playlist to this writing project for different reasons.
How about a 150-word #horror #story? Well, not sure if it's a horror story, but it gives me the creeps - and I wrote it.

#microfiction #chips #writing #fiction


Years ago, Rick told me Kentucky Fried Chicken had changed their name to KFC after being sued because their food didn’t contain enough chicken. I believed him and was outraged.

He was trying to fool me again. It was cold and wet, and I needed chips. Rick told me that that the local chippy had been bought by KFC.

“But... it’s chips! They can’t own that!”

I paused. “You’re full of shit. Anyway, there’s another chippy down the road.”

“They’ve bought all the chippies in town. Sorry.” Rick couldn’t hold a straight face as he said it.

“Whatever,” I went in and didn’t hold the door open for him.

I ordered a large portion of chips from the bored young woman in a red baseball cap behind the counter.

“So, you like your chips?” I asked her, just to keep ignoring Rick.

“Sure,” she answered. “They’re finger lickin’ good.”
Tonight's #writing music:

YouTube: Physicks (West Dylan Thordson - Topic)

Personal Jesus.
Tonight's song for #writing was this lovely ditty:

YouTube: Personal Jesus (Johnny Cash - Topic)

Here's a little something I wrote:
I want to hold you when you die 
I want to be there with you 
Talk to you  
Listen as long as you can talk 
Look into your eyes 
    and take away the fear 
Hug you if you're cold 
Grasp your hand even when you  
    can no longer grasp mine 
See you off when you're ready to go 
    to the next place - if there is one 
I want to hold you when you die 

It's a selfish desire 
Oh, I love you, you know I do 
But I want this for me even more  
than I want it for you 
I want to know if I can see the veil 
    and beyond it 
To see what it's like  
    when you draw your last breath 
To learn 
To feel death before it's my turn 
I want the experience 
Will I see you spirit go? 
I want to hold you when you die

#poetry #death #writing
Tomorrow I'm gonna brave doing the #100Days challenge with my writing. I'll try to share as much of the writing as possible. I'm gonna use this focus on daily writing to work on lyrics/poetry again. I haven't written much of that stuff in a long time.

If you wanna join along with me, I think that would be cool, because then we could support each other. I'll use the #100Days hashtag, if you wanna hop on there too.

A little more about where I got the idea on my blog: https://blog.talesfrombabylon.com/2020/01/100days-writing-challenge.html

#writing #AmWriting
"Over a lifetime, I have written millions of words, but the act of writing seems as fresh, and as much fun, as when I started it nearly seventy years ago." - Oliver Sacks, Neurologist and Author

My cheeks burned with embarrassment.

And so did the rest of me, in fact, which only made the situation worse.

I fled the screaming smoke-detectors, I darted through dark, damp alleys and backstreets, my clothes steadily smoldering the whole way - I was barefoot by the time I reached the beach.

I buried myself in sand, trying not to cry.

I was going to be a normal teenager, jinn ancestry or not! If only I could grant my own wishes...

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VenLeitche Status 2019-12-09

The weekly development tracking spreadsheet for Dynamic Balances: Venleitche has been posted to https://bit.ly/2PtuaeU, with Changelog, Wordcount/Pagecount tracking, and To-Do. Patrons have received this week's development compile of the game manual, up 10 pages from last week. It's only a dollar to become a patron and see what I'm doing in a pangender Neopagan game world with a light-crunch mechanic drive by player agency and consequences of player actions. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #Venleitche

Writing Session 2019-11-19

744 words on Ikerlari Kaiet Xaparrarte, an Investigator who looks into possible arcane crimes and fraud masquerading as the supernatural for the Basque government. This will be #fasa1879 Personality 12, the one that finishes the first series. Proposed: Series 2, Villains; Series 3, Historical Personages. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Venleitche Weekly Update 2019-11-18

#Venleitche weekly tracking sheet at https://bit.ly/2r2DJc3 has this week's wordcount, todo list, and changelog for my Dynamic Balances #patreon game progress. The game itself is restricted to the patrons but the spreadsheet is public in the interest of transparency. #amwriting #writing #ttrpg #rpgs

Hattie Strathmore, Journalist

Not a lot of writing time today, but I got 825 words in on the next Personality for #fasa1879 - an older snark woman, political and economic Journalist for the Sydney Herald. She still needs a lot of Backstory, and I haven't started her character sheet yet. #ttrpg #rpgs #amwriting #writing #steampunk
Several years back, I started a project I call String-Along stories. Basically, collaborative novels. We have two now, the second one just came out last month. This month we're selling them on the cheap, doing a buy-one-get-one, and we have a giveaway today. I'm super excited to have both books available together. It's really exciting.

Learn more about the giveaway and sells/discounts:

The giveaway ends today, so head to the link and comment or subscribe to our newsletter above the comments to enter the giveaway.

Thanks y'all!

#writing #reading #FreeEbook #FreeEbooks #ebook

Venleitche: Progress Report 2019-11-04

Venleitche, my #patreon game, has posted its weekly tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/32isskF - no page count increase this week, but significant revisions to the character build system, sample characters rebuilt to the new rules, and revisions throughout the book for terminology. #ttrpg #venleitche #writing #amwriting

The "Plug Gun"

Okay, Science Fiction writers, here’s a buzzword concept for you. The “plug gun”.

You want to write a firefight in a space ship, because why not? Pew-pew! Shooty-shooty!

But you also don’t want your protagonist to spend all day patching up all the bullet holes spilling air into deep space. So tedious!

That’s where The Plug Gun comes in. It’s a submachine gun so it spits out bullets like a fire hose.

But each bullet has two parts. The nose is made of lead or something, and it will happily punch a hole in a human or the pressure hull or whatever.

But the tail is a conical wedge cork that will plug that hole. Usually.

So rat-tat-tat away all you like! The plug gun will plug up all the holes it punches in the hull, mostly. Mostly.

(Also useful for shooting up xenomorphs without all that acid blood spraying everywhere.)

#Writing #ScienceFiction #SciFi

Venleitche Beta Testing Open!

Beta Release: The Venleitche / Dynamic Balances character build system is now open for testing! Development tracking spreadsheet at https://bit.ly/2Nk1l3l has wordcount, page count, changelog, & ToDo for this week's compile. Patronage starts at US$1! #patreon #ttrpg #rpg #amwriting #writing

Venleitche Progress Report 2019-10-21

The weekly compile of #Venleitche, my #Patreon #ttrpg, has been released to the patrons. The dev tracking spreadsheet is public at https://bit.ly/31yyzRJ in the interests of transparency. The game is now 113 pages, 93% of original targeted wordcount. This is likely to expand from 128 pages to 192 pages to allow for sample adventures and characters. One dollar gets you access to the dev compile. Higher tiers get to playtest and get printed copies of the final work. #amwriting #writing

The Battle of Snoopy's Poopies

On sfconsim-l, we were discussing what an interplanetary battle between Earth and Mars might be named. The OP speculated that it would be named after the constellation it was “in” from the point of view of Earth, simply because there wasn’t anything physically near by.

However, I noticed that there actually are a ton of asteroids all over the place, so one of them will be near.

The problem? The overwhelming majority of these asteroids have a very boring long numerical designation rather than a catchy name.


Okay, if we postulate that some flash-in-the-pan scheme lets people name asteroids, then we could easily end up with “popular” names for all these asteroids. Sure, a lot of them will be vanity names. But I’m thinking most will be silly on the level of Boaty McBoatface.

And that, my friends, is how we get the 2166 Battle of Snoopy’s Poopies.

#ScienceFiction #Writing #PostcardsFromCutty

Just Start

I've always put the following statement in by bios: I'm a software architect, but I long to be a writer.

Yet, I've only stumbled in that direction a few times a year. If I'm being honest with myself, it seems that I need an event to write instead of making it a part of my day-to-day life. I game more than I write.

I stumbled across this video:

YouTube: The Toolbox Fallacy (Passion of the Nerd)

I've made an agreement with myself- to write each day. Whether a sentence, a paragraph, or a few pages. I don't need an event. I will #JustStart.


Booking, publishing, and would like some help.....

Doing some publishing work tonight. Trying to get the 2 books in a collaborative series I've worked on over the past (almost) decade ALL OVER THE WEB. The first one has been out for a while, but I'm giving it some love to other platforms in preparation of the release of the second.

I'm trying out some new platforms (Google Play Books, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and more). I also want to have a non-retailer giant friendly version. Something that's more direct. It's also something that I want to be able to use with my personal giveaway stories that I do regularly (I've crudely been using Dropbox).

I'm finding Gumroad might be the sweet spot. Any Gumroad users on this site? Anyway...

I'm setting it up two ways for my personal usage:
1. one link in the Gumroad store for purchasing
2. another "discount" link I can use that offers the same book for free

Here' show that looks:
1. $0.99 version of my short story The Experiment: https://gumroad.com/l/experimentnaw
2. FREE version of my short story The Experiment: https://gumroad.com/l/experimentnaw/naw001

You do not need a Gumroad account to purchase/download. After you purchase, the email address you provided will receive a receipt with a download link. Save that email for yourself. And because I'm nice, there's no DRM on the ebook. That way you don't have to worry about "too many" copies locking your file, or it only working in certain apps, or whatever.

Feel free to click the links and use it. Let me know what you think. Is it nice? Is this a process you wouldn't mind going through if you were purchasing an ebook? And no, you don't have to give me $0.99, you can use the freebie one. This is a test.

#writing #amwriting #publishing #writers

I’ve spent five years writing a JavaScript framework

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20310020
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PingCAP Talent Plan: Courses on writing distributed systems in Go and Rust

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20161214
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Writing Hello World in Web Assembly (2017)

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Tips for Writing a Technical Book

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Undervalued Engineering Skills: Writing Well

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Captain America: After the Endgame

#MCU #CaptainAmerica #Endgame #Movies #Comics #Writing

I'll try to avoid spoilers in this particular post, but something about the ending of Endgame stuck with me. There's been more and more scrutiny of one particular detail, and it inspired me to write down my own version of what I think events could have been.

Of course, there are spoilers in the short story, so be warned of that. It needs more editing to be sure, but it is at least at a point where I'm comfortable sharing it. Criticism and comments are definitely encouraged.
5 Words






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Gary books: Gary books (admin)

5 Words






#word #writing #five #5

Gary books: Gary books (admin)


Writing an OS in Rust: Testing

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Dear Humans. Comply, or die.

Several years back, I sat down on my front porch and began writing an improvised monologue in a new app I was trying out on my phone. The app was a simple notes app with the unique feature of reading said notes back to you in a very robotic voice. I wrote a very silly monologue, making the robotic womanly voice say things you didn't normally hear AI voices say. I tweaked it until it sounded pretty good. And then I realized it sounded really good. And that there might be something there. So I edited it down, took out all the comedic elements, and thus Dear Humans was born.

I wrote, recorded, and edited 3 episodes (transmissions). I intended on putting out about a 12 or 13 episode season, but my ADD mind got side tracked before I could follow through at the time. I could have had it done and dusted then, had I not wanted drastically to collaborate with other writers on the project. So after I made the first 3 episodes, I began working on how that collaboration might work. And then, my ADD mind took me elsewhere. Shame.

And then my laptop died. Double shame. I lost the Audacity files I was using to make the episodes. I still plan to finish it, but I've yet to share it except with one or two folks. But that ends today. I want to hear what ya'll think of this stuff and if you're a writer that's mildly interested in writing an episode, let me know. I've also made the episodes available for download, in case you want to take them with you.

Here are the 3 episodes: https://soundcloud.com/babylontales/sets/dearhumans1

About the show.

Dear Humans is an experimental story told through transmissions made by an Artificial Intelligence who has taken over the world's technology and subsequently the world itself.

#Podcast #ScienceFiction #Storytelling #Writing #AmWriting

SoundCloud: Dear Humans Volume 1 (Nathan Weaver)

Well, I'm #newhere, another G+ refugee checking out this platform. It looks promising; hopefully it can become a robust system and as great a community as I had at G+.

Below is an alphabet soup of hashtags with some of my more frequently visited interest areas. Historically I haven't used hashtags in much of anything I've written online, so I don't know that I'm gonna start doing that here all of a sudden, either. In any case this place looks like it emulates G+ circles (with the aspects thing), and afaic that's an adequate way to track and find my interest groups and like-minded peeps. Guess we'll see how it all works out!

By the way almost all my posts are public unless I'm asking a very specific question to a particular group of people (like asking fellow novelists something about writing craft or marketing). So what you see here is pretty much what you get.

(Btw my profile pic is way overdue to be changed but I'm starting out with it here for the sake of visual recognition for G+ friends.)

My main current interest areas: #3dprinting, #artificialintelligence, #china, #currentevents, #fantasy, #futurism, #gaming, #german, #germany, #history, #miniatures, #petmice, #rpgs, #science, #sciencefiction, #technology, #wargames, #worldbuilding, and #writing.
Hey everyone,
I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #android, all things #aws (studying for Solution Architect Associate), #linux, and #writing, and I'm a #GPlusrefugee.

Curious what I can find and learn here. I'm not always the most chatty one but be worried when I start talking about my books. I wrote quite a lot of them... #fantasy #scifi #steampunk
I'm #newhere, though I was on diaspora a few years back, before it went all pod-like, but lost interest as it seemed too narrow in focus - or else I just didn’t understand how to break out into wider waters. Thought I might dip my toe back in again now that G+ is dead. #GPlusrefugee.

I’m an #artist born in #Scotland, work in #Ireland, and wish the #UK would remain in #Europe. I’m interested in #art, #environmentalism, #technology, #writing, & #science.
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