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The Unintended Benefits Of Vaccines

The fear generated by antivaxxer hysteria regarding unfounded side effects seems to have eclipsed knowledge and interest about vaccinations. Very important to all of us, there is increasing evidence that vaccinations stimulate immune systems against other diseases that the one targeted.


Here's a snapshot on the topic. Lot more info via search.

PERSONALLY, I am thrilled by the results of a 60 yr trial whose results indicate those receiving BCG (vaccine against tuberculosis) vaccination during early childhood is associated with much reduced risk of lung cancer development in their adult years. This is merely one of the many studies that is showing vaccinations against a specific disease may well stimulate one's immune system against more diseases than intended. What an unexpected BONUS!

When I came across this study I had a big laugh re: BCG because the first BCG vaccination I had failed and I had to have a second one. If you know BCG you know that the outcome of the injection is a more-than-obvious lifelong scar at the injection site. Well, the two scars on the upper part of my left arm look like they always have. But I don't mind in the least since:
* I did not get tuberculosis while living and travelling through many places where TB was prevalent (I remember instances where I had contact with those with TB)
* Now, I know I have a reduced risk of getting lung cancer!

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Wow. Just wow.


GOP Texas lawmaker accuses top vaccine scientist of 'sorcery'

"A Republican Texas state lawmaker responded to a top vaccine scientist's tweets about vaccination exemptions by accusing him of 'sorcery' on Tuesday."

"Peter Hotez, professor and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, tweeted a link to a report showing that Texas recorded a 14 percent rise in parents opting out of the state's vaccination requirements for children."

"Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R) fired back, accusing Hotez of being bought off."

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