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Had something of a half of a session of my #Solo #MightySix #RPG #Game. It was an information-gathering scene. While I did gather enough information to move the story forward, it didn't feel like it was enough for a satisfying scene. My experience with solo games is that information tends to build in momentum, perhaps even more than when GM'ing a game for a group. I've been taking a few stray moments here and there to generate ideas, writing everything down and taking what sticks, so that I can continue to build upon what I have so far, until I feel like action is appropriate.

In the meantime, I also have to write out a couple character sheets. When I started this campaign, I generated a small cast of #Superheroes and villains, with some notes on a few of them. Now it looks like some of those characters are coming into play, so I'll need more than just notes and ideas.

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Adventure Seed Poll

October is around the corner and our next adventure! Pick who we feature next. Vote for one of the following fiends:
Auntie Varus, the undead plague factory.

The Dullahan, the original headless horseman

Jack o'Lantern, the modern spirit of Halloween

Spider Jack, an eldritch horror created by Jake Perez


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