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Wisdom From Remo Williams (via Steven Barnes)

“Fear is nothing more than a feeling.” Chuin says, in a rare moment of sympathy. “You feel hot. You feel hungry. You feel angry. You feel afraid. Fear can never kill you.”

It is a feeling. Like other feelings. But unlike the others, we judge ourselves horribly, call ourselves cowards, or think that fear means we can’t, or shouldn’t, or mustn’t. No.

It is just fear.

Excerpt from: #Quotes #RemoWilliams #StevenBarnes

What's a useful definition for the word 'Racism'?

Interesting article from #StevenBarnes, an #author that I follow. I heartily recommend his treatment of the issue in Lion's Blood, one of my favorite alternate history novels. But on to the crux of the article.


I just saw a post with someone saying: “Jesse Smollet is clearly racist…” detailing the offenses he is now accused of. They include filing a false police report, and creating a public disturbance. If guilty, the man needs to go to jail.

But “racist”? Really? By what precise definition you find honest and useful?

There is basically one I find to be both: “To attribute differential worth or capacity on the basis of race or ethnicity.”

Get that? You think that X’s are better than Y’s. It isn’t “I hate them”. It isn’t “I don’t have any Y’s as friends” or “I’ve never dated/married/worked with/love Y’s.” Not “I prefer to hang out with X’s.”

Wow. I'd never heard it put in quite that way. I don't like the broad brush that the word has been painted with as of late- but that breaks it down in a way that is both useful and honest.

The whole article is a great read, and recommended.

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