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Spooling Out Skyscrapers

An oldie, rescued from a Google+ "album", in the wonderful land of G. "Here's how we make skyscrapers in New York. (Park Ave)

I'm going to try to post the original image of the Skyscraper and have the whole album appear as a thumb. Though that may go extinct in April 2019. But here's this favorite, which I explain as "the way we do things here". Lots of growth, every spring.

Spring is Springing!

Drumroll... I'm predicting a thumbnail image will display if you're logged into anything Google or Chrome, or you will see a login. Either way, today's save-of-the-day, with 10 left, is this one. Some nice flowers there too. Spring, time for growth and replenishing.

More NYC: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml
More flowers: http://www.fenichel.com/flowers

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