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Bethesday Fountain and Terrace - Central Park

From my never-ending "spring cleaning"... finding/sharing/thinning some videos hogging space in the 'puter. Here goes, outward!
Obviously, this is "before", normal. Now it is nothing like this. Few people still (no tourists), masks, distance, etc.

More "classic" New York: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

New York post/during Pandemic 2020: www.fenichel.com/pandemic

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YouTube: Bethesda Terrace & Fountain - "old style" (Michael Fenichel)


“Oh, my fur and whiskers! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” – White Rabbit

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More images of New York, before, during, after: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml Stay safe & sane!

City Bird

Stuck again on an I.D. I'm thinking sparrow or thrush.

Not one of the usual I see in NYC: pigeons, starlings, robins, mourning doves and red-tailed hawks. Birders: can you identify this? :))

More images of birds (mostly tropical/semi-tropical) @

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"Saturday, in the park,..."

I think it was the 4th of July!

Although it is sometimes hard to know the day these days.
"Every day's the fourth of July!"

Happy Saturday, Stay Safe, enjoy the weekend/Holiday weekend.

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Photo of Central Park, Bow Bridge. More photos of the new New York: http://www.fenichel.com/pandemic

Beacon Theater, New York (July 2020)

Closed - like all entertainment venues small and large. But looking forward to Ringo's concert next spring. Going on 81!

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SCENES FROM NEW YORK - Daily Life, Museums, Statues and Dining (oh my)

Here are some images in my phone from today's walk. (I have more still in a camera awaiting room for them in computer).
But this is a sample. The format is not good "here" for comments on multiple photos, but I am curious which may be "interesting". To me this is partly recording "history" , partly an attempt at actual, composition-intent "street photography", and part whimsy at being outside in the world after an entire season quarantined indoors.

3 Goals for my holiday walk today:
1) Some exercise and sun
2) A photo - if still possible - of a controversial statue, at the American Museum of Natural History
3) A look at the newly possible "outdoor dining" in Manhattan.

And the results. Is anything interesting, as a photo, or look at NY, or other? I have flowers and more street scenes still in my camera, but without feedback and so much time unable to share a phone or paper photos, and knowing the world is very different (but also very similar) now in different places. Anyway, here is part one, direct from my phone/camera. Part 2 will be hi-res images from camera.

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July 1 2020 - NYC Status / Check-in

The city is now "opening" a bit, after nearly 1/3 year locked-down and shut. Today I saw my first sign of "Phase 2", with some small outdoor dining/drinking spots for groups of 4 or so, well separated from other diners or people walking by in the street. (The ones with masks down are eating/drinking, tough to do with mask on.)

And - note to self - one of my favorite Greek/Turkish restaurants is among the first. (Image is here) Yay! So... come visit!! Lovely weather. :)) And safest place in the U.S. at the moment. (Why? look! masks!) Stay Safe

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Angel of the Waters

Bethesda Fountain - Then and Now

An original 1860's masterpiece from sculptress Emma Stebbins, the fountain was part of the original architectural plan for Central Park. Stebbins' work was the first commissioned public work by a woman. With care from the Central Park Conservancy, plants and flowing water have been the norm in recent years. The statue remains beautiful. although as you can see here, at the moment (spring/summer 2020) it is now dry as parks, pools, etc. take measures to limit crowds and risks in a time of global pandemic.

There is no water shortage, however, and the angel will be pouring water again, hopefully soon. Of note, the water comes from the Old Croton Aqueduct, which was celebrated by Olmsted and Central Park, a crucial source of fresh, clean water for the island of Manhattan and New York, essential for moving forward confidently following earlier ravages of cholera. Quite an interesting history.

Stay safe! Enjoy your weekend as you can....

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Take a socially safe tour of New York Spring/Summer 2020: http://www.fenichel.com/pandemic

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Greetings from Gotham

More classic New York, in the years B.C. (before COVID-19) @ http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

More images of NYC, Spring 2020:

Pandemic Pt.1 / Pandemic Pt.2

Happy Sunday - Fathers' Day - First Sunday of Summer (or winter) 2020 Stay Safe and Sane!

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Plaza Hotel - Pt. 2

This is the fountain, nearby the gold General Sherman statue, and - like Bethesda fountain in Central Park - both dry and devoid of people.

This is the Pulitzer Fountain, which has an interesting back-story of it's own

Well, NYC is beginning "Phase 2" (more open businesses, masks & distancing still required), after 3 months of super-careful sacrifice which has seen NY go from #1 hotspot to lowest infections in the USA.

(yay?) Stay Safe! Remember #Juneteenth #NYC #NewYork #fenfotos #NY #Pulitzer #statue #fountain #Plaza #myphotos

More "Classic" New York images: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml
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Safety First

More images from New York during the Spring/Summer of Pandemic 2020
@ http://www.fenichel.com/pandemic

Almost Saturday.... Stay Safe! #fenfotos #NewYork #street #fujifilm #myphotos #NYC #pandemic #safety #StaySafe

So much for theory...

More images of New York: Pandemic 2020
"Classic" (more recognizeable) New York: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

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Part 2 - Pandemic 2020

Images from New York - Spring 2020 - Part 2

Finished for now. Still adding internal links to other pages, and updating my "flower garden".
But Enough... ready for Hawaii!! :)) Or a back yard. Or an outdoor cafe... Swimming Pool.. Or Bounty towels...

More images from NYC/Pandemic 2020: http://www.fenichel.com/pandemic
"Classic" New York: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

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7PM Howl, New York, Saturday 13 June 2020

Out to replenish food (safely) I ended up on the street right as the howl erupted. So here's a little taste of it.
Also noticing some new things on main streets (the last real walk I took was to photograph nature) - I see a Bloomingdales store now boarded up and all the wood panels have scrawled on them, "Love, not Hate". Also I ran into two outdoors lines for stores, the very long and flag-managed Trader Joe's line and a not-necessary line for Fairway (huge produce, organic foods, and grocery store).

And life goes on... for the mindful and lucky ones.... #StaySafe

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More images of (more "normal") New York, safely socially distanced at http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

Images from NYC, Spring 2020: http://www.fenichel.com/pandemic

Greg Suits' Skull Mural in Greenpoint

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Smell the coffee, smell the flowers, smell clean air - or anything that gets through a mask. ;)

Here is one more flower from my last "great escape" for a long walk to/in the park. (Safely)
This, I have finally learned, is a tulip of some sort. (Thanks to those who honed in the I.D. "Winner" was from U.K.) :))

That's the yin or yang (not sure which) from 1/4 year quarantine - I've now learned the names of 4 flowers I never knew ('I like names').
Wild Roses, Hydrangea, and both cherry and crabapple blossoms, plus 2 or more types of tulip. I thought I'd missed the season!

Enjoy springtime if/however you can! There is really so much wonderful to watch quietly from a distance at this time of year.
Semi-voluntarily (re)learning - slowly - more and more about seasonal flowers common in the parks and windows of New York.

I've been weeding/expanding my virtual garden/rainforest, with some new additions and deep-linked self-tours you can take, @

Flowers / Pandemic: NYC, Spring 2020 / Virtual Visit to New York

Enjoy the weekend.... Stay Safe!!

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June sunset, with unusually plane-free and auto-pollution-free skies. Gee, what if we always polluted less? Just a thought...

This was so lovely it made me pry open a window (still expecting the winter which never came) and take this shot. That's New Jersey across the (Hudson) river. Taken from the West Side of Manhattan. No street views here, no patio or balcony, but I do have sunsets!

More images from (classic) New York @ http://fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml
More mages from New York during Pandemic 2020: fenichel.com/pandemic

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Trying to I.D. one of 3 flowers I recently saw & photographed, which seems to be some sort of tulip. So digging a bit deeper into specifically regional distribution of tulip types, I found this flowery story. Locally grown reportage. Fun.
Gothamist: The History Of The Tough Tulip 🌷 And How It Became NYC's Springtime Flower - The city is currently infested with tulips, which at one point were the most expensive item in the world.

And we've got tough tulips here in New York! ;)

More from my virtual garden, with the flowers I better know, tropical and sub-tropical mostly:

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More images from Central Park, Pandemic 2020
Opinion? Color vs. Black & White....
One version better than the other? (why?)
Either one catching, both, neither? (I can take it!)
"No right or wrong answers".... just debating which to include in my ongoing album of images during the Pandemic.... Tnx

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So I just updated my Bow Bridge page from the 80s/90s, made it multi-media and (possibly) various screen-sizes friendly. So... I updated the page and now take a breath and continue to process...

Bow Bridge, Central Park - Images from the 80's to 00's and Pandemic of Spring 2020

Enjoy. You can take a self guided tour of NYC - as well as many other places - if you have time on your hands &/or enjoy such stuff. My homage to Bow Bridge, beloved destination of both locals and tourists from everywhere. Then and now. Bittersweet to see again.

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Better week! Stay Safe #staysafe #InItTogether

Bow Bridge - Memorial Day (May) 2020 - Black & White

Central Park, New York

More images - in parks and streets of Manhattan, black and white and color:


Stay safe! #staysafe #COVID19 #NewYork #NYC #myphotos #fenfotos #pandemic

Bow Bridge, Central Park - Memorial Day 2020, New York

That was before. Always. In my lifetime anyway. Crowds on the bridge - and rowboats all over the Lake, no masks... (masks?)
You see the the Bridge and as I pan left (handheld, sorry), past the pond is Central Park West and far left, The Dakota. And Imagine.

Now.... Here's our intrepid accordion man, a second song and a second angle (socially safe and photographically prime)
Here you see a bit more of the bridge, which in springtime in NYC, in the heart of Central Park, is usually mobbed, on the bridge, on the trails, and in the rowboats. It's like a small-town park now, open spaces, closed hazards, distance but also sunning on Strawberry Fields (only a few people), bicyclers and joggers with masks on or at the ready... Well, as Dylan said, Things Have Changed!

Accordion Man & Birds (1-Minute Video)

More images of New York, always-before-now, @ www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

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Some crowd-sourcing eyes please?

I've been working on a web page of "Covid Chronicles" - photos from my two outside adventures in the past 9 weeks, one cool day (April) and one warmer day in May. I have posted some of my favorites already, and incorporated those I like best (and with good feedback). I need to choose a few more to complete the web page collection. So.... Here's a 'baker's dozen' +1 which catch my eye, but I'd really value any objective feedback on these. If I were to choose one or two or three of these... which? Thanks!

Stay safe! Beautiful day here today (NYC) - from my window. "The waiting is the hardest part" - Tom Petty

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Modeling Safe Behavior - Still a shining example of inspirational leadership

A legendary woman, the much admired and beloved first lady of the USA during WWII. Eleanor Roosevelt was a voice of national conscience and purpose, in similarly challenging times. A summary below, from the FDR library. [ fdrlibrary.org]
The First Lady
Upon moving to the White House in 1933, Eleanor Roosevelt informed the nation that they should not expect their new first lady to be a symbol of elegance, but rather "plain, ordinary Mrs. Roosevelt." Despite this disclaimer, she showed herself to be an extraordinary First Lady.

In 1933, Mrs. Roosevelt became the first, First Lady to hold her own press conference. In an attempt to afford equal time to women--who were traditionally barred from presidential press conferences--she allowed only female reporters to attend. In 1939, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) refused to allow Marion Anderson, an African American singer, to perform in their auditorium. In protest, Mrs. Roosevelt resigned her membership in the DAR.

Throughout Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency, Eleanor traveled extensively around the nation, visiting relief projects, surveying working and living conditions, and then reporting her observations to the President. She was called "the President's eyes, ears and legs" and provided objective information to her husband. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States entered WWII, Mrs. Roosevelt made certain that the President did not abandon the goals he had put forth in the New Deal. She also exercised her own political and social influence;

She became an advocate of the rights and needs of the poor, of minorities, and of the disadvantaged. The public was drawn in by the First Lady's exploits and adventures which she recounted in her daily syndicated column, "My Day". She began writing the column in 1935 and continued until her death in 1962.

During the war, she served as Assistant Director of Civilian Defense from 1941 to 1942 and she visited England and the South Pacific to foster good will among the Allies and to boost the morale of U.S. servicemen overseas.

"First Lady of the World"
After President Roosevelt's death on April 12, 1945, Mrs. Roosevelt continued in her public life. President Truman appointed her to the United Nations General Assembly. She served as chair of the Human Rights Commission and worked tirelessly to draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the General Assembly on December 10, 1948.

In 1953, Mrs. Roosevelt dutifully resigned from the United States Delegation to the United Nations, so that incoming Republican President Dwight Eisenhower could fill the position with an appointee of his own choosing. She then volunteered her services to the American Association for the U. N., and was an American representative to the World Federation of the U. N. Associations. She later became the chair of the Associations' Board of Directors. She was reappointed to the United States Delegation to the U. N. by President Kennedy in 1961. Later he appointed her to the National Advisory Committee of the Peace Corps and chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. Mrs. Roosevelt became a recognized leader in promoting humanitarian efforts.
Meanwhile....her spirit lives with the rest of the ghostly sights in New York.
And even today, she is doing her part - and wearing a mask! [Statue in Riverside Park]

More images of "old New York" @ http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml

And a musical tribute , because she's so on my mind, And I do so miss leadership and inspiration like hers. Stay safe!


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First Encounter

A few steps from my door but after 6-7 weeks the simplest taste of spring and nature was invigorating. My first close encounter - after marveling at things like grass, trees, clouds, and blue sky - was this ubiquitous critter. I think the look s/he gave me was something like, "Why are all these humans in my park wearing masks?"

No. 1 of a series to come. Just a short walk along the edge of the island, but with camera and fresh air.
Ahh. My hour of exercise and fresh air before return to confinement. More images to follow. I saw flowers too! And masks....

More images of NYC (in more densely-packed days) at: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml
And something perfect for these times, a virtual New York visit @ http://www.fenichel.com/NYC

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Michael Fenichel 3 months ago
Du kannst auch auf develop wechseln, aber dann icht täglich automatisiert pullen sondern Fragen ob der Zustand grade stabil genug dafür ist.

Meistens ist das der Fall, aber dieses Wochenende sind die Early-Adopter / Alpha-Tester gefragt Probleme zu finden, damit die zögerlichen Beta-Tester die dann schon nicht mehr aushalten müssen ;-)

Sigh.... today in New York:

Yesterday mandatory wearing of masks if in public or stores or transportation (which is mostly shut).
We've not seen mail here for at least 3-4 days (time blurs), and now there is talk about impact on mail-in elections, among other things.

Meanwhile I just got yet another text from the city, saying their emergency phone number (non-critical, "3-1-1") is overwhelmed and people should go to the web page (which is likely overwhelmed and under-staffed too) or call after 7PM (?!) .

A fittingly grey, cool day here. It almost hurts to see the sunny skies - from only a window. The last "street" photos for now...

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More NYC photography: http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml
I wish I were out there taking photos as the weather turns nice... 😞
Getting cold now for April, actually. And Sad though, as it was seeing Ground Zero '01. Sigh.

This gallery was featured on an article by CBS, one of our largest media companies. But the photographer is freelance.
Some great shots along with his interviews and his focus on resilience, the human spirit, and the beauty of life.

Pandemic: A snapshot of life in New York City

Stay Safe! #STFH #staysafe #NYC #NewYork #COVID19 #stayhome #photography #streetphotography #PeterTurnley
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