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Captain America: After the Endgame

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I'll try to avoid spoilers in this particular post, but something about the ending of Endgame stuck with me. There's been more and more scrutiny of one particular detail, and it inspired me to write down my own version of what I think events could have been.

Of course, there are spoilers in the short story, so be warned of that. It needs more editing to be sure, but it is at least at a point where I'm comfortable sharing it. Criticism and comments are definitely encouraged.

This is the film that I'm waiting on

From the moment that they introduced the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy, I've been wanting to see a live-action Nova. It fits very well with them expanding into the cosmos and now makes perfect sense given his background in the comics.

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So the writers say that it was all one timeline and Cap went back into the past to be Peggy's husband because that's always what happened. The Russo Brothers however are all "No Cap went into the past of an alternate timeline."

Gebus guys... make up your damn minds. At least other time travel movies picked one theory and stuck with it. #MCU #TimeTravel
AH! So I'd say the MARVEL MULTIVERSE is definitely a big bomb to drop. Will we get more Spider-Men? Spider-Gwen, even? PLEASE let it be more than an easy cop-out if the directors get their characters/continuity wrong. #Marvel #MCU #SpiderManFarFromHome
All I'm saying is that if Carol had brought one of her Skrull buds, any sort of "heist" would have been pretty easy to pull off ...

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So, there's this thing going on on youtube called #OneMarvelousScene where to celebrate the release of #Avengers #Endgame a dozen of video essayists teamed up and made a video each about their favourite scene in the whole #MCU
They made a playlist and other creators can submit their video to be added to the playlist. I was going through it when I stumbled upon this video. It's by a kid, but it's so passionate and kinda good it's incredibely cute.

I don't know how many mcu #marvel nerds are out there, but if you are, have a look at this playlist :)

YouTube: One Marvelous Scene - Setting The Tone (Zed - Gaming and Movie-Talk)

Black panther costume designer breaks down the outfit of the characters. I've always had a soft spot for character and costume design and love these kind of information and trivia, there's just so much going on in costumes that show up for just a few seconds on screen, so much that's missed by a casual spectator like me :D

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Oh @Jenn Thorson.... did you see this? #DoctorStrange #MCU #Marvel
Angelina Jolie in talks to be in the new Eternals movie? Oh you know it's to play Sersei.... it has to be.

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About bloody time DC admitted that Marvel had the right idea about how to do their movies. Here's hoping with their latest improvements herald a more positive superhero world instead of Snyder's Grimdark Murderverse.

But what is to come of Ezra Miller's dreams of a Flash movie? Apparently he likes the Grimdark... but his contractual hold over the role is going to be up soon. Hmmn... will he be recast? Only time will tell.

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It says he's going to "helm production" of Got3. So I wonder who is going to direct? Does this mean we'll be getting Adam Warlock after all? (crosses fingers) #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #GotG #MCU
OK, **now ** you've got me interested in the Black Adam movie. #blackadam #mcu #hawkman #comicbooks
EXCLUSIVE: New ‘BLACK ADAM’ Script Features Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Stargirl
So Scarlet Johansen lays the ground work for the character but when she finally gets a movie of her own the role is going to someone else? Maybe ScarJo didn't want to do it... maybe she was done with the role, I don't know... but that kind of feels like a kick in the crotch to me.

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