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A reminder that the Internet Archive has a phenomenal collection of public-domain, freely-available books.

Such as "The Conquest of Bread"


Many still-under-copyright works are available, free, for check-out.

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ArchiveTeam uploading of Google+ content to the Internet Archive

So it turns out that fetching data from Google was only part of the archiving process -- the other is sending that to the Internet Archive. That's what this image (and link to the tracker) shows. About 2/3 complete by my eyeballing here:


(That's going to be relatively current for the next day or so, given it's a relative date offset of about 15 days.)

I've also heard that the Communities fetch may not have been as successful as hoped. Again, that was intended to capture effectively the paginated views of G+ communities, though it was an additional goal, and started late in the process. The contents should (mostly) make their way to the Archive, but it may not be easy to navigate by Community there.

And there is an Archive Team Google+ Archive Collection at the Internet Archive which makes navigation a bit cleaner: https://archive.org/details/archiveteam_googleplus

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The Internet Archive has uploaded 450,000 songs collected before Myspace’s massive data loss | TechCrunch

Called the MySpace Music Dragon Hoard, the collection contains 450,000 songs. While this is just a small percentage of the tracks reportedly lost (according to estimates, up to 53 million songs from 14 million artists were deleted), it contains early work from now-famous artists including Donald Glover and Katy Perry, as Twitter user @pinkpushpop discovered.
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The Internet Archive has uploaded 450,000 songs collected before Myspace’s massive data loss

Archive Team are 59% through their stretch goal of archiving G+ Communities

"Googleplus2" a/k/a G2 is a project to archive all public G+ community content. This was a "stretch" goal of the Google+ archiving project.

The tracker here shows the full project, there are 81,270 or so work sets of 100 communities, and as of a few moments ago, the project was at 59% complete, with about 6 hours left to run at present rates.

The contents should appear at the Internet Archive in about a month or so, it'll take time to move it all there.

Tracker status below:


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