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Coronavirus: Call for clear face masks to be 'the norm' | BBC News

It's now part of daily life for many of us - struggling to work out what someone in a supermarket or at work is saying when they're wearing a face mask.
But for people who are deaf or have hearing loss, masks can prevent them understanding anything at all.
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Coronavirus doctor's diary: The drug combination that may help us beat Covid-19 - BBC News

Dr John Wright of Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) describes some of the trials under way to find a cure for Covid-19, and suggests that a combination of three different types of drug may hold the key.
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Research reveals gene role in both dementia and severe Covid-19 | World news | The Guardian

Having two copies of e4 variant of ApoE gene linked to double risk of severe Covid-19, study suggests
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Trump Economic Advisor Reduces Workers to ‘Human Capital Stock’

"Calling people 'stock' is next level apathetic, and the way Hassett used the term so casually lines up with the lack of empathy shown to the victims of the coronavirus by Trump’s administration and Republicans since the crisis began months ago."

"Trump has moved ahead with attempts to cut food stamps during the crisis while Republicans in Congress have balked at passing a second stimulus package and are looking to phase out coronavirus-related unemployment benefits."

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Trump Economic Advisor Reduces Workers to ‘Human Capital Stock’
Quote of note:

"The historical comparisons are breathtaking. More Americans have died of the coronavirus in the last 12 weeks than died in the Vietnam and Korean Wars combined and nearly twice as many as died of battle wounds during World War I. The death toll has nearly matched the number of people killed by the initial blasts of the world’s first atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In terms of American deaths, it is the equivalent of 22 Iraq wars, 33 Sept. 11 attacks, 41 Afghanistan wars, 42 Pearl Harbors or 25,000 Benghazis."

Via Trump Tweets and Golfs, but Makes No Mention of Virus’s Toll

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Coronavirus 'disappearing' so fast Oxford vaccine has 'only 50% chance of working' | UK News | Sky News

There is only a 50% chance of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine working because cases in the UK are declining so fast, one of the scientists behind it has warned.
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PETITION: please sign and SHARE: No to mandatory vaccination for the coronavirus


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Coronavirus: How scared should we be? | BBC News

What are the risks? What are our chances of dying if we get the coronavirus? Statistically, they’re no worse than usual unless you have an existing health condition.

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Coronavirus: 'Baffling' observations from the front line | BBC News

When you talk to intensive care doctors across the UK, exhausted after weeks of dealing with the ravages of Covid-19, the phrase that emerges time after time is, "We've never seen anything like this before."
Most people infected with the coronavirus have only mild symptoms, or sometimes none at all. But in many thousands of patients who fall critically ill, Covid-19 is a disease of alarming complexity.
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Quote of note:

"Zach Fuentes, President Trump’s former deputy chief of staff, won a $3 million federal contract to supply respirator masks to Navajo Nation hospitals in New Mexico and Arizona 11 days after he created a company to sell personal protective equipment in response to the coronavirus pandemic, ProPublica reports."

"The masks didn’t work."

Via Ex-Trump Aide Awarded $3 Million Contract

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Ex-Trump Aide Awarded $3 Million Contract

Seriously, this is just common sense.

  • Masks are effective to prevent infected people to transmit the disease (they are designed for that).
  • So infected people should wear mask to reduce the risk of infecting others.
  • Anyone can be infected (as people without symptoms can have and transmit the disease).
  • Consequently, everyone should wear mask.
It is strange that some people still don’t get it, but this is just common sense.

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#Masks4All: Cloth masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19, save lives and restore jobs

Distancing advice in England could change to allow closer contact | World news | The Guardian

Britain’s physical distancing advice to stay 2 metres from other people is a “precautionary approach” and could change to allow closer contact, top officials from Public Health England have said.
The guidance is out of line with advice in most other countries and with recommendations from the World Health Organization, which says people should stay just one metre apart.
I think I might now need to keep 3 metres distance...

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Large study finds hydroxychloroquine Covid-19 treatments linked to greater risk of death and heart arrhythmia

"Seriously ill Covid-19 patients who were treated with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine were more likely to die or develop dangerous heart arrhythmias, according to a large observational study published Friday in the medical journal The Lancet."

"Researchers analyzed data from more than 96,000 patients with confirmed Covid-19 from 671 hospitals. All were hospitalized from late December to mid-April, and had died or been discharged by April 21."

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White. Republican. Conservative. Criminals.

Every day I am constantly reminded of Steve Bannon’s “Deconstruction the Administrative State” remarks…

Also, I am becoming more & more convinced that a lot of the intentional and purposeful malfeasance surround the lack of federal COVID-19 response is primarily due to right-wing conservative dogma – the White House is captured by forces that really do want to destroy the federal government because they see it as a hindrance to their ability to loot and pillage.

This is the uber criminal underground, right out in full view of everyone, pretending to be a political party.

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Microsoft warns of huge email phishing scam - here's how to stay protected | TechRadar

Microsoft has issued an alert to users concerning a new widespread Covid-19 themed phishing campaign.
The threat installs the NetSupport Manager remote administration tool to completely take over a user's system and even execute commands on it remotely.
TLDR: If you get an email from the John Hopkins Center, don't open the spreadsheet attachment.

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UK Covid-19 saliva test to be trialled on 5,000 key workers | World news | The Guardian

A potentially “game-changing” spit test for coronavirus is set to be trialled by the government on 5,000 police and army staff amid growing concern about the accuracy of invasive nasal swabs.
The two-minute test requires someone to spit in a tube, and is thought to be as accurate, if not more so, than the throat and nose swab that detects if someone has Covid-19.
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Holy crap. Is this intentional? If so, it is purposeful misrepresentation...

CDC is conflating diagnostic and antibody tests for coronavirus

"Why it matters: Including antibody test results distorts data on the prevalence of the coronavirus and can overstate the ability to safely begin the reopening process."

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Apple and Google should have created contact tracing apps | 9to5Mac

Apple and Google created a coronavirus contact tracing API to help governments create their own apps – but an initial report suggests that take-up hasn’t been high. Just 22 countries and a handful of US states have so far requested access, and a subsequent iOS and Android update to allow contact tracing to work without an app appears to be some months away.
What should have then happened was for governments to say yes please, and to release apps the moment the API was available. That, however, hasn’t happened – and isn’t going to happen. We’ve had conflicting standards proposals. We’ve had long-winded debates. We’ve had white papers. We’ve had promises. What we haven’t had are contact tracing apps.
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Comment: With hindsight, Apple and Google should have created contact tracing apps

What does coronavirus tracking in iOS 13.5 do? Cleaning up the confusion | Cult of Mac

iOS 13.5 dropped Wednesday, introducing a slew of upgrades — including, most notably, the API for Apple’s coronavirus contact-tracing tool, developed in conjunction with Google.
But, despite what you might hear online, this is neither an “app” or an update that means downloaders are being tracked without their knowledge. Let’s correct a few popular misconceptions.
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What exactly does coronavirus tracking in iOS 13.5 do? Clearing up the confusion
"Adventure travel will be the first to return."

What the Future of Adventure Travel Looks Like

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Did the UK government prepare for the wrong kind of pandemic? | World news | The Guardian

Britain’s highly rated disease preparation failed on coronavirus – possibly because ministers followed a plan for flu
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Please don't drink bleach!! Or the kool-aid being handed out from some governors &/or dictators.

Bleach, Bonfires, and Bad Breath: The Long History of Dodgy Plague Remedies

#COVID19 #coronavirus #plague #remedies #snakeoil #superstition #gullibility #grifters #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
Bleach, Bonfires, and Bad Breath: The Long History of Dodgy Plague Remedies
Please don't drink bleach!! Or the kool-aid being handed out from some governors &/or dictators.

Bleach, Bonfires, and Bad Breath: The Long History of Dodgy Plague Remedies

#COVID19 #coronavirus #plague #remedies #snakeoil #superstition #gullibility #grifters #MakeAmericaSaneAgain
Bleach, Bonfires, and Bad Breath: The Long History of Dodgy Plague Remedies
How Can I Be Sick?’ Woman Who Took Hydroxychloroquine For 19 Years To Treat Lupus Still Got COVID-19

"... [she]said even though she took precautions when leaving the house for the grocery store, she thought she would be safe because of what President Donald Trump has said about the drug."

props @Stefani Banerian

#COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic #hydroxychloroquine
‘How Can I Be Sick?’ Woman Who Took Hydroxychloroquine For 19 Years To Treat Lupus Still Got COVID-19

Recovered COVID-19 patients test positive but not infectious, data finds | Ars Technica

People who recover from COVID-19 but test positive for the virus again days or weeks later are not shedding viral particles and are not infectious, according to data released Tuesday by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Black Americans dying of Covid-19 at three times the rate of white people

"The racial wound at the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the US continues to fester, with latest data showing that African Americans have died from the disease at almost three times the rate of white people."

"New figures compiled by the non-partisan APM Research Lab and released on Wednesday under the title Color of Coronavirus provide further evidence of the staggering divide in the Covid-19 death rate between black Americans and the rest of the nation."

"Across the country, African Americans have died at a rate of 50.3 per 100,000 people, compared with 20.7 for whites, 22.9 for Latinos and 22.7 for Asian Americans."

"More than 20,000 African Americans – about 1 in 2,000 of the entire black population in the US – have died from the disease."

#COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic #inequality

Curtain Pod v3 - solution for elevators/buses/subways/etc

The "Curtain Pod" allows safe use of crowded elevators/buses/subways/etc. The basic idea is to isolate your torso in a filtered air pocket, with a thin clear curtain you can operate doors through. Even when you stand next to someone else, you have a 3m distance from face to face due to the curtain/skirt.

Version 3 is easier to make and use, thanks to separate components:

1) Wide brim hat, with a slit in the top. You pull the curtain through the slit to adjust for height.
2) Thin clear curtain, ending in an elastic band at knee height.
3) Filter skirt.

The filter skirt is a fabric garment you can wash like any other clothes. You pull it on first, and take it off the normal way. The filter material never gets near your face.

The curtain wraps around the skirt at knee height with an elastic band, so the fresh air gap is the space between your knees. You can remove the curtain by pulling it out of the hat and letting it fall around you. That way, the outer surface never gets near your face.

The hat has a slit for the curtain. The hat remains entirely "inside" the filtered air space, so it's considered uncontaminated.

The curtain can be disinfected by spraying it - even while wearing it. Disinfecting spray tunnels can be particularly useful for subway stations.

VERY useful interactive tool:

States Are Reopening: See How Coronavirus Cases Rise or Fall

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Laughable security flaws identified in NHS contact tracing app | iMore

Security experts have exposed laughable flaws in the NHS' contact tracing app.
Source code analysis revealed seven holes.
Staggeringly, the random ID code used to protect user privacy only changes once every 24 hours, and the beta for the app was published before encryption was finished.
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Report finds Treasury Department has hardly spent any of its $500 billion fund to help businesses

"A Congressional Oversight Commission report released Monday finds that the Treasury Department
has barely spent any of the $500 billion fund meant to assist local governments and businesses."

"Both the Congressional Oversight Commission and the Treasury fund were created by the $2 trillion CARES Act in March. The fund will help large and small businesses, as well as cities and states, and the commission was formed to oversee how that money is being used. The 17-page report released Monday is the commission's first."

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Coronavirus vaccine: First evidence jab can train immune system | BBC News

The first hints that a vaccine can train people's immune system to fight coronavirus have been reported by a company in the US.
Moderna said neutralising antibodies were found in the first eight people who took part in their safety trials.
It also said the immune response was similar to people infected with the actual virus.
Larger trials to see whether the jab actually protects against infection are expected to start in July.
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108 Million People in China Put Into Lockdown After 34 New Coronavirus Cases Detected | Gizmodo

The Chinese province of Jilin has placed about 108 million people into lockdown on Monday after roughly 34 new cases of coronavirus and one death were identified in the region over the past few weeks, according to a new report from Bloomberg News. The new lockdown demonstrates widespread fear in China of witnessing another uncontrollable outbreak like the one in Wuhan that set off the global covid-19 pandemic in December 2019.
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Emily Howlett: What will become of the rainbow children? | The Limping Chicken

I know we’re all supposed to live for today, live in the moment.
It’s something I regularly tell myself, my family and any angry-looking passers-by (from a safe two-metre distance). But, also, as a parent, there has to be a certain amount of looking to the future.
We’re living through something unprecedented right now. And so are our children…
#Covid-19 #CoronaVirus #rainbow #children
Emily Howlett: What will become of the rainbow children?

Doctors raise hopes of blood test for children with coronavirus-linked syndrome | Science | The Guardian

Doctors have identified a group of blood compounds that may help to reveal which children are most at risk of developing a rare but life-threatening immune reaction to coronavirus.
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UK to get 30million coronavirus vaccine doses 'by September' - if it works | Mirror Online

An Oxford University team has signed a deal with pharma giant AstraZeneca which could mean a large delivery of doses this autumn. But it's 'a big if', Business Secretary Alok Sharma said
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The Death of the Myth of Central Bank Independence (fp)
Adam Tooze carries out an extensive discussion on the myth of central bank independence, which emerged in the 1970s from the fight against Great Inflation and actually based on political motivations rather than on solid economic foundations.
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