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Thanksgiving may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop having fun with the holiday. It's time to revisit an old friend, Gobbler! Genetically engineered to be the prefect turkey, this giant bird triggered a rampage years ago. This year, having healed it's wounds, Gobbler falls on the city with an army of giant wild turkeys!

The article includes a short set up, Gobbler's army, and a stat block for the burning butter breathing turkey or terror themselves. Enjoy! http://housedok.com/gobbler-ii-the-tide-of-turkey/

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Gobbler II: The Tide of Turkey
Wow, Gobbler was in the original Champions books. He is one long lived turkey!
Nice! I didn't meet Champions until about 3rd edition. What was the original Gobbler like?
I'd have to dig out my books but IIRC it was just a cameo in a section about using enemies and dependents to design scenarios. Something like the villain causes Gobbler to go on a rampage threatening something.