Hey everyone, I’m not only #newhere but new to socialmedia in general. I’m interested in #bushcraft, #hamradio, #linux and #sailing. You can also drop me a line on #matrix at @daniel:dbernhardt.com

Feel free to message me any suggestions (strategies, tools, software) on how to combine my interests.

Viele Grüße,
Daniel, DK1DB
Willkommen hier und viel Spaß!
73 de dl4bcs
welcome to the / wilkommen im #fediverse ;)
Olaf diaspora
Willkommen und 73! de Olaf, bx7aah (dl7und)
Willkommen im Fediverse! 73 von DD1LBM, Matthias
Welcome aboard,
redj diaspora
Usul diaspora
Hi welcome ... #hamradio #linux #bushcraft, ooo have we got some goodies hiding here for you. stick with it - this is not fb you wont get algo's feeding you or the tube distracting you from what you originally started looking for ... you get to find the good stuff by interacting, searching and paying attention. Yey you get to use your brain again!
grin diaspora
Hi there, also on #Matrix.

First advice: you need people to follow, there is no real "public" stream of information, just scattered data all over the place. If you have your own pod you have basically zero public posts, only what you personally follow. So if you want to have "public posts" (and meaningful #hashtag search) you have to follow lots of people just to pull their posts into your pod. I have a "just pulling them into the pod" "circle" to add basically everyone into (who seem worthy).

If you do not care about public then gather people with good info source. I usually start by adding anyone, then adding people who make good comments, then drop the people getting annyoing. ;-)

D* is very different from other networks, a bit... weird.
Usul diaspora
Good point @[email protected]
This is some info my pod-admin sent me that might help:
... make sure you are following a bunch appropriate #hashtags and sharing with people or else you won't find any interesting content: You like #music or maybe you are interested in #streetart ?

Also make sure you engage, leave comments and use proper hashtags in your own posts, otherwise we wouldn't be able to find your profile and/or content either.

Everything here is done manually by it's users. It's up to the community to distribute content, support each other and invite new people.

There is no central system that determines and/or dictates what people see.

You can find out more at the FAQ for users [link].
Hope that is of #help
Thank you all guys. You are very helpful. I think I'm slowly getting it all together. I found some "high volume" contacts buried deep in some D* FAQs and followed those. It went uphill from there. @grin also gave me some good advice in a short #matrix conversation. Very appreciated.
@grin also gave me some good advice in a short #matrix conversation. Very appreciated.
If you want to join the discussion on #matrix you can do so by clicking this link: https://matrix.to/#/!TzeTHRyWyQhsRwFftC:grin.hu?via=grin.hu&via=dbernhardt.com

Also testing how to share matrix channels :)
On top of filling your stream with peoples posts and several hashtags .. there might come a point, where you might actually block/ignore some people....

Because, some people or bots just blindly flood you with blog links or similar stuff.....

It's a bit tedious at first ... but way better in the long run. ;)
.oO( Oh yeah and let's not forget to say, follow the #newhere hastag and occasionally greet new people ... we are a big community over here. ;))
Usul diaspora
Yup yup and don't be afraid to challenge anyone on their shit, we are all learning at different rates and I've been challenged on my wee wild rants and had to evidence them. Discussion is to a viewpoint as bacteria and virus are to the immune system we get sick then we build antibodies, views are changed by a healthy well educated opposing argument to our own perspective ... if that makes sense?

Hell I'm so #newhere I cant even pgp ... well nearly, i can pidgin/xmpp ish but am gonna read up on the #matrix link. Thanks.
Welcome to the good side :) ... and we have cookies 🍪 too :D

Willkommen Daniel 🖖 :)

Welcome to D*! I post lots of sailing photos, in case you are interested!