Pow! Reminder of the Power of Love / to love.
It's such a pity so many parts of the world are (still) consumed with hate. :(
"Floatation is groovy" - Jimi Hendrix

I'm thinking this is the best there ever was of Hendrix, coming off of Woodstock, with his own dream band - at the Fillmore.
New Year's Eve 1970

The whole concert is amazing. If YouTube algorithm gods want to move you through the set - "Message of Love" is next - do it! :))

Power to Love - Jimi Hendrix and Band of Gypsies - New Year's Eve Concert - Fillmore East

Live Hendrix, many New Year's Eves ago, many wars ago, many hate crimes ago. "Find your self first", he sings, and then the love.

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Unfortunately unable to play in uk..!! : (
"Don't you hate that?" :) I do. I'm not there to be able to see what works (as I often end up doing to watch vids posted in Europe/UK which are 'unavailable in your region" etc. Easiest work-around would be for you to do a Google search for "Hendrix Band of Gypsies Fillmore", and I'm 99.99999% sure you'll find something - and if so, perhaps you'd be good enough to post it. Sorry about that!
I wonder what will happen after Brexit...
@Silvia Aldovini Great! Thanks for finding and posting that - It works here too. Great song... it just launches into one of Hendrix's most amazing guitar riffs. As for Brexit, I know that's huge, but here the focus is on surviving our stable-genius hater-in-chief's assault of our society and civilization generally, as his hate-rallies set off ripples of mass violence and the U.S. sees its first moves towards fascism in our history. Ufff.... Brexit, Trump, a few other big world events may in fact slice and dice Internet access in general. Enjoy while we can!
Here too we have our misfortunes.... :( @Michael Fenichel
Oh yes! I see (and know it is not the first time of upheaval and challenge).
Much of the world is struggling, starving, fighting, or in chaos.
And for those of us lucky enough to be safe (and online)...
O-bla-di-O-bla-da - Life Goes On
Thankyou.for finding another recording Silvia.. : )
Haven't had a chance to look yet.. Much appreciated.. : ) 🌼