Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #age, #antiableism, #books, #common, #diaspora, #newestworldorder, #nonviolentcommunication, #oldschool, #philosophy, #taijiquan-qigong, #ubi, and #universalbasicincome. But above all solving the work functions for universal basic income. At heart I believe a citizen's solution to be a better fix than a point and click lump sum within this burning room we need not name (you're born into it and it is the invention of humans on earth). It like choosing not to let Apple steer the ship of hardware design to store and play music,, but to really contribute to fundamental tools shared across human life to replace the collective effects of our society of consumption and spectacle. I believe in the ratio between universal and basic, that careful attention should be paid to the income we pay to people regardless of their background (universal) and that which we pay those who are transitioning from a system of competition and limited need to one where feeling "the pain of the universe" is one blessing of life. I am happy to be born into it, especially now with all the potential for crisis. Nothing brings a conscious species together like a crisis, oder? First time on "social media" in years, sorry for the novel.
I am not a supporter of UBI. The biggest supporters of UBI are Silicon Valley tech billionaires...folks who do their level best to hide revenues from tax authorities.

If people have inadequate incomes, then raise them. Cut people's work weeks without loss in pay. The public sector should be funding affordable housing, childcare, education, healthcare etc.

UBI comes about as neo-liberalism seeks to dismantle systems of social support and provision around the world and to replace it all with a single cash payment.
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Then maybe I'm the smallest supporter of UBI, but I imagine it not just as a solution for inadequate incomes, but as a motivational movement to changing human behaviour and habits (which are locked into the current total ways of earning income), that is focus on the "basic" aspect of ubi, which should be sustainable, non-recursively destructive, non-competitive (because it wants to be universal), self-supporting (#farmtotable), and transitional (because it would at first benefit from successes in the system like donations from rich people or products brought to market whose revenues increase the income of all participants internal to the system.)
"Donations" from rich people are called taxes.
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Are you sure? Wouldn't a system which required money influx gain something (however helpful or unhelpful taxation might be) which a universal basic income, where the basic is truly basic and covers the cost of living (in a local and sustainable way) without making profit from it, would lack. Furthermore, to achieve across the board success, we know today that more data points allow for faster machine learning (let's stick inside the realm of possibilities for nature sample (like plants, soil content) identification, ontological interpretation for mapping to a human-designed permaculture plan, and automated transport (electric cars)), human work scheduling based on the local availability and knowledge, and soft a.i. (one designed by humans with more than a plan, but the will to teach others by example how a different life is possible). All the tools are there today, I believe it just takes a critical mass of common folk like us to do the dirty work the rich aren't willing to do, and then implement these tools everywhere (to the benefit of universal basic healthcare) as we continue to live life.
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The trick is, we must own the sum total of the data, which is only the case in a defederated network of servers which also allows for people to have privacy: however, this must be a goal after we accomplish ubi, because obviously we are transitioning from a network of power-hunger, where new ideas will be generated for self-benefit regardless of the system in place, which at this critical juncture of our species, represents the barrier to entry for infinitely more life and power: the power to share completely in a system which bears you. Artificial intelligence must be two things, artificial (dependably reproducible) and intelligent (capable of identifying life-minded entities). Will we pass the test designed by an A.I., or would we rather never have to pose the question?
Jeff Bezos, is probably the richest person in the world right now. His grocery chain just cut the healthcare benefits of it's employees in the U.S.

That's obscene.
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If you don't know it already, an interesting read about the relative theory of money, for which a cryptocurrency already exists, with still a quite confidential but growing network (for now mostly in france I guess).
UBI is here built-in, it's the mechanism for money creation, instead of the debt-based system we know.


I agree with Bob that it's probable ubi will end up as another tools for capitalism though.
I know Bernard Friot made an interesting and detailed work about a ubi model that would be more compatible with classic marxist analysis (which rather leads to reducing work hours like Bob wrote, kind of another way to reach the same goals of reducing inequalities and sending a strong symbol regarding work).
I don't know if his work has been translated though.
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Ahimsa sees picture of C.G. Jung
"Yes! A Jungian!"
sees the contents of the link
curses in joy
Can't wait to read this!

I'm actually interested in crypto both as a currency (which I don't refuse as important), and a data-structure for a resource based economy filled out by humans via a new culture of data-ownership and acquisition.

I heard in Hamburg that the French have intense and deep discourse, which is truly theirs. This is so cool. Maybe you can innoculate Germany?

Thank you!
you're very welcome
yes jungian, not so much people recognize him!
I never went really far, but what I read from him was really fascinating and I often think about it.
Also, I can't understand a word from Freud's books :P
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knocks on table

I started at 15 and learned German to understand the Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche threads within. There's something to be said for having a child-like mind to some subjects, Freud being in my case an area where I felt so innundated with as to not be bothered...although his basic theories really did help with Kafka and Schnitzler. I find the base-chakra interpretations of reality as easy to implement as they are to demonstrate.